Finding cute things to do for your boyfriend is a fun part of any relationship. Not only will these sweet displays show that you care about him, they will also remind him just how wonderful you are.

Maintaining a happy relationship means keeping things fresh, so while you might have a go-to move, it will become stale and boring if you overuse it. That means you will always be looking for new cute things to do with your boyfriend. This list will get you started, and while a few of them may play into tired gender stereotypes, they will help you brainstorm other ideas that fit both you personalities.

  1. Plan His Perfect Date

The pressure of planning romantic dates often falls on his shoulders, so take the reins and plan a special night out that he will love. Grab tickets to see his favorite team play, take him to see the movie he’s been talking about or head to that hole-in-the-wall restaurant he loves. Planning a date that caters to his interests, especially if it’s something that you don’t love, shows him that you want him to have fun, know what his interests are and are willing to put effort into the relationship.

  1. Send Him A Sexy Selfie

Make sure he is thinking about you as he goes about his day by sending him sultry snap. Don’t forget to be plenty suggestive and include a flirty note such as, “See you tonight.” It will be both playful and naughty and ensure you have his attention. If you are going to be explicit in your selfies, then you might want to use a app like Snapchat that will delete your photos after a certain period of time.

  1. Hide Love Notes For Him To Find

It’s easy to show him you care when you are together, but hiding a love note for him to find later is the perfect way to give him an expected pick-me-up when you aren’t. It doesn’t need to be a long heart-felt letter on personalized stationary. A quick “love ya” on a sticky note will do the trick. Try stashing it between the pages of a book, in his suitcase when he’s taking off on a trip, or on one of his work files. You could even make his lunch and scribble your love note on the napkin.

  1. Make A Playlist

Putting together is mixed tape is one of the classic cute things to do for your boyfriend. Take back this 80s favorite by putting together a Spotify or iTunes playlist of songs that remind you of him and toss in some he loves, a few that remind both of you of special times and a handful of new sounds that you know he will enjoy. He’ll appreciate the effort while he sings along.

  1. Cook His Favorite Meal

Date nights usually mean dining out, but if things get more serious you can’t live on upscale restaurants and takeout forever. Not only is cooking for him a cute thing that will make your man happy, it reinforces the idea that you will be a good partner in the long run and can take care of him if needs be. To make it extra special, ask his mom for his favorite childhood recipe. It certainly may sound like something a stereotypical housewife might do back in the 1950’s, but the thing is, it works! You can go one sexy step further by preparing all in front of him while wearing a skimpy outfit and high heels.

  1. Send Him To A Guys Night Out

Let’s be honest, no guy likes an overly clingy woman. Time apart really does make the heart grow fonder. Suggesting he spend an evening out at a bar with the guys shows that you are confident in your relationship and want him to continue seeing his friends and having a great time, even when you aren’t there. 

  1. Read His Favorite Book

Everyone hopes their love will enjoy the same things they do. So, whether he’s into Game of Thrones or the latest edition of his favorite comic book, pick up a copy for yourself and let him catch you reading it. Not only will it give you one more thing to talk about, he will appreciate that you made the effort.

  1. Greet Him At The Door In Lingerie

Some cute things that you try doing for your boyfriend are also a little sexy. Pick up some new lingerie and put it on when he’s on his way over. Answer his knock wearing your sultry best and then let him take it from there. He’ll love knowing you were waiting for him.

  1. Ring His Doorbell In Just A Coat

Ok, so it might be pretty similar to the previous suggestion, but this classic move shows up in so many Hollywood plot lines for a reason. It’s hot and it will remind him of how exciting you can be. Show up at his place wearing just a coat and high heels. Just make sure that he is alone as there is nothing worse than having his mother open the door and offer to take your coat.

  1. Mail Him A Package

Everyone loves ripping open a surprise package; so if you are looking for cute things to do for your boyfriend, head to the Post Office. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate gift, just a favorite treat or fun item you ordered. While sending a care package is perfect if you live far away, it’s just as much fun when you are nearby.

  1. Plan A Surprise Party

Big days deserve big celebrations; for his next birthday or accomplishment, plan a surprise party. Go all out with decorations and food and invite all his best friends. Not only will it show him that you love him and are proud of him, he will see that you are willing to go the extra mile to make him feel special.

  1. Email Him A Photo

No one likes digging through their work email, especially on a Monday morning. Wake up his workday by emailing him a cute photo of the two of you. Make it one from a recent adventure together or a special date. Seeing a sweet snap among all his boring correspondence will remind him what all that work is for.

  1. Try Out A New Sex Position

Guys love a girl who isn’t scared to take charge in the bedroom, so show him you are up for anything by introducing a new sex position (you’ll find over 110 with photographs here). Keep it simple by giving him instructions in the moment, or just grabbing him and moving him to where he needs to be, or you can amp up the suspense by sending him a link to what you want to try with a note saying, “We are trying this tonight.”

Taking the time to find a sweet, playful or cute thing that will make your man happy will give him a fun reminder that you are the one for him. Without being overly clingy or too gushy, it will help show him that you care about him and enjoy being with him. And, while you should do sweet things for him just because you love him, the extra benefit might be that he starts doing them for you more often.

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