13 Things That Might Happen During Drunk Sex

drunk sexDrunk sex. Have you had it? Is it something that you’d be willing to try? Perhaps the drunken you would say “Yes” even if sober you isn’t so sure. In fact, many people have had drunk sex. Sometimes it’s with strangers, or it may happen with a friends or even your significant other.

Drunk sex can certainly be fun or help you to get back on the horse as the saying goes…If you try it, then there’s a high probability that you might experience some of these 12 things.

1. You Might Get Sick

If either you or your sex partner has had so much to drink that puking might be a reality, this could make for some messy fooling around. What’s worse is that you might not even get to the sex if you’re too drunk, or you might wind up with a guy who still wants to have drunk sex in a pile of puke or kiss with vomit on his breath.

2. It Might Be Awkward

Have you ever been so drunk that you couldn’t quite stand up straight? Or maybe everything in your line of vision seems a little wavy? Impaired vision and mobility might not work to your advantage when it comes to having sex, especially if you’re trying anything more complicated than missionary position. Losing your balance could lead to a slip and fall or, even worse, a trip to the emergency room!

3. He Might Get Whiskey Dick

As a woman, you’ve never had to struggle with getting an erection, but this reality exist for many men, especially when they drink too much. This can lead to awkwardness for both of you and embarrassment for him, and you might not handle this well because you’ve been drinking. Remember to be gentle with guys about this, their egos are a lot softer than you might think. He may be able to get it up after a while, but you may have to resign yourself to the fact that you’re not getting any sex tonight.

4. You May Laugh Hysterically

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If you’re prepared for a little bit of awkwardness and can laugh at yourself, drunk sex can be pretty amusing. Besides, everyone should laugh during sex once in a while. And for many drunks, laughter is contagious and more easily had than when sober. Just make sure your man knows you’re not laughing at him but at the situation or yourself.

5. It Might Feel Different Than Normal

Sometimes feeling the bubbles in your head can make sex feel different from usual. Imagine having sex on a boat or a waterbed. Drunk sex can feel like that.

6. You Might Say “Yes” to New Things

When you’re drunk, your inhibitions are lowered. This may mean you try something new and exciting in bed — and like it. For instance, you might finally agree to that threesome your man has been asking you about for years. Learn how to have a hot threesome.

It may also mean that you try something you wouldn’t consider in a million years when you’re sober — and for good reason. No one wants to wake up the morning after drunk sex to realize they’ve used someone’s unclean sex toy, recorded their sexual romps and sent them to everyone in their address book or said “Yes” to having sex without using a condom. Consider negotiating what you’re okay doing while you’re still sober, and you should be good to go!

7. You May Choose Different Partners When Drunk

Having sex while drunk may be a bad idea because you say “Yes” to someone who wouldn’t even register on your radar while you’re sober. For example, you may say “Yes” to someone whom you would have ignored without the help of a little social lubrication! Perhaps you’ll introduce yourself to someone who you consider out of your league thanks to the confidence boost of alcohol.

On the other hand, you might hit up your ex for sex and re-open that can of worms. Or you might open your eyes the next morning to realize you took someone home who is way below your standards, not single or otherwise should have stayed at the bar when you went home alone. What if you have drunk sex with your friend, coworker or even boss? That will probably make things complicated come Monday morning!

8. You May Think He’s Fun, But It’s Just the Booze

Sometimes having sex when drunk turns out well. You don’t drink too much, you find someone with whom you have great chemistry and you head back to his place for some drunk sex after the bar closes. Perhaps he makes you laugh, you cuddle after, or there’s some late-night snacking in addition to sex when under the influence.

But what happens when you sober up. Was it just the alcohol making you think he was a great guy and it was a good time? If you had a tape of your drunk sex from the night before, would you realize that you’re giving the guy too much credit? Or might he turn out to be the man of your dreams?

9. You May Actually Like Him

Let’s say you do have sex when drunk with some guy, and he would be a good match. But can you turn that into a relationship? Maybe one of you left without handing over your phone number, or because you met in a bar, neither of you were expecting it to go any further than that.

Unfortunately, plenty of people go home with others for drunk sex, but the very fact that they’ve met someone who is willing to have sex when intoxicated can mean that they don’t respect that person so much.  You may even feel this way yourself about your drunk sex partners, which may not pave the way for a healthy relationship. Don’t stop yourself from pursuing something if you feel a spark, though.

10. You May Feel Differently About Yourself

We’re not ones to slut shame at Bad Girls Bible, but not everyone can respect themselves when it comes to having sex when under the influence. If you’re doing it every night of the week, drinking to escape heartbreak or something else negative in your life or can never remember your drunk sexual escapades, you’ll probably want to take a step back.

Examine why you’re doing what you’re doing. Is it easier for you to open up with people when you drink? Do you think people will only want to get to know you or have sex with you when you’re drunk?

11. You Might Lose Your Things

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If you stumble drunkenly into someone’s home for some drunk sex and then drunkenly leave before the sun comes up, you might find yourself without your purse, your favorite bra or the wrap you wore to the bar the night before. Drunk people lose – and break – things all the time, and you might pay the literal price when it comes to your drunken dalliances.

12. You May Have to Do the Walk of Shame

If you’ve seen any movies made about college life during the last fifteen years or so, then you’ve probably seen someone, usually a woman, do the walk of shame. In fact, there’s even a movie about the walk of shame with the very same title, in which a young woman has to walk all the way across town to get home after a night of sex when intoxicated.

The walk of shame is when you have to grab all your things, maybe without even putting on your clothes, and leave your fuck buddy’s room and home. You may pass him roommates or family on the way out, and they may give you judging glances or wolf whistle in your direction. When you’ve sobered up, perhaps with a nasty hangover, this isn’t something you want to deal with.

Of course, the walk of shame can be avoided if you bring a man back to your place or if he lives alone, but you might not have enough faculties to make these decisions when you’re drunk! Finding your way back to the bar to pick up your car generally isn’t what someone wants to do after a night of drunken sex.

13. You Might Have a Good Time and No Regrets

For some people, the occasional bit of drunken sex is a good thing. Maybe it gets them back into the swing of things, helps combat sexual anxiety or adds the spark back into their marriage. More on fixing a sexless marriage. Whatever reason you like having sex while drunk is all the reason you need to try it!

On the Issue of Consent

Whether you’re drunk or on some other drugs, you cannot legally consent to sex. Many people like to have sex while drinking, of course, but this means you might be in legal grey area if you do say “Yes.” Guys may not want to have drunk sex with you if they worry that you might claim that it wasn’t consensual after the fact.

Furthermore, you might realize that you didn’t want to have drunk sex with a certain person, but you did because you were under the influence of alcohol, which could lead to some tricky situations.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid drunk sex, but don’t get us wrong. Having sex after drinking can be fun, especially if you know to stop before you get too drunk. A glass of wine or two, for example, can help loosen you up, which is great if you have sexual anxiety. More on that here. With this advice, you can see whether drunk sex is right for you.

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