14 Answers to Your Big Questions About A Micropenis

micropenisAs the name suggests, a micropenis is a small penis, and while you might be concerned about the impact on your sex life, it can be an even bigger deal for your partner. Many men worry if a micropenis will be a deal-breaker, and women fret over how sex with them will feel, but we’re here to assuage your fears and answer all your micropenis questions.

1. What Is a Micropenis?

A micropenis is a smaller than average penis, and we’re not just talking about on the smaller size of average. Many sources list a micropenis as 3 inches in length when stretched or shorter or with a circumference greater than the length (a penis with a 1-inch diameter will have a circumference of 3.14″). Micropenises may even be shorter than one inch in length.

One standard definition is a penis that is 2.5 standard deviations less than the average when age is taken into consideration [1] [2], so what counts as a micropenis varies. For example, a study published in BJU International reported that the average penis was 5.21 inches with a standard deviation of .62 inches [3]. This means 2.5 standard deviations (1.55 inches) below the  average of 3.66 inches – longer than the 3-inch suggestion.

Some doctors may incorrectly diagnose a micropenis, however [1].

2. What Causes a Micropenis?

A variety of factors contribute to a micropenis including congenital conditions, but a man without any other conditions may have a micropenis. Studies suggest it’s due to a lack of correct hormones, specifically testosterone, during his mother’s pregnancy. The same hormone imbalance may cause the scrotum to be smaller than normal, too [1].

Chemicals that interrupt hormone development may also contribute to developing a micropenis [4].

3. How Common Are Micropenises?

If you’ve never encountered a micropenis in the wild, you’re not alone. Over a period of three years, the occurrence of micropenis in newborn children was less than 2 in every 10,000 [5] – far less than 1% of the male population.

However, this estimate isn’t correct for every area. For example, one area in Brazil where certain pesticides were used saw an increase in genital malformation and micropenis [4]. In a study of 2,710 infants, researchers revealed that high levels of endocrine-disrupting chemicals from fertilizers during and prior to the mother’s pregnancy led to these malformations.

4. Is Masturbation Different for Men with Micropenises?

do i have a micropenis

It can be! As you can imagine, wrapping an entire fist around a penis that’s only a few inches long can be difficult, so men who have a micropenis might choose to use just a few fingers to stroke their penises. If your partner is one of these men, it may be helpful for you to ask him to show you how he likes to be touched so you can adapt your own skills.

Some men with a micropenis opt not to masturbate in the traditional way at all. Instead, they rub against a mattress or pillow, like you may have done when you were younger – or may still do! This translates well to partner play if he rubs his penis against your body, especially your breasts or vulva and clitoris.

5. Can a Man Change the Size of His Micropenis?

The outlook doesn’t look good for adult men; however, young boys and children are the best candidates for hormone therapy that can increase their penis size. Options include injections and topical ointments [5].

How effective can these treatments be? Very! One researcher suggests successful treatment adds at least 3.5cm in length [6], which could potentially double (or more) the size of a micropenis. One possible side effect of these treatments is an increase in bone growth [7]; although, this may not be a negative thing.

One possible solution to having a micropenis for an adult male is surgery of his penis [8], also known as phalloplasty. This procedure is similar to the surgery that transmen undergo when transitioning [9].

6. Will a Woman Date a Man With a Micropenis?

Some women won’t, but many are okay with it. Responses from women on sites such as Reddit and BuzzFeed whose partners had micropenises often indicated the many of those partners were excellent with their hands and mouths to make up for their penile deficiency. When relationships ended, it had more to do with romantic incompatibilities, sexual selfishness or the man’s insecurity.

Regardless, having a micropenis can cause a man to have a lot of sexual anxiety (find out more about sexual anxiety). He’ll worry that partners won’t accept him and will leave him or that those who do stay will stay out of pity. Another concern shared by some men with a micropenis is that he won’t be able to please his partner.

You probably have some of your own anxiety about sex, so keep that in mind when communicating and having sex with your partner. Sometimes performance anxiety can contribute to erectile dysfunction, too.

7. What Do Men Think About Having a Micropenis?

how big is a micropenis

Most micropenis questions focus on sex, but the anxiety that a man faces about having a micropenis, unfortunately, doesn’t stop inside the bedroom. Many guys feel nervous when using locker rooms and showers or public bathrooms, where the size of their penis is on display for all to see.

One possible solution is to urinate in a stall, and peeing while sitting on the toilet may actually be easier depending on the size of his penis.

8. How Does Weight Affect a Micropenis?

Sometimes men or boys are concerned about their penises being small, but being overweight or obese can make a penis look comparatively smaller because there is so much fatty tissue surrounding it. This condition is actually known as buried penis [10]. Surgery may be an option for a person with a buried penis. When the man loses weight, lifts his stomach or is in positions such as Cowgirl (tips here), the appearance of his penis is larger, however.

9. Can You Be Sexually Satisfied with a Micropenis?

The good news for men with a micropenis is that his sexual function usually isn’t impaired.

For partners of men with a micropenis, there is also hope. The same things that make any man a good lover apply to a man with a micropenis. If he helps relax you, uses his hands and mouth and doesn’t focus on penetration, you can be incredibly satisfied.

10. How to React to a Micropenis?

You might be shocked to learn that your man has a micropenis, especially if he hasn’t taken the time to warn you. He may be trying to avoid confrontation because he’s insecure about it.

You’ll want to be gracious and gentle. Of course, no laughing or pointing. Avoid asking if it’s hard or “in yet?”. Encourage him to stimulate you in other ways.

An enthusiastic blowjob or stroking him might help to ease his mind, and it’ll be easier if you’re really into this guy. If you plan to pursue a relationship, you don’t want to indicate that he’s blowing your mind when he isn’t. Honesty is essential, but it should be kind.

Finally, you don’t want to give compliments that don’t seem sincere. He’s not “Sooo huge,” but maybe he’s really good with his hands or tongue. So give those compliments, instead. Find out how compliments can bring you closer together.

11. Are Toys a Good Solution to a Micropenis?

tiny penis

Absolutely! Many men with a micropenis get creative about pleasing their partners. Even if your man hasn’t suggested the idea of using a sex toy, you can bring it up by suggesting is would be really hot if he used one on you.

What types of sex toys do we recommend?

  • A dildo to help you feel filled.
  • A vibrator for intense stimulation (learn how to use one).
  • A penis sleeve that he wears during penetration so he’ll feel larger.
  • The We-Vibe or the Lelo Tiani, which is inserted during penetration.

Not that a cock ring can make a man feel a bit larger because it restricts blood from leaving his penis. However, some cock rings may be too large. A custom stainless steel or glass cock ring may do the trick, and some rings are adjustable via snaps.

12. Can You Use Condoms?

You can and still should use condoms with a partner, even if he has a micropenis. It’s still possible to transmit STIs or become pregnant. However, average condoms might not fit. A condom that’s too loose may come off and not offer the protection you’re seeking.

Snug or secure fit condoms are designed to fit smaller-than-average penises, and all the major condom companies offer these styles. You might not be familiar with the brand Glyde, but they also offer a condom for micropenises: Slimfit Premium Small Size.

Not all smaller condoms are labeled as such, however. Don’t forget to consider the following condoms:

  • LifeStyles 3Sum
  • DUREX Avanti BARE Latex Condoms
  • Kimono Microthin Ultra
  • Okamoto Beyond Seven

Another option is the female condom, which you insert into your vagina before sex rather than sliding over his shaft. The female condom is the perfect solution. It’s open at both ends, and you squeeze the inner ring like you would the NuvaRing to insert it. The remainder hangs out of your vagina while you have sex.

Some couples need time to get used to the female condom, but it’s worth it for your health and peace of mind!

13. What Positions Work Best?

what is a micropenis

Hopefully you don’t feel too turned off by the answers to any of these micropenis questions. If you’re ready to have sex with a guy who is on the smaller size, certain positions work better than others.

As we’ve mentioned, any position where your man is on his back will minimize fatty tissue or a generous tummy, and it also gives you control over sex! Try Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl (learn more), or straddling him in a chair. Ideas here.

Positions that make his penis feel larger may also be more pleasurable, including Doggy Style and Spooning, which allows you to close your legs.

However, any position that requires greater penile length to achieve pleasurable penetration will be frustrating or even impossible. Keep this in mind if you have a bodacious backside and are considering rear entry positions.

Pillows can be a sexual aid in lifting your hips closer to his. Experiment with propping one under your butt or hips to find the right angle. For even more support, you can invest in Liberator sex furniture and pillows, which are designed specifically to make sex easier (and more fun!).

14. Are There Any Benefits to a Micropenis?

Yes! Many women prefer giving head to a man with a micropenis. They can take his full length, and their jaws don’t become fatigued as quickly as with partners who have larger penises.

You might also realize that your partner’s smaller penis is ideal for anal sex.

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For people who like rougher sex, a micropenis doesn’t carry the same risk of cervical pain.

While you might be surprised to learn that your partner has a micropenis, it might not be as much of a barrier to a pleasurable sex life as you anticipated. The same things that enhance sex with an average-sized partner – communication, foreplay and selflessness – apply here, and men with a micropenis often go the extra mile to make up for where they fall short.

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