11 Vital Tips To Take A Stunning Sexy Selfie + Sexy Poses

how to take sexy selfies

So you want to take a sexy picture. That’s great! It can also help increase your self-confidence. Some people have even been able to make money from the nude selfies they sell!

But the idea of snapping a sexy photo can be a little daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before. We’ve curated the following advice to help you achieve success when aiming for that sexy selfie, even if you’ve never thought about how to take nudes before.

There’s no reason to feel self-conscious when sending that photo if you’re sexting your man, and you might even learn you’re more photogenic than you once thought! Plus, coming up with nude ideas can be fun.

Your sexy pic can even become part of a fun and flirty text game with your partner. Try these 9 texting games the next time you hit “Send.”

1. Dress Up

You can absolutely take a sexy picture when you’re wearing day clothes. In fact, if you give your man just a glimpse at your bra or underwear underneath, it can be super effective. Just pop a few buttons on that business attire or slide up your skirt! However, it can be hard to feel sexy enough to want to take a photo if you’re still wearing the same duds you wore at work.

You have tons of options to work with. Perhaps there’s a dress you own that hugs your curves in all the right way. Your favorite pushup bra can provide the perfect boost, too. Heels and boots flatter your legs, and they’re perfect if you or your man has a foot fetish. 

Footwear pairs perfectly with stockings, too. Who doesn’t love the seam running up the back of a woman’s legs?

Consider lingerie, too. If you’re of the mind that less is more, wrap yourself in a sheet or blanket to hint what you’re wearing underneath. It will definitely keep your man thinking about you.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a wardrobe just to take a hot selfie. You might be surprised by how sexy things in your wardrobe can be. A button-down shirt that’s partly open or a longer t-shirt can both be incredibly flattering, and it will definitely turn him on if it’s his shirt you’re wearing!

Remember not to hide your body. And if you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear, then this article on dressing sexy will help a lot.

However, sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is more powerful than baring it all with a nude selfie. Consider draping a translucent cloth or thin sheet over your body when you for pose for nudes. No skin is showing, but your shape will be apparent to anyone looking at the slutty selfie.

2. Put Your Best Face Forward

Yes, this is all about makeup. Even if you don’t wear much – or any – on a daily basis, you might want to wear a little when taking selfies. That’s completely up to you, but we’ve got plenty of advice to help you perfect your makeup application before you make a sexy face in your seductive selfies.

  • Don’t be afraid to go bolder than you would normally for daily wear.
  • Highlight the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, center of your chin, and forehead.
  • Apply contour along your hairline, under your jaw, right beneath your lower lip and under your cheekbones.
  • Avoid too-light makeup, which can make you look washed out when you use the flash on your camera.
  • If you don’t typically wear eyebrow makeup, use clear mascara to tame your brows – and flyaways!
  • Pinch your cheeks for a rosy glow, and you can avoid using blush entirely!
  • Make sure to blend your contour and highlight enough.
  • Check if your makeup reflects the flash.
  • If you want your lips to look fuller in your seductive selfie, you can line them slightly outside your natural lipline and fill them in with color.
  • Opt for a semi-matte or matte foundation or use powder over your foundation to prevent any shine from showing up in your pictures. Blotting paper can help to reduce shine, too.
  • If your hair or skin is looking too dry, a light water spritz can refresh it. Dry shampoo can soak up any oil.
  • Bend over forward real quick to give your hair some volume if your blowout has fallen during the day.

Read these 14 ways to look hot and use those ideas when you’re getting ready.

3. Add Props

sexy selfies

The right prop can really create the look and feel you’re going for whenever you take a selfie. It might be some sparkly earrings or a white scarf, but it can brighten up your face. A pearl necklace will always be in style. Plus, holding on to a prop tends to relax your body and create a more natural nude pose.

There are so many options when it comes to props. You can grab a teddy bear if you want to look cute in your selfie. Place a pillow to (partially) cover your nudity. A banana or lollipop might be cliche, but it can also be sexy as hell. Keep the curlers in your hair for a “getting ready” selfie. Perhaps grab an apron and spatula to show that you’re sexy no matter what you’re doing.

You don’t have to keep it PG, either. A flogger or paddle makes for a great photo prop, and they’re functional for impact play, too. Read more about flogging and spanking in this post.

Some leather cuffs or a vibrator can hint at what you’ve got in store for your man when the two of you are together. It’s a great idea when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

To make your naked selfies a bit more special to your partner, include a gift he’s purchased for you in the past.

4. Flatter with Sexy Angles

There are so many ways to take a naked selfie that will boost your confidence and make your man drool! Angles are incredibly important. Not all photos have to be straight on. You can take it from the side, from above or from below. You could even take a photo from behind you as you look in a mirror. Capturing your reflection will allow you to work with more angles.

And if you want to get really artistic, consider a photo that only shows your shadow in an erotic pose!

Remember that even the most gorgeous woman can look awkward or unattractive with the wrong pose. Think of those double-chin pictures. This unflattering image is a result of looking down toward your camera. Look straight on or above, which also allows you to show off your bosom.

Similarly, taking a photo from too high above you will make you look smaller and wider.

Don’t be afraid of closeups, either. The angle of your hip or swell of your butt while lace lays against your bare skin makes for a great shot, even if your face isn’t in the photo. That way, people won’t be able to identify you from your sexy selfie, either. Practice framing the body parts you love and try to capture the reason you love them before taking a selfie and sending it off to your man.

5. Pick Your Pose

Figuring out how to pose can be a bit of a challenge when you take nude selfies.

Now, one thing you don’t want to do is pose for nudes in a way that’s seems forced. This will come through in your photo. You know exactly what we mean if your “photo smile” looks foreign to your natural smile, so don’t push yourself into any uncomfortable positions just because you think you need to pose sexually. That’s just not sexy! And it can be dangerous.

Instead, try these erotic poses:

Red Carpet – The classic red carpet pose involves placing one hand on your hip, turn your body away from the camera and look back over your shoulder. This will be flattering for both your face and body!

Lie Down – We’re also big fans of the pose where you lie on your stomach on the bed with your knees bent behind you. It’s sexy and fun while flattering your breasts!

Lie Back – If you prefer lying on your back, lean your heels against the wall to elongate your legs. Your hair can splay out around you, or you can bend your neck over the edge of a piece of furniture and smile at the camera in your upside-down pose!


Posture also helps when you take a selfie. To improve posture, imagine you’re squeezing a lemon between your shoulder blades. This pulls your shoulders back while simultaneously pushing your chest out. For a more boudoir photo, arch your back seductively.

Bend your leg slightly to hide your tummy with your knee if you’re worried about it. You can also show off shoes or boots with a similar pose. Pull your knees to your chest to make footwear the focus of your photo.

Reach toward your shoulders to give your hands something to do when standing up in photos. You can also play with your hair.

Eye Contact

Make eye contact with the camera. When your man sees the photo, it’ll be like you’re looking right at him! (Learn how eye contact can be a sizzling blowjob technique). One hint is to look through the camera, rather than just at it.

However, eye contact is not mandatory as some photos can be beautiful when you’re gazing away or even if your eyes or face are not in the shot.

Highlighting Your Jaw

sexy selfie poses

To highlight your jaw, extend your face outward from your neck. You can also tilt your chin down as you do this. Looking sideways or backward over your shoulder is a great way to highlight your jaw and flatter your face, especially when smiling! You can also turn your head slightly to the side and try angling your shoulders so that one is closer to the camera.

It may take a bit of time to get the poses right. Try not to stress if the first few shots are a bit disappointing. When taking a selfie, you’re both the photographer and the model, and you might tense up as you try to position your body and your camera at the same time.

Take a moment to actively relax your body, and remember to include your mouth! Hint: think of something funny as you press the shutter button.

Your Mirror Is Your Friend

If it helps, you can pose in front of the mirror to get things right. Remember, practice makes perfect, whether it comes to flirting or learning how to take sexy selfies!

It’s easy to get in the habit of always posing the same way for selfies, but this can make your photos seem less exciting or novel than you might like. So don’t be afraid to mix it up. If you’ve sent more than a few sexy photos to your partner, he might just love something that’s a bit different from your norm!

Of course, these are just a few selfie ideas. Browse the portfolios of models or boudoir photographers, and you’re sure to get plenty of inspiration when it comes to sexy poses for a selfie. Look through your own photos too to see if there’s a specific angle you prefer, then use it to take a selfie!

6. Use Tools

Some of these poses can be difficult if you’re holding a camera or phone with one hand. Fortunately, modern cameras include a countdown mode, and a front-facing camera makes taking selfies incredibly easy without compromising your artistic nude ideas!

Set your camera on a steady surface before taking a photo. If you are using your phone to take a selfie, a case with kickstand can be useful. Finally, a tripod is useful when it comes to taking selfies, and you can even buy small tripods for use with your phone for under $10!

These tools are especially useful if you’re going for a full-body shot. You know how awkward photos and poses can be when you’re trying to display your whole body while taking a selfie or even while snapping a photo in your mirror. A stand can also be useful if your selfie camera doesn’t take quality photos and you’d prefer to use your higher quality camera on the back of your phone. In these cases, a countdown timer can give you time to get ready.

Note that if you can hold your camera while taking a classy nude, it can help to learn against a wall or doorway to stay still which will help to reduce blurriness of your selfie.

7. Choose the Right Lighting

sexy poses

Professional photographers often bring a mobile light source with them, even when the sun is bright overhead. It’s a staple in the industry. While you probably don’t have thousands of dollars in photography equipment at your disposal you still need to make the best of the light you do have.

There are a number of ways you can play with light when taking a sexy selfie…

Try taking your photo at different times of the day. Natural light is almost always flattering to the subject of a photo! Lean against a window or sit down while the light washes in around you.

Also, make sure to check how your photos look in different rooms, which will have different types of light and brightness. Move so that your light source strikes your face and body from different angles. All you need to do is to turn in a complete circle to find the best angle of light in any room. Avoid shadows on or below your eyes, which can be harsh and unflattering.

You can get extra creative and incorporate soft candlelight or even a string of decorative lights. Vary the type of light that brightens your selfies for more interesting images. Dimming the lights can also make you feel more comfortable when you’re on top. Get more tips to feel comfortable when riding your man.

Finally, be wary of using the flash. It can be useful, even during daylight, but it can also be harsh and unflattering when it washes you out. Having enough ambient light, so you don’t need to use the flash can combat this.

8. Use Filters & Photo Editing, Sparingly

You don’t want to look like someone else in your photos, and some people forget this when learning how to take a sexy selfie. A filter that brightens up a cloudy day or makes colors pop more than your camera was able to capture when taking selfies is definitely a good idea.

Your camera probably has an option to shoot in sepia or black and white, which can create a cool, artistic effect. Just don’t go overboard.

Bottom Line – We all know you (probably) don’t look like Kim Kardashian. Your photos shouldn’t undergo extensive editing/Photoshopping. And you don’t need to flatten every wrinkle or blemish. After all, those imperfections are all part of you, and that’s why your man loves you!

9. Involve Your Partner

Enlisting the help of your partner to set up a picture can take some of the pressure off of yourself to come up with the perfect selfie idea and can boost intimacy.  How? Let him choose what you’ll wear,  how you’ll pose, or what props will be in the photo.

Of course, he might not be much help if the question is too open-ended, but you can give him options. Let him pick between two colors of lingerie, or send him photos of each and choose which he wants to see on you. Describe two props, which can include sex toys, that you might pose with or even use.

Then, the photo that you send will be customized for him.

10. Go Beyond Photos

how to take sexy pictures for your boyfriend

Although these tips so far have focused on selfies, which are still images, you have animated options. For example, you can record a video and send it over your preferred massaging app, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum file size, or even upload it to a file-sharing site. Another option is to use the native video options provided by the app. For example, you can record videos up to 10 seconds long on Snapchat or record videos up to 60 seconds longs for Instagram.

There are dedicated apps such to consider, too. Boomerang by Instagram will stitch together several photos to create a video that displays forward and backward. Your phone may allow you to similarly stitch together photos or edit videos, and you can share them via your preferred app.

11. Get Feedback?

This might sound a little out there to some people, but one way to feel confident with your sexy selfie videos and pics it to get some feedback. Some women share these photos with other women for feedback. If that’s something you’re comfortable with, you can return the favor to friends and let them know if their lingerie selfies look good, help pick the sexiest pose for a selfie, or give them selfie ideas!

Your sexy selfies can be something you take on the fly before you go out to the club because you know you look good, or they may be something you put a little planning and effort into. No one expects you to take professional-quality photos, but you can take a really stunning photo with the right outfit, props, and tools.

Still, even with planning, you might find that you need to take dozens of photos until you’re satisfied. Perhaps the reflection you see in the mirror just look better than what the camera snaps. This can be frustrating, but even professionals take many more photos than they decide to keep, so don’t let it get you down!

If you avoid the camera because you think you’re not photogenic, you’ve got a much lower chance of taking a photo that rocks. Similarly, you’ll miss out if you hide because of sexual anxiety. Learn how to cure sexual anxiety once and for all here.

Finally, some guys might just not be that into sexy selfies or nudes. Although many men are into nudes — and the hope of receiving a pic like this is why many many men send dick pics [1] — try not to get it get to you if this guy isn’t. There are some guys who just don’t get much out of pictures, even though many people want to validate their own confidence or significance by sending sexy selfies and nudes [2].

Don’t worry, though. You can always use your words to turn him on.

When you follow this advice on how to take a sexy selfie, however, you’ll get better at taking selfies and may find yourself having to snap fewer photos to get that perfect shot!  It just might lead to a fun encounter!

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