14 Crazy Weird Sex Facts About Men You Never Learned In Sex Ed

sex facts about menYou’ve probably gotten the impression that female sexuality is confusing, and women will always remain a mystery to men. But many things commonly represented as male sex facts are often false, and you might be surprised to learn what is true and false fiction when it comes to male sexuality.

Read on to learn the sex facts about men that your high school health class never covered.

1. Men Have a G-spot, Too

The “male G-spot” is a nickname for your man’s prostate, a sensitive organ that can be stimulated via his perineum (this is the space between his anus and scrotum) or through his anus. It’s about two inches inside and the size of a walnut. The prostate is key to a whole new world of pleasure – if he can get over the “ick” factor.

Many couples enjoy prostate stimulation, either manually or with toys. Strap-on sex between a woman and her man is known as pegging.

If the prostate becomes backed up, it can become quite uncomfortable. And it’s the most common non-skin cancer in America [1], directly affecting more than 150,000 men each year [2].

2. The Average Penis Size Is Smaller Than You Might Think

According to the famous Kinsey survey of 1979, the average size of an erect penis is between 5 inches and 5.65 inches [3], which means even a 6-inch penis is above average! Since then, researchers have tried to narrow down penis size by ethnicity and other factors.

Studies have also been done on what women want when it comes to a man’s penis. A slightly longer and wider penis is preferred by women in casual situations while women are less concerned with larger penises in long-term relationships [4]. It’s not all about size, but it does interact with a man’s body type and height to influence his attractiveness [5].

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Finally, it’s important to consider that there are two types of men: showers versus growers. A shower has a larger flaccid penis that simply fills up with blood when he’s erect. A grower, on the other hand, has a smaller penis when it’s soft. But the difference in size when he’s erect can be substantial.

Your man’s biology plays a role in whether the erectile tissue is especially elastic, which allows his penis to become fully erect. This is one factor in erectile dysfunction. Find out more about erectile dysfunction in this post about boners.

The elasticity of these tissues can also change as a man ages. As most men age, the elasticity of these tissues reduces

3. And He Can’t Change His Size

male sex facts

Despite all the pumps, pills and practices that plague our email inboxes, there’s really no way to increase penis size. Genetics and chance come together to give a man the one tool he has to work with. After the last growth spurt in a man’s teen years – thanks to testosterone – a man’s penis size remains consistent for the rest of his life.

Did you know that a cock ring can lead to stronger erections and make your man feel bigger?

Science does suggest that a man’s penis will remain more elastic if he uses it more often. As if you needed any more reason to have sex!

4. Testosterone Influences His Penis In All Sorts of Ways

As we’ve mentioned, testosterone encourages changes such as body hair growth, voice deepening and penis growing in pubescent boys. Research does indicate that testosterone treatments may be effective at increasing penis size, these treatments are most effective in younger boys [6].

Testosterone also contributes to desire in both men and women. A man with low testosterone may not have as much of a sex drive as someone with normal or high levels of testosterone. Testosterone treatments may correct this [7]. A similar approach has proven effective for women who have a low sex drive [8].

It’s long been thought that men have a higher sex drive because of this increase in testosterone when compared to women, but an increase in sexual activities such as masturbation may also contribute to an increased interest in sex [9]. This leads us to our next point.

5. And It’s Not the Only Hormone At Play

We couldn’t compile a list of sex facts about men without touching on hormones. Hormones and sex are an interesting thing. They continue to influence our behavior during the act and after.

For instance, you’re probably aware that oxytocin increases during sex, and it’s what makes you feel cuddly after sex and helps you bond with your man [10] (and your child during breastfeeding). Oxytocin is so good at allowing us to relax that it acts like a sedative [11], especially in men. Now you know why men can so easily fall asleep after sex.

It’s not that he’s not into you. The hormones in his body just don’t want him to be alert!

6. Most Men Pleasure Themselves; Many Men Do It Often

things to know about guys sexually

Determining just how many men masturbate isn’t easy. But a 1994 study of human sexuality by Edward O. Laumann, John H. Gagnon, Robert T. Michael, and Stuart Michael found that 63% of men and 42% of women had masturbated in the previous year [13].

Men aren’t just more likely to masturbate more; they’re more likely to masturbate regularly than women, too [13]. The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior reports that of men across all age ranges who have masturbated in the past year, the most common masturbation frequency is a few times per month to weekly [14]. The same survey found that women are more likely to masturbate a few times per year to monthly if they have masturbated in the past year.

One of the perks of frequent masturbation is knowing what you like and how you get off, and this is something that many women struggle with. Touching yourself can be good for your sex life for this very reason, and the Bad Girls Bible has plenty of advice. The following posts may be of use to you:

One thing to remember is that a man is typically very experienced at handling his penis. You don’t have access to his penis, so it’ll take some practice to give a stellar handjob. Don’t worry, though. Check out these 23 tips to give him a fantastic hand job.

7. They Can Ejaculate At Amazing Speeds

This sex fact about men is more on the fun side. Did you know that the speed of a man’s ejaculation is 45 kph [15]!

Interestingly enough, a woman’s vagina severely impedes the speed of travel of semen. It takes several hours for sperm to move through your vagina to your cervix, and most sperm aren’t able to reach an unfertilized egg, which would result in pregnancy.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use condoms or birth control, however.

If you were wondering, men’s sperm could shoot over 38 inches vertically from their body without any encumbrances [16].

8. But They Don’t Always Ejaculate Outward

When you think about ejaculation, you imagine cum shooting from your man’s penis. That’s normal, right? Well, not always.

Sometimes a man can ejaculate inward with his semen moving to his bladder rather than out of his body. Known as retrograde ejaculation, it can occasionally happen to men. Retrograde ejaculation may sometimes be a symptom of a condition such as Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus [17] [18].

Typically, it’s not harmful. Retrograde ejaculation can even resolve itself without intervention [19]. But it may be a concern if you’re trying to get pregnant.

9. Men Experience Sexual Anxiety, Too

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A lot of sex facts about men focus on their biology, and that’s certainly interesting. But a man’s psychology can also make for an interesting sex fact – and one that you can use to your advantage to boot.

We get a lot of feedback from women who experience sexual anxiety, and that’s common. But it’s not just limited to only the ladies. Men experience sexual anxiety too, especially stripping down for the first time with a new partner, before losing his virginity or if it’s been long since the last time he had sex.

Men aren’t impervious to expectations of their bodies or performance. So while you’re wondering if you’re pretty enough, thin enough or good enough at giving head, the man in your bed is having many of the same concerns.

The good news is that he’s less focused on whatever you perceive to be your faults so that you can relax a little. The two of you can also share a laugh and bond over your vulnerabilities.

10. And Some of Them Prefer Love to Just Sex

Don’t get us wrong. Some men just want sex, and so do some women. It’s completely natural and okay.

But the stereotypes about men don’t necessarily represent the truth of male sex facts. Plenty of dudes find casual sex to be empty and meaningless. They’d rather have sex with someone they care about.

Plus, having regular sex with the same person gives you a chance to explore and come to truly trust your partner, which can’t happen with a one-night stand.

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11. He Doesn’t Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds

You’ve probably heard the old wive’s tale that men think about sex every seven seconds. Or you may have heard a variation such as six or ten seconds. The truth is, it just doesn’t hold up. You won’t find any list of sex facts about men that actually contains this “fact.”

That’s because men often think about sex less frequently than we’ve been taught to believe. According to a study, men think about sex an average of 34.2 times a day and a median of 18.6 sexual thoughts per day [20].

12. He Can’t Usually Go Again

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One of the amazing things about being a woman is your ability to have one orgasm after another or, at the very least, to keep going after you’ve had an orgasm. Male sexuality is a bit more limiting than that. After his orgasm, his body just isn’t up to having sex.. even if he’s managed to stay awake.

It’ll take a bit of time before sexual stimulation feels good and he can become hard again. It may take a half hour or more for this cycle to complete [21]. At this point, neither of you may be interested in sex. As a man ages, the refractory period can extend.

Of course, women experience a similar refractory period. It’s what happens after you orgasm, and clitoral touch becomes excruciating. So you’ve got to give him a break.

Why not give him a show and masturbate yourself? That can definitely get him back into the mood.

13. Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms, Too

There are just a few sex facts about men remaining, but many people find this sex fact the most interesting! Men can learn to become multiply orgasmic and better lovers by extension. This can be accomplished using a few methods, prostate massage and mastering the art of dry orgasm being the most common.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man is an entire book dedicated to the process, which can take some time for a man to master.

14. They May Not Know When They Have an STI

The final fact about male sexuality is a staggering one. While three out of four people will be diagnosed with HPV, an STI, during their lifetime, there is still no test for men. While HPV can cause genital warts, many strains have no symptoms at all. This makes it doubly important for women to get tested for HPV, as it can lead to cancer[22].

The CDC also recommends that young men also receive the HPV vaccine [23]. To help prevent HPV transmission, make sure to use condoms when engaging in sex (learn how) and and to get screened for cervical cancer if you’re a woman.

Were you shocked by these sex facts about men? There may even be facts about male sexuality that your man didn’t know! While both genders are varied and complex, knowing these sex facts about men can hopefully help in your own sex life.

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