13 Crazy Sex Positions

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Each of these 13 crazy sex positions will completely spice up your sex life, but don’t expect them to be easy!

Note from Sean: Bear in mind that just because these are unique, uncommon and sometimes weird sex positions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they provide more pleasure than the most common position you may be already using. In other words, crazy does not always equal better. You can find all the other regular sex positions here.

Ok, let’s jump in and learn some crazy, interesting and creative sex positions that you can use to keep things fresh.

1. Bridge

The Bridge is a advanced sex position that requires a strong core, hip flexors, shoulders and arms if you want to perform it from more than a few seconds.

2. X Marks The Spot

X Marks the Spot can be a pretty intense sex position as your man will be penetrating you at an angle that hits your G Spot.

3. Brute

As you can see from the illustration above, the Brute is one of those freaky sex positions that can almost be dangerous to attempt…especially for your man.

4. Bended Knee

If you ever feel the need to open up and stretch your hips, then you may want to try the slightly weird sex position that is the Bended Knee.

5. Octopus

Of all these kinky sex positions, the Octopus requires the most flexibility. But if you have the required “bendiness” and abdominal strength, then you will thoroughly enjoy the eye contact the you get from this one.

6. Pretzel

The pretzel is one of those slightly unusual sex positions that is surprisingly easy to perform and great for changing things up

7. Down Stroke

If you are looking for a wild sex position that hits your G Spot, then you’ll adore the Down Stroke. It’s pretty insane and requires considerable strength from your man, but it can be a lot of fun. He also needs to make sure not to “drop” you and instead lower you onto the ground when he gets tired.

8. Helicopter

The Helicopter is one of those strange and and difficult sex positions that requires your man to have a high degree of penile flexibility. I can’t guarantee that it will be a lot of fun for your man, but if he can pull it off, then you’ll get to experience lots of G Spot stimulation.

9. Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow is a pretty odd, but funny sex position that again requires lots of strength from your man.

10. Tug of Love

If you are looking for a nasty sex position that gets both your and your man’s pulse racing, then you’ll enjoy the Tug of Love. It’s also great if you want to stretch out your groin.

11. Irish Garden

The Irish Garden can be a very dirty sex position and highly enjoyable for your man if you like to put on a show. Once you’re in position, focus on moving your hips and getting your bum to bounce up and down to make it even more exciting and visually appealing for your man (basically, you’ll be twerking).

12. Chair Riding

Chair Riding may be a bizarre sex position for some people as it’s hard to do for prolonged periods of time without your man slipping out, but it’s a great way to try something new with him.

13. Book Ends

As crazy sex positions go, the Book Ends certainly doesn’t look that kinky or freaky, but it does make for some incredibly intimate sex and is well worth trying with your man.

If you don’t see any of the crazy or weird sex positions that you enjoy, please let others know about them in the comments section!

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