12 Ways to Tease Your Boyfriend Into a Sexual Frenzy

how to tease your boyfriend physically in bedTeasing is a great way to have fun, turn on your man and get yourself aroused, too. But you can go too far when learning how to tease your boyfriend. The key to teasing is balance. Lead him to the edge and keep him there; don’t let him feel frustrated or annoyed.

When you use these tips for teasing your boyfriend, you’ll be rewarded with better sex and intense orgasms.

Teasing Your Boyfriend in 12 Steps…

Keep things spicy and fun with these different ways to tease your man. Feel free to change them to suit your preferences and personalities. Consider this list inspiration about how to tease your boyfriend, don’t treat them as rigid rules.

1. Text Him Naughty Somethings

Your phone is an easy way how to tease your boyfriend. You can send him a naughty message when you’re at the grocery store or while he’s away for work.

Your messages could be on the innocent side and hint at what you’re thinking about, or you could get more explicit. Read our 27 sexting examples for inspiration.

Finally, you could send a photo or even a video to turn him on. He’ll hate that he can’t have his hands on you, but he’ll ravage you when he finally walks in the door after work.

Learn the seven ways to take a sexy selfie before you hit “Send.”

Just be careful that someone else won’t see the message on his phone.

2. Have Phone Sex

Phone sex is a great way to remain sexually intimate with your man when you’re in a long-distance relationship. A little moaning and heavy breathing, even if you don’t strip down on the other end of the line, can get his blood pumping harder. It’s also a good way to test out the waters for actual phone sex.

If he’s down, you’ve got to read these four simple rules to phone sex.

3. Accidentally “Flash” Him

When you share a home with your boyfriend, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to tease him. This includes when you get dressed or undressed. Often, this is done in a hasty manner, especially if you’re running late. But slow it down or at least time it so he sees a slip of your skin.

Exaggerate your movements, slip your hand down your thigh as you adjust your skirt or nylons and otherwise do something that will attract his attention. You don’t even need to make eye contact; although, it could certainly increase the sexual tension of the moment.

4. Draw Attention to Your Mouth with a Lollipop

You’ve seen the movies where an attractive woman sucks on a lollipop, eats a banana or even just drinks from a straw. It seems to drive men wild. Your boyfriend won’t be able to stop himself from thinking about what you could do – or have done – with your mouth if his penis were that lollipop.

Your mouth is definitely one of the sexier parts of your body. Why else would you dress it up with gloss or lipstick?

5. Play with Your Words

how to tease a guy sexually

Brush up on your pun skills because sexual wordplay and euphemisms are a surefire way to tease your man. If you can slip something sexual into your conversation in a less-than-obvious way, even better.

However, you can certainly discover sexual chemistry if the two of you trade witty, sexual banter.

6. Touch Yourself – But Don’t Let Him Touch You

Once you master this one, you’ll know how to tease your boyfriend skillfully. This works great as foreplay if you’re already stripped down. You can also work it into domination games if you tie him up so he cannot physically touch you.

Not up your alley? Try 10 Femdom games to dominate your man, instead.

The sight of you touching yourself and the knowledge that he can’t do the same – or even touch himself – is one of the most effective methods of teasing your boyfriend. Of course, you should “give in” and let him touch you after a while.. if he’s been a good boy!

7. Play with Ice

When you rub freezing ice across your skin so that it melts in rivulets, you’re teasing him in all the right ways. It might feel cool, but things are definitely getting steamy.

Run the ice down your jaw, neck and between your breasts. You can also trace it along your panty line or into your panties.

Pop it into your mouth to finish it off. When your mouth is still cool, wrap it around his member for a blowjob he won’t forget! Looking for even more blowjob ideas? Click here.

8. Brush Up Against Him

This one’s something of the opposite of the previous way of teasing your boyfriend. Instead of telling him “Hands off!”, you can surprise him by rubbing up against him in a public place.

Perhaps you’re walking past him in a crowded room or hallway. You might be bending down to reach something at the store. Let your hand, your breasts or your butt brush up against him ever-so-slightly for just a moment. No one else might notice, but he definitely will!

9. Play Footsie

There’s something about playing footsie that resonates within us all. Perhaps it’s because feet can be so sensitive and erotic. If you agree, you might have a foot fetish. Learn more about the foot fetish and how to satisfy it in this post.

Footsie is a simple game. Rub your clothed shoe against the side of his foot. Drop your shoe when you’re sitting at a desk or table together and brush your foot against the legs of his pants. You can also run your foot up his shin beneath his pants leg.

If you’re really daring, you can lift your leg and massage his package from outside his pants. He’ll love this if he’s into foot jobs. More on that here.

10. Tickle Him

teasing sexually examples

Not everyone likes to be tickled, so consider what you know about your man before teasing him in this way. If he’s down, proceed.

Tickling is a tantalizing combination of putting your hands on him, taking control and eliciting reactions that he can’t control. It’s a great way to tease.

And if he decides he’s had enough, he can grab your wrists, toss you on the bed and have his way with you.. a hot role reversal!

11. Make Out with Him When He’s Least Expecting It

If you always let your man take the lead, you can switch things up and tease him by initiating things. Start by making out with him unexpectedly.

Plant your lips on his, wrap your arms around him and kiss him to take his breath away. Check out this post and video for 22 kissing tips.

Making out can be great foreplay, or you can break it off and walk away if you really want to tease him!

12. Strip Tease

The ultimate form of teasing your boyfriend is the strip tease. It even has “tease” in the name! The art of striptease is all about being seductive and in touch with your body. You’ll slowly remove clothes and move in ways that remind your man what you’re capable of.

It’s normal if you feel a little apprehensive, but you should read this post on how to strip for your man to help ease those nerves and figure out what to do so your striptease is sexy and not silly.

How to Tease Your Boyfriend So He’ll Like It

Now, you shouldn’t always tease your boyfriend. He might become frustrated if you always tease him, and he has no way to relieve sexual tension. The key is to build up that tension and then release it together. After all, you’ll probably feel pretty turned on after all that teasing!

Learn why sexual tension is so important here.

Note that not every time is a good time to tease. Is he feeling under the weather? Perhaps he’s got a big project due for work or you have family visiting for the summer.

Look for cues that he’s interested in your playful teasing, not annoyed by it. You can always tease your boyfriend at a later time when he’d be in a better mood.

When done correctly, teasing your boyfriend can lead to some steamy sessions in bed. Once he’s able to touch you, every sensation will be amplified for both of you.

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