10 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You

If you’ve ever dated a shy guy, you can probably relate to this: You just want to kiss him, but he won’t initiate it. Instead of being perpetually frustrated, you can set the stage to make it easier for him to get his nerve up. Keep in mind that he probably wants to kiss you, too. He just might not have the skills yet, so he’ll need some direction from you.

how to get a guy to kiss you

The first kiss is not supposed to be a full-on make-out kiss. It’s an introductory kiss. It lets you both know whether you like the idea of kissing each other and if it feels right. You can still use your tongue on the first kiss, but do so gently at first.

Here are some ways to get closer to getting that kiss, ways that will teach you how to get a guy to kiss you:

1. Let Him Know That You Like Him

Shy guys might be so self-conscious that they don’t pick up all the subtle or even not-so-subtle signs that you like them, and it can be hard to tell how he’s feeling! You can just come right out and tell him you like him when you’re with him to get him to kiss you. If he likes you too, he might feel confident enough now to kiss you. If you don’t feel as if you can tell him you like him first and in person, you can tell him you like him in a text message. He might find it easier to tell you that while texting also. Of course, if you’re texting, you can’t very well get that kiss you’ve been wanting. But you’ve at least set the stage, so the next time you are with him, he’ll be more likely to kiss you.

2. Move Physically Closer to Him

When you’re with him, sit or stand closer to him. Make sure you’re touching him in some way, such as your thighs or shoulders are touching. When you look at each other, smile at him and look into his eyes to get him to kiss you. It might help if you’re wearing scented body lotion or perfume. If you’re walking, go ahead and grab his hand. You can also ask him to rub or scratch your back. After he’s done, turn around and thank him while looking at him and smiling.

3. Physically Touch Him

We’re not suggesting you be aggressive with him. But it’s nice and lets a guy know that you’re interested in him and that you like him when you subtly touch him. Touch him now and then on his arm or hand while you’re talking with him. Smile and look at him while touching him on the arm or shoulder. This is a classic flirting technique that will make him want you. This sends a definite signal that you like him and will help get him to kiss you.

4. Tell Him You’re Cold

You might not really be cold, but say you are anyway to try to get him to kiss you. Hug yourself, rubbing your hands over your arms as if you’re trying to warm yourself up. He should take the hint and hug you so you don’t need to hug yourself anymore. Once he’s hugging you, look into his eyes. A kiss should naturally follow. If he doesn’t hug you, move in closer to him to give him an extra hint that you want him to hug you and then, of course, kiss you.

5. Look at His Eyes and Lips

If he sees you looking into his eyes and then at his lips, he should get the idea of what’s on your mind. But don’t keep doing it in a creepy way by staring at him or his lips for too long. You just want to naturally do so once or twice, and this method should get him to kiss you.

6. Moisturize Your Lips

If you know that you want a kiss from him, make sure your lips aren’t all dry and cracked. Maybe he isn’t shy at all, but he is shying away from your lips. Dry, chapped lips are unattractive. Lips get this way from cold weather or from dehydration. Whatever the reason, here’s what to do to get him to kiss you:

  • Don’t lick dry, chapped lips. The saliva only makes them even more dried out as soon as it dries.
  • If it’s summer, and you’ll be outside, use a lip balm with sunscreen. If your lips get sunburned, they could dry out and peel.
  • If it’s winter and you tend to get chapped lips, cover your mouth with a scarf when walking outside to prevent the cold wind from drying them out.
  • Drink lots of water so that you don’t become dehydrated, which can lead to dry lips. Proper hydration is also good for your natural beauty. More on that here.
  • Exfoliate your lips to remove all the roughness, but don’t pick at any peeling skin. That could cause your lips to bleed. Use a gentle scrub on your lips, and then moisturize them with a good lip balm Scrubbing the skin is also a good way to look hot.

7. Wear Minimal Lipstick or Lip-Gloss

Some guys think a made-up lip is super sexy, but some guys don’t. Either way, lip products can be sticky and he might not want to kiss you. Toned-down gloss or balm is less intimidating if a guy is hesitant to kiss you.

8. Make Sure Your Breath Smells Good

Brushing and flossing your teeth usually makes your breath smell good. But if you just ate and can’t brush, have some gum or breath mints with you. If you have a bad breath problem, you might need to change your diet, such as cutting out fatty foods, which can cause bad breath, and substituting them with fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to clean your tongue as well. We’ve got more tips to smell good.

9. Ask Him If He’d Like to Kiss You

If you’re putting out all the right signals, and he still hasn’t kissed you, ask him if he’d like to. Look into his eyes and just ask. He’s bound to kiss you now. Or if you don’t want to be too serious about it, you can ask in a joking way to get him to kiss you. Look at the time and tell him that you thought he would have kissed you by now. But say with a fun tone, not an accusatory one.

10. Kiss Him on the Cheek

Kissing him on the cheek lets him know that you want to kiss if you do it right. When you’re sitting next to him, quickly kiss his cheek. He’ll look at you. At that point grin at him in a shy way. After all many guys like shy girls. He’ll probably think you’re adorable and will kiss you … on the lips this time.

About the Head Tilt

When he’s about to kiss you, tilt your head to the right or the left. You go the opposite way of the way he’s going. Most people go to the right, so if you aren’t sure, do that. If you do happen to hit noses, just laugh and try again.

First kisses can be really great. But they can be awkward and not so good, too. If the kiss isn’t as good as you would have hoped, don’t worry. That happens all the time. Once you start kissing for a while and get to know each other, the kissing should be great. Our kissing advice can help to improve those kisses, too!

You can increase your chances of him kissing you by following our suggestions now that you know how to get a guy to kiss you. But if nothing works, go ahead and kiss him. Don’t be too aggressive with it. Just lean in, and give him a short kiss. Then lean back. He’ll probably kiss you next, for an even longer and better kiss.

We’re not suggesting you be aggressive with him. But it’s nice and lets a guy know that you’re interested in him and that you like him when you subtly touch him. Touch him now and then on his arm or hand while you’re talking with him. Smile and look at him while touching him. This sends a definite signal that you like him and will help get him to kiss you.

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