lesbian sex positionsWe’ve talked about many sex positions here on the Princess Fantasy in the past. We provide tips and tricks because it can take time and effort to get used to having sex with another person. This may be even truer when your sex partner is a woman. Fortunately, most sex positions are easily modified to become lesbian sex positions. This list should get you started and provide some inspiration.


A lot of people define sex as putting a penis in vagina, but we’re not sure that’s the best definition. It’s certainly not the only one.

When you think of sex as all sexual activities, you’re more likely to spend enough time to truly relax and be able to orgasm. This is a problem that many women struggle with, so why wouldn’t you want to redefine sex?

With two women, there’s no biological penis (although, strap-ons can help with this as you’ll see in a bit). So activities such as fingering, anal sex and even dry humping (tips here) become even more important. Just because there’s no penetration doesn’t mean sex hasn’t happened. Otherwise, lesbians who have had lots of sex – and tried lots of lesbian sex positions – would still be considered virgins!

So these lesbian sex positions take into account all sorts of bedroom activities.


Well, not so much. Although a lot of porn features women in the scissoring position (their upper bodies face away and legs intertwine so they can grind against one another), you’ve got to remember that porn is made to show what looks good — especially what looks good to the male viewer! But scissoring requires a certain amount of flexibility and a certain body shape. Too bony? Scissoring isn’t likely to feel good for you.

Even when you can get into the position, you might find that scissoring does very little for you. This is the consensus among many lesbians who simply prefer other sex positions that are easier and provide a better, more enjoyable payoff. You’re welcome to try scissoring, of course. Just don’t forget the lube.

One option is to rub yourself against a different part of your partner’s body. Consider her thigh or hips, which can do while making out or rubbing her clit. This is known as tribadism or tribbing.

Discover how to make out like a pro.

If you find that scissoring doesn’t work for you, these other lesbian sex positions might do the trick.


Positions for oral sex are pretty universal. If you’re going down on a guy, your face needs to be near his genitals. The same is true for woman-on-woman sex. So give these sex positions a try.

Psst, not sure if you like men, women or both? Ask yourself these questions.


She lies down and spreads her legs. You dive in. This position works well because she can relax, which is necessary for many women to orgasm. You can support your weight on the bed or floor beneath you, and both of you are free to prop up any part of your body with a pillow (which also makes things comfier!).


The receiver sits down with her butt scooted forward toward the edge of the bed or chair. The giver kneels in front of her, perhaps with a pillow beneath her knees for comfort, and goes to town. Depending upon body shape, accessing the vagina can be difficult in this pose. But the clit should be free to lavish with attention!


Get on all fours like you would for doggy style. You partner sits or kneels behind you to lick your pussy in this lesbian sex position. It’s also great for anal access if you like when someone fingers or licks your butt (also known as rimming — more here).

You’ve got to read this post about anal fingering if you like fingers up the bum!


Also known as queening, this sex position is perfect for women who like to feel powerful and be on top. Your partner lies down, and you straddle her face, so your pussy rests within reach of her tongue. You can grind against her face and smother her as much as you’re both comfortable with.

Wanna know how to sit on her (or his) face? Read this.

5. 69

69ing (full guide here) works amazingly well between two women. Whoever is more comfortable on the bottom can lie down while the other lies on top. You both have access to the other’s clitoris and you can even add fingering if it works. You can check out a demonstration of the 69 position performed by a straight couple here.

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You can also try variations on this lesbian sex position. Lie on your side while your partner lies on her side facing you. You’ll be head to toe with your faces close enough to perform oral sex on one another.


Fingering, also known as manual stimulation, can be incredibly enjoyable whether you’re straight, bi or a lesbian. Rubbing internally provides awesome G-spot stimulation while many clits respond to fingering, too. You don’t need to be super flexible for any of these lesbian sex positions to work for you.


When your partner straddles your hips/thighs, you can rub her clit. Or you can enjoy the show when she fingers herself while on top of you. See a demonstration of Cowgirl here (performed by a straight couple)


Do you like the be the little spoon? Your partner can reach around your body and rub your clitoris when she’s lying behind you. Another option is to bend your top leg when you’re spooning. Your partner can reach down between your legs to finger you that way. Learn how to spoon here.


Kneel behind your partner to finger her. If you’re penetrating her in this position, you can easily reach around to rub her clit too, or she can access it herself. Discover Doggy Style here.


Not every lesbian couple uses a strap on, but if you like being penetrated, you may enjoy some of these lesbian sex positions. Note that they’re all pretty much the same as regular sex positions.


One of you lies down while the one wearing the strapon moves between her legs to penetrate. Missionary can also work as a position for anal sex. Click here if you’re looking for more anal sex positions. Learn more about Missionary here.


Switch positions so that the partner wearing the strapon is lying down while the other one straddles her.


What can’t this lesbian sex position do? It’s great when one of you is wearing a harness to use a dildo on your partner. You can grab her hips and thrust passionately. A dildo with a curved shaft (pointing downward for use in this sex position) is just what the doctor ordered for G-spot stimulation (read more). After your partner comes, you can switch positions.


Lie on your stomach, and your partner lies on top of you. She’ll part your thighs enough to slide into your pussy — or ass. Rear entry feels incredibly intimate because of your closeness. It’s also quite relaxing. See a demonstration of rear entry here.


This sex position is a take on Reverse Cowgirl. The woman on top faces away from her partner, who has her knee bent to allow her partner to grind against her thigh. You can just as easily try this sex position for lesbians without a harness and dildo, however. Grinding can feel great even without penetration. 


Many lesbian sex positions work with a strapon, but finding the right toy to use with your harness is important. Harnesses may work with only specific toys (including the Vac U Lock system), or they may have an O-ring, which allows you to swap out the dildo. If the O-ring itself can be swapped, you’ll be able to use any harness-compatible dildo as your strap on!

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Make sure that the dildo you choose isn’t too large or rigid that it would create pain when you’re on top of your girlfriend. Because you can’t feel the forcefulness of your thrusts when using a strap-on, it’s important to communicate with your partner, so you don’t hurt her. Learn how to talk about sex.

Some dildos don’t use harnesses at all. These dildos have a bulb or end that you insert and hold in place with your PC muscles. They’re not beginner-friendly; although, some users find the trickiness is worth it. Start with a harness before moving on to this strapless strap-on. You may need to adjust your position and angle when using strap-ons like this.

Most sex positions for lesbians work just as well with a man, especially if you redefine the way you look at sex. If any of these sex positions don’t work for you, skip to the next position. Not every position works for every couple, and that’s okay.

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