10 Ways to Look and Act Cute That Will Blow Him Away

Being cute is something that many guys find attractive. When you adopt a cute look and attitude, you’re signaling to guys that you’re friendly, kind, sweet, and—most of all—approachable. Being cute gets a guy’s attention, and when you look and feel cute, it will really aid you in the flirting with guys. Being cute is a combination of appearance and attitude.how to make yourself look cuteHere are a variety of ways to be cute.

1. Dress in a Feminine Way

If you’re looking for a shortcut to be cute, probably the easiest way to project cuteness is in your choice of clothing. Imagine how you come across to men when you’re wearing motorcycle boots and a black, studded leather jacket. You might look hot in that outfit, but if you’re going for cute, that look misses the mark. Wear skirts or dresses to be cute, but not just any style. Tight dresses and skirts won’t do. A simple way to be cute is to pick dresses and skirts that float away from the body.

Color matters a lot. Colors evoke emotional responses in others. Pastels in shades of violet are especially cute-worthy colors. Those colors aren’t bold and in your face. They don’t represent power as black does, and they don’t scream excitement like red does. When you’re trying to be cute, you’re channeling your shy and demure side (by the way many guys like shy girls). Light green and blue are other good colors to wear when you’re trying to be cute.

But the best color of all to wear when you’re trying to look cute is pink. Pink, a very feminine color, will make that guy you have your eye on think of love and affection – and you!

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2. Pretty Makeup

Another way to help you on how to be cute is to have a natural look when it comes to makeup. Save the smoky eye when you’re trying to be hot or for a night on the town with your man.

Cute makeup is subtle makeup.

Before you even start, make sure you’re starting with a clean face. So, lather up with a gentle facial cleanser for about a minute before applying your makeup. You should then use a toner and a moisturizer. Since you’ll be going light on the makeup, it’s super important to make sure your skin is a healthy as possible.

Use a foundation as close to your skin tone as possible, and use just a little bit. Never cake on foundation as if you’re on stage or getting ready for a photo shoot when you want to look cute. If you have any acne or flaws, use a concealer that’s close to your skin tone. Then, use a bit of powder to prevent your skin from becoming shiny later.

Next, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Smiling helps you put the blush on in the right place. Go easy on the blush and if you put on too much, you can put some foundation over the top.

You’ll also want to make your eyes pop. Using eyeliner really makes this happen. Classic black is good, or you can choose brown or violet for your cute look. Line the top lid and then your water line. Have a light touch there, or you could wind up looking harsh instead of cute. Choose a light eye shadow for a cute, more innocent, look. Consider curling your eyelashes before applying mascara.

3. Wear Heels or Wedges

Wearing flats or sneakers is certainly a way to be cute, but heels and wedges will turn a guy’s head faster (and possibly turn him on too!). They make your legs look longer, and they position your body in a more attractive way. A shoe that complements your outfit instead of one that stands out too much will be the better choice when you’re going for cute.

4. Spray Fruity or Floral Scents

how to be cute

Wearing scented perfumes or lotions is always a good idea when you are wondering how to be cute and want to meet a guy. And different scents evoke different emotions. If you’re looking for a way to be cute, choose a scent that’s not too overpowering. Fruity scents of citrus blended with apples and jasmine are good choices. Scents with an undertone of vanilla and musk are also nice.

5. Giggle or Laugh

Men like to be with women who flirts and laughs at their jokes (15 flirting tips). When you laugh when you’re with a guy, you’re showing him that you like being with him, you’re listening to what he’s saying, and that you find what he says funny. Laughing is also a way to bond the two of you. People tend to laugh more when they are with others than when they are alone. Besides, when you laugh or giggle, you’re having fun, which is always a good thing while on a date.

But don’t laugh at everything he says. That’s going overboard. And laughing works only if he’s trying to be funny. If he thinks you’re laughing at him, it won’t work in your favor.

6. Be Silly

If you’re wondering how to be cute, show your guy that you have a sense of humor and that you’re not taking this date too seriously. If you act a little silly, enough to make him laugh, he’ll have a good time on the date. He can feel as if he can let his guard down and be silly too. Just don’t be silly when he’s trying to be serious.

7. Be Positive

how to make yourself look cuter

If you’re sulking or complaining all the time, you’re not acting in a cute manner. One way to be cute is to be positive. If you need to prepare to be positive, that’s okay. Here’s how: Decide ahead of time what you’ll wear and how you would like to act on your date or when you’re around a guy you like.

Maybe think about a topic you’d like to discuss. Then when you’re talking with the guy you like, be interesting and fun loving. He’ll pick up on your positive vibe, and you should start having fun together. Of course, if you are genuinely in a bad mood, it may not be a good idea to hide it.

8. Talk Softly

Talking softly to the guy who you’re around shows that you what you’re saying is for his ears only.

This also applies to talking dirty by the way!

If you’re being super loud, it signals that you’re trying to gain attention. It could also be one of the reasons you’re still single. The exception is if you’re in a loud restaurant or club. If you need to shout to be heard, that’s okay. But if you’re having a conversation, remember to talk softly when you want a way to be cute.

9. Be Coy or Demure

Acting coy and demure might be a throwback to the 1950s pre-feminist teachings, but it works, especially if you’re looking for a way to be cute. Here are some rules for being coy and demure:

  • Never ask a man out. Wait for him to ask you (sometimes you should ask him out, however!)
  • Don’t say you’ll go out with him on Saturday if he asks you after Wednesday.
  • Don’t have sex on your first date.

What you’re trying to do by acting this way to be cute is getting him to chase you. Men love a hunt, and by playing hard to get, he’ll cherish his prize (you) all the more if you made him work for it. By behaving in a coy or demure manner, you are effectively weeding out the guys who want you only for sex. They won’t put up with all the games. And on the flip side, if you don’t play hard to get and sleep with him right away, he might think that you sleep with all guys right away, and he might be turned off by that.

10. Avoid Swearing

Swearing is something that most people do, at least on occasion. And some people are more okay with it than others are. But some men don’t react well to women who are too aggressive, and swearing could be a bit much, even un-lady like. You certainly don’t want to swear if you’re looking for ways to be cute.

On the other hand, sometimes swearing during sex is really hot. You can also learn more hot things to say during sex.

Many guys like cute women. You can use this knowledge of ways to be cute to your advantage. It’s okay if you don’t have a cute personality. You can still add cute touches to your personality so that you’re less abrasive.

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