If your man’s birthday is coming up and you want to surprise him with a sexy gift, then this list is going to help give you a lot of ideas of what’s possible.

I’ve decided to split the list up into 2 sections, Free and Gifts That Cost $$$. This way you don’t necessarily need to spend anything on surprising your man if you don’t want to. As with any gift it’s important to remember:

It’s the thought that counts.

There’s really no point spending thousands of dollars on a sexy gift for your man if you didn’t put much thought into it. Ok, so now onto the sexy gifts you can give your man. We’re going to start with the free gifts and then later I’m going to show you some gifts that aren’t free.


If there is a special occasion coming up, like your man getting a promotion, it’s his birthday or it’s your anniversary, then a fun and VERY SEXY way to surprise him is by giving him a blow job or a hand job when he’s least expecting it.

So the next time you find your man sitting down watching TV or you are both just lying in bed together, without saying a word or telling him what you’re about to do, start giving him a blowjob or hand job. So don’t tell him or even hint at it…just do it. The look on your man’s face will be priceless.

If you’ve never tried it before, then you might be a bit nervous. Don’t worry, 99% of guys will be absolutely thrilled by it. Also make sure to check out this tutorial video where I’ll show you the exact blow job techniques to use on your man to make his toes curl with pleasure. Click here to watch it now.


A very sexy and kinky gift for your man is to ask him if he’d like to watch some porn with you. All guys watch porn. ALL GUYS. So it’s not that new for him. But what is new is watching with the girl he loves.

While it can be incredibly hot watching porn with your man, an even hotter benefit of watching it with him is that you’re showing him that you are adventurous and are keen to try new things with him.

So remember the actual goal of suggesting you watch pornography together…

It’s to show him that you are interested in trying new things.

If you don’t enjoy it that much, then feel free to let your man know. Tell him that you just wanted to see if you’d enjoy it as you like trying new things with him.


Homemade ‘Sexy Coupons’ are a really fun and hot sexy gift to give your man. It’s an awesome way to show him both your creativity and adventurousness. So what kinds of coupons could you make for your man? Here are a few ideas to get started, but feel free to make up your own ones too:

  • Good for 1 blow job.
  • Good for 1 hand job.
  • Good for 1 massage.
  • Good for 1 dinner cooked in lingerie and heels.
  • Good for 1 night of anal sex.
  • Good for 1 session of sex in public.

Don’t limit yourself to just my ideas, try to incorporate his and your kinks too for a more personal time.


A really intimate sexy gift you can give your man is to wash him. It certainly doesn’t sound as exciting as surprising him with a blowjob, but it’s a really great way to be intimate with him and show him how much you care about him.

Now this isn’t exactly a gift that you ‘give’ your man, it’s more like something that you just do for him.

So the next time he is about to have a shower, just undress with him and follow him in! When you’re inside, just grab a bar of soap and start washing him. It’s that simple! You really don’t need to say much or ‘ask for permission’. Just do it, taking the initiative is sexy.

Bonus points for giving him a handjob/blowjob afterwards.


A really quick and easy (but often risky) sexy gift is to send your man a dirty picture of yourself. You don’t necessarily have to be naked, just take the photo of yourself in a sexy pose.

The only time that I would ever advise doing this is when you both absolutely trust each other. If you even have a hint of doubt over whether or not you can trust your man, then I’d advise against it.
So the choice is yours, whether you use this sexy gift or not.

If you’d prefer to just send him some dirty texts to turn him on and build sexual tension, then you’ll learn a lot from this powerful dirty talking instructional video. I cover everything you need to know on the topic in it.


Stripping for you man is an awesome sexy gift to surprise him with. Rather than repeating myself here on how to strip, why not check out my comprehensive article on how to strip for your man here.


This last sexy gift is something you can do for free or pay for. If you like, you simply need to book your man in for a massage in a massage parlor. But it’s obviously a lot sexier and intimate if you can be the one who gives your man a massage.

All you need to do is grab him and lead him into your bedroom and get him lie down on his stomach. Next straddle him and sit down on his bum facing his back. Rather than trying to remember 50 different massage techniques, here are 2 simple ones to use on him:

  1. Using open palms, slowly push your hands from his lower back all the way up his back and over his shoulders and onto the back of his neck. Just move up and down and side-to-side.
  2. The next way to massage him is to bunch your hands into fists and use your knuckles to gently, but firmly push into his back over the fleshy parts, while trying to avoid any ‘boney’ areas. Move up and down in a smooth motion. Just remember not to use too much force!

P.S. Make sure to use some quality massage oil when giving him a massage.



One of the funniest and cheapest sexy gifts to get for your man is a pair of handcuffs. They are surprisingly versatile. You can use them on him or he can use them on you. If you like, you can just handcuff his hands behind his back. Or you can handcuff him to the bed. Or you can handcuff each other together.


No list of sexy gifts for your man would be complete without including lingerie. Now I’m not talking about buying lingerie for him to wear! Nope! I’m talking about buying lingerie for you to wear and surprise him with.

Sure you could walk in on him while he’s watching TV or while he’s at the computer and surprise him…or you could do something that most guys will find a lot hotter…

Ask him if he’d like you to cook for him. Then cook it and serve it to him while dressed only in lingerie. Your man will never forget it!


Sex toys are an obvious sexy gift for your man, but really fun nonetheless. There are a massive range of different toys that you can get for your man and yourself that will make you sex life more fun and exciting, whether it’s a vibrator, cock ring, butt plug, paddle or any of the thousands of different sex toys you can get. Yes, there are thousands of different sex toys you can buy!

This list of sexy gifts to get for your man is not exhaustive, but it should nonetheless give you a good idea on what you can get or make for your man. Have fun!

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