10 Fun Girls Night Out Ideas for a Super Social Life

Sometimes you just need a night out with the girls, and a girls night out is the perfect way to recharge. People in healthy relationships realize that to be healthy and happy requires some time apart. So no need to feel guilty about having a little girl time. But if you’re unsure of whether you’re crossing the line, think about whether you’d be comfortable doing what you’re doing with your guy next to you. Remember that a good relationship involves trust, and you don’t want to break that. With that in mind, there are plenty of girls night out ideas to do with your besties that won’t leave you with a guilty conscience when the night is done.

girls night out ideas

If your guy does question why you love a good night out with the girls so much, give him these reasons:

  • Girls night out provides a great way to relieve the stress that’s been building up all week at work, school, or taking care of the kids.
  • It’s important to have girlfriends, whether you’re in a great relationship with a guy or not. And girls nights out lets you bond with your friends.
  • Sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up and show off your great outfit to your other friends. Women dress up for other women who appreciate those new, fringed strappy sandals probably more than a guy would.
  • Girls nights out provides the type of drama and fun that you can only have with your girlfriends.
  • Even though you love going out and spending time with your guy, you both need a break from each other every now and then. And girls nights out provides that. If you drop your friends when you get a boyfriend, you’ll regret it later. Time apart also prevents you from being too clingy.
  • Girls nights give you a chance to miss your man and vice versa. You know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder.

Here are 10 fun girls night out ideas.

1. Wine and Painting

Bring out your inner artist — and with booze. What could be more fun for a girls night out? You’ve likely seen pictures of this girls night out idea on social media when your friends have posted the masterpieces they’ve created. (Well, sometimes not such a masterpiece. But that’s not the point.) You get to spend time sipping wine or cocktails while an artist walks you step by step on how to create a fabulous painting. And you get to be messy with paint. Even though they provide you with an apron, wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a glob of paint on. We did say alcohol is involved!

No one needs to be an artist to have fun at a wine and painting party. Although, if one of your friends is an artist, you’re allowed to look over your shoulder to see what she’s doing.

2. Trivia Night

This girls night out idea will have you and your friends going to your favorite local bar that hosts trivia night. Even if none of you are particularly good at trivia, there are bound to be questions here or there that someone in your group knows the answer to. The fun starts by picking your team name. If you don’t think you’ll win at trivia, you can at least have the funniest name. Here are 10 team names that have made people laugh:

  1. Trivia Newton John
  2. Clueless Idiots
  3. The Team Next to Us Cheats
  4. Whiskypedia
  5. If We Lose, We Still Booze
  6. Smartinis
  7. Red Hot Trivia Peppers
  8. Victorious Secret
  9. Quizzly Bears
  10. Trivia Sluts

3. Dancing at a Club

This girls night out idea is always fun, but here’s a twist. Pretend you and your friends are out on the town celebrating a bachelorette party – ideas in this post. Buy what you need from a novelty or sex shop, such as the bachelorette veil and funny props. You can each take a turn being the “bride-to-be” and pretending this is your last night as a free woman.

Or just going to a club with your friends is fun too. Getting ready, looking pretty, dancing, and drinking (call a driver) are all that’s on your mind. It’s OK to dance with someone, but it’s probably a good idea to keep it to two songs max. Any more than that, and your dancing partner might get ideas that dancing isn’t all that’s in store for him. Make sure you then leave the club with the girls you came with.

4. Group Pedicure

Did you say pedicure? Most girls are all over that activity, which makes this a fun girls night out idea. And you can drink wine. Find a luxe salon where everyone can just relax and have a great time. Instead of a pedicure, you might, along these same lines, schedule a group foot massage. By the end of this girls night out event, you’ll be relaxed enough to enjoy another fun activity at home with your man.

5. Art Gallery

Here’s a different girls night out idea. Check out your local art museum. Museums often offer girls night out activities to generate buzz. These fun evenings often come with hors d’oeuvres, a bar with signature cocktails, live music, and maybe a silent auction. You can also browse the latest museum exhibit. Art is good for the soul.

6. A Fun Adventure from Groupon

If you need some great ideas and want to save money at the same time, check out Groupon. They have a girls night out section. The events change all the time, depending who is offering a deal in your area. At any given time, you might be able to snag the following:

  • A ladies night out deal on a popular nightclub
  • A beer tasting event
  • A murder-mystery dinner
  • A glassblowing class
  • A horseback-riding event
  • An afternoon tea
  • A casino cruise
  • Belly dancing classes
  • A wine and cheese tasting
  • A night at the local comedy club

7. Cooking Class

Whether you know how to cook already or whether you don’t, it’s always fun to learn something new from a chef at a ladies night out cooking class. You can always learn how to make something from reading a recipe, but a chef can teach you some insider tips and techniques that make cooking more fun. And it’s never a bad thing to come home and cook the new dish you just learned for your guy. It’ll be totally romantic.

8. Host a Girls Night In at Home

Sometimes, the best girls night out ideas include girls night in instead. It’s fun to just hang out at home with your gal pals every now and then instead of always going out. You can order a few pizzas with gourmet toppings, serve cocktails (handed out when your guests first walk in), and serve a fun dessert like mini cupcakes or a variety of macaroons. You can schedule an activity, put on a popular chick flick, or have nothing planned so that everyone can just mingle and chat.

9. Go Boutique Shopping

Get to know a local boutique owner to find out whether the shop ever hosts girls night out events. Many do. These events combine getting together with friends, sipping cocktails or wine, and best of all … shopping. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, just trying on clothes with your friends is a lot of fun, too.

10. Movie Night

Dinner and a movie doesn’t have to be reserved for date night fare with your honey. You can enjoy a film your guy would never be interested in seeing with a best friend.

Obviously, many of these group events can be turned into more intimate date ideas. You don’t have to stay home just because you’re broke, either. These cheap date suggestions can be tailored for a group of women!

Recharging with the girls makes you feel good. We hope we’ve provided you with some girls night out ideas that you’ll want to use. And the best part is that you’ll be excited to come home to your man afterward.

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