10 Vital Tips For Choosing The Perfect Lingerie

lingerie for sexLingerie is an awesome way to give your man a sexy surprise and get him instantly in the mood. Most guys love the look and feel of lingerie on a woman’s body, be it lace, chiffon or satin. You can easily spice up a dull sex life or give a great sex life an incredible boost with the right lingerie.

However, choosing the right lingerie can feel like an ordeal, especially if it’s something you’re new too. It’s easy to feel confused and unsure of what to get with so many choices available. Here are ten guidelines that will help you choose the perfect lingerie that your man will love, and that you look and feel great in.

1. Is the Lingerie of Good Quality? 

It’s important that you choose lingerie that is of good quality. While you don’t have to purchase the most expensive lingerie on the rack, cheap lingerie that is of poor quality doesn’t feel good and it usually won’t look good either. Don’t buy poor quality lingerie just for the sake of buying lingerie, and remember that inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. 

Pay attention to how the garment itself is made, and make sure there is no frayed stitching or tears. The fabric should have a quality look and feel, and it should be obvious that the garment is made with care. Spending a little more on lingerie that will last longer and looks great on you is well worth the extra money.

2. Is It Within Your Budget?

Well made or not, the lingerie should fit your budget. The cost of the lingerie should also match the quality of the garment.

A pricey piece of lingerie that looks and feels like it cost pennies to make is not something you want to invest in. There are many affordable pieces of lingerie that look great, and if you want to purchase something that is outside of your price range, try saving up and getting it later or asking the store attendant if they have something similar at a lower price point. 

3. Does It Flatter Your Figure? 

Truly the most critical aspect of any lingerie is whether or not it flatters your figure. You can wear lingerie and look amazing in it whether you’re athletic or curvy, but the type of lingerie you choose matters. A great piece of lingerie should highlight your best features and downplay your flaws. It doesn’t matter if you’re tiny or have more to love, you can look great in lingerie if you just choose pieces that fit you. 

For example, if you are self conscious about your middle but have an excellent rack, the lingerie should lift your bust but have longer fabric that lays over your belly, like a empire waist teddy.

If you have a small bust but gorgeous badonk-a-donk, the lingerie should shape your bust but show off your hot “ass”-et. No matter what kind of lingerie it is, it’s important that it be fitted to keep your man’s attention on your smokin’ bod, while masking things that you might be self conscious about.

4. Is It Comfortable to Wear? 

how to choose lingerie

Good lingerie needs to be as comfortable to wear as sexy as it is on. Lingerie that is itchy, hot, or tight is going to make wearing it a total bummer — plus, your man might very well notice that you’re uncomfortable and be distracted from getting turned on.

The last thing you want to do is be scratching, wiggling or fooling with straps because you’re uncomfortable, when you should be focused on lighting your man’s fire.

Always try lingerie on before you buy it, and make sure you could wear it comfortably for several hours before you make the purchase. You might not be wearing it that long, but you need to be confident that it’s going to look and feel great when you put it on.

5. Do You Feel Sexy In It? 

You should always feel amazing when you wear lingerie. That’s the whole point of lingerie.

Any piece of lingerie that doesn’t make you feel like the beautiful betty you are isn’t worth the money, plain and simple. When you try on lingerie, make sure you feel like a super sexy bombshell before you swipe your credit card and take it home.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little skin it shows, or how great it looks on someone else — if you feel frumpy or less-than-stellar when you put it on, put it back. Only purchase lingerie that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

Also, if you feel anxious at the thought of buying and wearing lingerie, then you should use some of these tips to help get rid of your sexual anxiety.

6. Is It Easy to Take Off and Can You Have Sex In It?

While your man will definitely be into a striptease if you want to take off your lingerie before having sex, it might be even hotter to keep it on while you get down to it.

So a good question to ask is if you even can have sex in it. A skin tight leather body suit that barely lets you move isn’t going to fit the bill, nor is a piece of lingerie that has too many straps or doesn’t allow for good movement. You want lingerie that allows you to move freely and get into a variety of different positions when you’re wearing it without the need for a whole lot of adjustment. 

When you try lingerie on, imagine having sex in it. If you’re pretty sure that the lingerie would move and grind with you as you get it on, you can check this point off your list. 

7. Are the Colors Simple? 

Neon lingerie hardly even looks good in the nightclub, and it’s probably not going to look good in the bedroom. Steer clear of super colorful items when choosing lingerie. Simple colors without bright or busy patterns are best, and you can never, ever go wrong with basic black. Black lingerie is sexy and flattering for all body shapes and skin tones.

Red is also a good color, and white can give you a look of “innocence” that is fun and playful even beyond your wedding night. Any combination of these colors is awesome too, but steer clear of nude or skin-tone lingerie. You might as well just be naked in that case.

8. Does It Pair Well With Accessories? 

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It’s not uncommon for a man to only notice your sexy stilettos or your jewelry when you’re wearing lingerie, so take advantage of this and make sure the lingerie you choose pairs well with accessories.

Does the neckline of the lingerie make room for a sweet and sexy necklace that shows off your cleavage, or does it lend itself well to the look of heels or thigh high boots? Before you purchase your lingerie, think about what you would wear with it and if it would look good. No lingerie is complete without a few titillating accessories.

9. Does It Show Enough Skin? 

While long nightgowns might technically count as lingerie, they’re probably not going to get your man hot and heavy.

He’ll really just want to take it off. Many men prefer to see lingerie that shows more skin instead of less and leaves only a little to the imagination (they don’t want to have to imagine the whole thing). Choose lingerie that shows a decent amount of skin and only covers up the important areas. Even better is lingerie that gives your man a glimpse of the goods under sheer lace or chiffon, so he can just barely see everything. 

10. Will It Turn Your Man On?

The second most important aspect of lingerie (other than it flatters your figure) is that it turns your man on. If it won’t, you might as well leave it in the store because it will just make for a pointless purchase. Many women think that any lingerie will turn a guy on, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Every guy is different with what he likes and doesn’t like, and it’s critical that you take his preferences into consideration before you buy a thing. Have you heard him mention that he loves the look of garter belts? Does he seem especially interested in push up bras? Factor anything he loves into your lingerie purchase to ensure that you’ll “wow” your man when he sees you donning your new outfit. 

Lingerie can be a purchase that lasts a lifetime and keeps your sex life hot if you follow these basic guidelines on choosing pieces that turn your man on, make you feel super sexy and look great on your body. The right lingerie can not only capture your man’s attention and keep it solely on you, it can make you feel like a sexy princess.

Remember though, confidence is the number one accessory to have when you wear lingerie. More than any push up bra or sexy pair of shoes, confidence will turn your man on and get him ready for action. Give him a sexy smile when you’re showing off your new lingerie, and let him see that you know you look amazing. 

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