There are 2 types of male erogenous zones that I am going to cover below. The first is the traditional ‘scientific’ erogenous zones: these are places like his penis, testicles, perineum and prostate. The second type are not ‘scientifically’ erogenous zones, but your man will still love having them touched, rubbed and stimulated anyway.


Each of these ‘scientific’ male erogenous zones overlap with each other. When stimulating one zone, you will almost always be inadvertently stimulating another. However, to give you a useful overview I have included each zone separately.

  1. GLANS

The glans is the top part of your man’s penis. This is the part sometimes referred to as the ‘purple head. It’s the top 1 inch of your man’s penis that has smoother, darker skin than the rest of his penis. Stimulating the glans is easy, just wrap your hand around it and slide your hand up and down it.

  1. SHAFT

The shaft is the main part of your man’s penis and is obviously a male erogenous zone. It’s the part that’s covered in veins and runs from his testicles to the glans. On most men, this part of his penis is usually 3-5 inches long. To stimulate and rub his shaft, just wrap your hand around it (like you were grabbing an umbrella) and gently move it up and down over his shaft.


The corona is the part of the glans that is attached to the shaft. Some people refer to the corona as ‘the ridge’ as it literally looks like a ridge over the shaft. Stimulating the corona is exactly the same as stimulating the glans and shaft, just wrap your hand or fingers around it and rub it up and down. You will naturally be doing this anyway when giving your man a handjob.


The underside of your man’s shaft is slightly more sensitive than the rest of his shaft. So the next time you are giving your boyfriend a blowjob, try focusing some attention on it. A great way to focus some attention on it is by licking it slowly from the base all the way up to the frenelum.


The frenulum is the piece of skin on the underside of the penis, between the glans and the shaft. It is a piece of connective tissue and is incredibly sensitive. You might not think it but it’s definitely a male erogenous zone. You can stimulate it by gently licking it or using your fingers.


These are incredibly sensitive, but very few girls seem to take advantage of them. Maybe it’s because they are afraid that they may hurt their man or that he won’t like it. The key is to be really gentle with them. REALLY GENTLE. To rub them, just softly hold them and run your fingers over them. Make sure not to apply too much pressure though!


The perineum often seems like a secret male erogenous zone. When I first mention it to students of The Bad Girls Bible they often say that they have never heard of it. The truth is that it’s real, very real. The perineum is located between your man’s testicles and his anus. It’s a patch of rough skin that feels great for your man when it’s rubbed, pressed and massaged.


Your man’s prostate is literally his hidden erogenous zone. The only way to reach it is through his anus. It’s located a good bit behind his testicles, so you need to rub it by putting a finger inside his anus and into his rectum. All you need to do is then gently press it.

Warning: The prostate is by far the most advanced male erogenous zone and is located inside him. As a result he may be a little reluctant or nervous about allowing you to stick a finger inside him, so you might find talking about it first is a good idea.


These regular male erogenous zones don’t directly involve his penis or testicles, but still feel great to have touched and rubbed. If you want to make your man horny, they are a great place to start.

  1. FEET

Yes, we all know that people’s feet are highly sensitive and that having them tickled can cause fits of laughter. However, if you touch them constantly for a good few minutes, they won’t be so hyper sensitive anymore and you’ll find that your touching and rubbing becomes more pleasurable for your man. The next time you are in bed with your man or both sitting on the sofa, try making your way down to his feet and rubbing them.

Just a quick pointer: Some guys like having their feet massaged, some don’t. It’s not like blowjobs, where 99.999% of guys like them.

  1. BACK

Your man’s back is a wonderful erogenous zone. It’s not necessarily the most sexual place, but still feels great to have rubbed and massaged. The easiest way to massage his whole back is to get him to lie down on his stomach while you sit on his butt, with a knee on either side of him. Another way is to have him sit in front of you, but doing this means that it’s harder to massage his entire back. The easiest way to massage his back is to simply rub your palms up and down it with a small amount  of massage oil.

  1. NECK

You might not immediately think of your man’s neck as a sexy male erogenous zone, but it truly is. You can use your hands to massage it when giving him a back massage or you can kiss it and lick it when kissing him. Easy and simple.

  1. EARS

Again, you may not have ever thought about your man’s ears as an erogenous zone. But they are really sensitive. Particularly the ear lobe. The next time you are kissing and making out with your man, try slowly moving from kissing his lips, to kissing him on his cheek and then kissing his earlobe.

Super Sex Tip: Gently grab his earlobe between your teeth and squeeze it.


The back of your knees and inside of your elbows are funny places. They are the last places you would think of as being ‘sexy’, ‘hot’ or ‘erogenous’. But they are! They feel great to have touched and caressed. They are also a perfect starting point for turning your man on.

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