During the weeks and months before a wedding there are plenty of parties and celebrations. Admittedly, some of them can be a bit stuffy. But, there’s nothing boring about a bachelorette party.

This final fling is all about having fun with the girls. As a friend of the bride, you have a couple of jobs for the party; show up looking slightly less hot than the bride and bring a fun present. For the bridal shower, you are pretty much confined to housewares from the registry.

But, coming up with a bachelorette gift idea lets you pick up something sassy, and maybe even a little bit naughty. It’s your chance you showcase how well you know the bride, so grab a gift that will delight her.

Here’s some general tips when mulling over your bachelorette gift ideas


As much as you want to lavish your friend with a fun treat, there’s no need to overspend on a bachelorette gift. By the time the party rolls around, you’ve probably already shelled out for an engagement gift, a bridal shower present, and a wedding gift, not to mention a new outfit or bridesmaid’s dress for the big day. A great bachelorette gift doesn’t need to be elaborate, so don’t break the bank on this one.


The key to a great bachelorette gift idea is finding something that speaks to her personality. You know your friend’s likes and dislikes, so trust your gut. Just remember, the two of you may not have the same comfort level. So, if she is sweet and innocent, it may not be a good idea giving giving something that only appeals to your own frisky nature.


The two of you may confide every detail of your sex lives, but you won’t be the only ones at the party. Think about the guest list and remember that she will probably be opening gifts in front of the whole group. If her mom, future mother-in-law or super-conservative boss are going to be there, err on the side of caution and stay away from anything that might embarrass her.

Basically, no one wants to unwrap a dildo in front of their mom.


The bachelorette party invitation will go a long way toward guiding your gift selection. Take a look at the location, theme and planned activities and choose a bachelorette gift idea that matches the tone of the party. If you’re headed to a night of bar hopping or an all-night rager, complete with strippers, pretty much anything goes, so grab a risqué gift. But, if it’s a girl’s day of pampering or a tea party, select a gift that is more demure.

Occasionally the invitation will announce a gift theme, such as a panty party. If so, the work has been done for you; just pick up a gift from the appropriate category and get ready to celebrate.


From romantic to risqué, your bachelorette gift idea should help ignite the spark. It’s all about celebrating the frisky and fun side of marriage, not helping the new bride set up her household. As I mentioned before, leave the pots and pans for the bridal shower and give a gift that is more intimate.

Ready for the good stuff? These bachelorette gift ideas are ranked from mild to wild. Just work your way up and down until you hit the spot.


Almost every girl likes to be pampered. After all the wedding planning stress, she might need a chance to relax. Plus, having her nails painted a fierce red or getting the kinks worked out with a massage might make her feel a little sexier. Pick up a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon, masseuse, spa or blowout bar.

For something a little cheekier, encourage her to get smooth with a gift certificate for waxing. Make it a girl’s day by going together after the nuptials so she can brag about the honeymoon to you.


Wedding planning can be hectic and stressful and settling into the routine of marriage can be jarring. For many couples, the key to happy newlywed days is continuing to focus on the love that brought them together in the first place.

Help them remember to woo each other with a gift certificate for a date night out. Send them to dinner at a nice restaurant, to an art gallery or to a show at a local theater. Find an activity that you know they will enjoy and treat them to a night out like they had before they tied the knot.


How many date nights are spent sipping champagne and staring into each other’s eyes? There’s no need to go to fancy restaurant for this classic; send her home with a bottle of bubbly to pop open with her new hubby.

Team a bottle of sparkling wine with a pair of pretty glasses. If the couple registered for barware, snag the glasses they choose. If not, any simple glasses that suit her style are fine. You can even go an extra step by having them etched with the couple’s monogram. They’ll probably use this gift to toast every anniversary and accomplishment for years to come.


There are few things as romantic as flickering candles and lighting to help ignite the passion. Plus, scent can be powerful mood influencer. Help her set the stage for a relaxing evening or a hot romp with a pretty candle in a sensual scent. Vanilla is comforting and soothing while lavender is relaxing. Jasmine is a woody scent that many associate with warm evenings and romantic feelings. Or, choose a candle with orange or musky sandalwood, both of which can act as aphrodisiacs.


Indulge her in scented bubble bath, fizzy bath bombs, silky lotion and luxe skin care products. Pampering products are the ultimate in girly goodness. Unfortunately, these little luxuries don’t fit into every newlywed budget, especially after the high cost of the wedding, so she’ll appreciate the special treat. Plus, romance and relaxation go hand in hand and a sudsy bath might be the start of a night of passion.


Gift cards to Victoria’s Secret or another lingerie boutique are a tasteful compromise. It allows her to add to her newlywed wardrobe, without showing off her new intimates to all her party guests. Plus, it allows her to pick something that is exactly her taste and fill in the blanks in her existing collection.

She can also save the gift card for later so that she can pick up something new for a special occasion, after the thrill of the other gifts has faded. This is also an excellent choice if you aren’t sure of her size since it’s never a good idea to guess. 


No newlywed should head to bed in a ratty t-shirt or baggy flannel pants. Keeping the spark going after the honeymoon means putting in the effort to look appealing even while getting comfy and cozy. Amp up her nighttime wardrobe with a pair of cute shorts and a sassy tank, a set of satin pajamas, a snuggly sleep shirt or a satin slip and robe.


Not only is a massage sensual, it also allows the couple to relax, connect and bond through touch. Look for a variety that contains essential oils, which are nourishing to the skin. Scents like sweet almond and jasmine amplify the experience. For an even sexier treat, pick up warming oil that glides on cool and heats as you blow on it.


Going from single sex to married sex is a whole new world, even for very experienced ladies. A book of sex advice is a fun gift that will get a lot of grins at the party, but it may also prove to be very helpful as she and her new husband make the transition to life together.

Look for one that will help the couple keep things spicy. They’ll enjoy the adventure of working their way through a book of positions. Or, help them keep things interesting by picking up a book that focuses on seduction. A guide to tantric sex will help them explore the spiritual connection that comes with passion.


The trust and commitment that comes with marriage is the perfect background for feisty bondage play. While you probably don’t want to delve too far into bondage with a bachelorette gift idea, handcuffs are just naughty enough. Pink fuzzy versions are cutesy enough to get a few giggles at the party, but secretly she will be dying to use them.

For another option that is a bit more versatile, bondage tape comes on a roll similar to duct tape, but it won’t pull hair or skin. A silky blindfold also makes a sexy addition to a set of handcuffs.


For a bachelorette gift idea that is completely on the wild side, go all out with a sex toy. Remember, bachelorette gift ideas are all about the couple, so look for a toy they can use together. Vibrator are a great place to start, but you may want to get a little kinkier than this and go for something like a butt plug or some bondage gear. You may also want to toss in a bottle of lubricant in a fun flavor or warming variety.

Whichever bachelorette gift idea you choose, you are sure to delight her as long as you focus on choosing a gift that is appropriate to the occasion. While the gift should be fun and spark her romantic side, keep the tone of the event and her personality in mind. For a shy friend and a polite party, opt for a mild gift that focuses on the sweet side of love. For a bold gal and a raging party, look for a wild gift that helps her explore the frisky side of marriage.

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