Nothing kills a relationship faster than boredom.

It’s too easy to slip into a routine with your man. Just like with work, study, going to the gym or even eating, sex can become routine and boring. When that happens, you and your man will start looking elsewhere for your thrills.

Don’t let this happen to your relationship!

While the Bad Girls Bible will teach you everything you need to know to keep things hot, in the meantime these 14 sex tips will give you a great start to eliminating boredom in your relationship & sex life. Here goes:


This is the easiest, but also one of the most effective ways of keeping things interesting. It’s the reason why I created the Sex Positions section of the PrincessFantasy. It has pictures and detailed explanations on over 100 different sex positions.

If your man is not keen to try out new sex positions, then you are going to need to be the one who takes action.

Pick out a few positions (only 1 or 2) from the sex positions section and keep them in mind the next time you are in bed with your man. There’s no need to tell him that you want to try them. Instead, just take the position and help to guide your man.

If you’ve never taken the lead in bed before, you may feel a little nervous trying this. But your man will enjoy it. Trust me.

You’ll find it best to try out some of the easier to perform positions that don’t require lots of flexibility and are easy to transition to.


Everyone has sexual fantasies. Everyone!

The problem for many people is that they think their fantasies are weird or a bit ‘out there’. They may not want to tell their man about their fantasies due to fear or potential embarrassment or their man thinking they are weird.

The fact is your man will be thinking the same thing!

So there might be certain fantasies or things to that turn you on, but you never actually get to experience them in real life.

What a sad world 🙁

What if you could explore them with someone you cared about?

Without getting judged or feeling embarrassed?

Over the coming weeks, I will be covering tactics and strategies that you can use so that sharing your fantasies with your man is easy and fun.

But for the time being, try to keep these 5 things in mind when sharing your fantasies with your man.

  1. Start with the tamest ones first. Then build up to the wilder ones once you are both comfortable.
  2. Be open and welcoming to his, even if you don’t want to try them out. In other words do not be judgemental.
  3. Don’t force it. If he won’t open up, then trying to force him to will make him close up even further.
  4. Use positive reinforcement. By rewarding your man for opening up, he is more likely to open up in the future. Rewarding him is simple. It can be as simple as saying ‘cool, I’m kinda interested in that too’.
  5. Keep it a secret between you and your man.

Most relationships have one partner that is slightly more dominant in bed while the other partner is slightly more submissive.

Not in the D/S sense of the word. But in the sense that one partner is more eager to try out new things, change position or engage the other in sex.

A great way to spice things up is to change your role the next time you’re in bed with your man.

  • So if he is usually the one who wants to change position, you should try to beat him to the punch and change positions instead. (make sure to try out some new sex positions too!)
  • Or maybe he usually initiates sex. Why not try being the aggressor this time?
  • Or maybe you usually start foreplay. Try holding out until he does.

You might feel a bit uneasy about changing roles at first. But don’t worry, your man will be pleasantly surprised! You’ll find that this dirty talking tutorial video serves as a great introduction to learning how to be more dominant through talking dirty in a way that builds sexual tension, turns him on and keeps him attracted to you. Enjoy!


This is probably the most ridiculous sounding sex tip you’ll hear from me. But it works really well.

The next time you are saying goodbye to your man, as you lean in to kiss him, quickly grab his bum. You can pinch it, smack it or just grab it with your hand.

Make sure it’s quick, but don’t say anything about it.

And don’t explain, if he asks why you did it.

Just smile at him.

For your man, it’s a little confusing, but it’s also a sure sign that you like him and can be naughty too.
Caveat: Don’t use this every single day or every week. Only use it about once a month to keep things fun and flirty.


Sex toys are great. Especially if you want to spice things up. There is literally a sex toy for everything. For him, for her. For his penis, for your clitoris.

Using sex toys during foreplay is great for getting each other hot and bothered before sex. They can also be great instead of sex and during sex as well.

But like I advise with all of the tips you read here: if you solely rely on sex toys, then things will inevitably start to get boring and routine.
A good way to view sex toys is seeing them as a spice, not the main course.

Over the coming weeks, I will be adding a section on which sex toys work best and how to use them. Visit www.theprincessfantasy.com for our products and services on Sex toys.



This simple sex tip is similar to pinching his ass. It must be used sparingly if you want it to remain effective.

The next time your man goes for a shower, follow him in a minute later. From there, you have a choice of what to do:

  • You could do nothing else but just wash him. It surprisingly sexy!
  • You could give him a blowjob. Try putting a towel under your knees if you do this, otherwise your knees can get very sore.
  • You could have sex. Although, you’ll find that shampoo and water can quickly dry out your natural lubrication 🙁

One reason why sex can become dull and boring is because there is no build up, no anticipation and no tension before you have sex with your man. It’s just a routine (for most couples it’s usually either every morning or evening).

To break out of this monotony, try building anticipation to something he’s not expecting. If you are on vacation with friends, text your man and let him know how much you are missing him (and how horny you are).

Let him know what you are planning to do with him when you return. In detail…

This doesn’t only apply to when you are on vacation. You can try it right after you leave for work or school.
Caveat: Like with the other sex tips, try to use this one sparingly otherwise it can get boring pretty quickly.


Dressing up for your man is a simple ‘sex’ tip. In a way it’s related to the last sex tip, “Building Anticipation’.

When I say “Dressing Up For Him”, I don’t neccessarily mean dressing up in costume or wearing super slutty clothes.

Instead I mean wearing something provocative. Something that will make him look twice. Something that reminds him of why he likes you so much.

This could be a dress that’s a little shorter than normal, a top that’s cut low or anything that accentuates your good points.


Hear me out! I totally understand if you hate pornography and want to avoid this tip completely.

There is a stereotype than men love porn and women hate it. This is not quite true.

I feel that this is a more accurate way of describing the stereotype:

Most women hate ‘conventional’ pornography.

What’s conventional pornography? Pornography that’s degrading to women, where men treat the women like dirt and cum on their faces at the end.

However, if you search for it, you will find female focused pornography that’s not like this at all.

If you are not sold on the idea of watching porn with your man, then please don’t feel like you have to. You’ll find lots of other sex tips throughout the Bad Girls Bible.


Asking for directions when you really want to sexually satisfy your man, whether you are giving him a blowjob or a handjob or having sex is a really smart move if you want to improve fast.

But don’t ask him directly.

Don’t say:
Is that ok?
I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I hope you like it.

A better way to ‘ask for directions’ is to give him a choice or to make a suggestive statement.

Are you a handjob guy or a blowjob guy?

I bet you are the kind of guy who likes his balls played with…
You seem like the kind of guy who likes being on top & in control…
I can tell you like doggystyle sex…

Some people find this to be really easy, while others find it a little trickier. But once you do ‘ask for directions’, you’ll quickly discover what your man enjoys the most. And he will be much more likely to return the favor!


Talking dirty to your man can be really powerful. That’s why there is an entire section of the Bad Girls Bible devoted to talking dirty, not to mention the powerful dirty talking tutorial video I created to get you up to speed, fast. You can watch it here.

Rather than rehashing everything already in the talking dirty section, you should really just check it out for yourself.

For those who don’t know about the power of talking dirty, a lot of women like it as it can be used to keep your man constantly turned on and thinking about you when you are not around.


Finding a guy who doesn’t love a blowjob is difficult. That’s why I created an entire instructional video devoted to giving your man an awesome blowjob. I hope that you’ll check it out here.


If you have been with the same guy for a long time, you may have found that things have started to get quite routine in the bedroom.

While some couples like having a routine, you may find that those same 5 ‘moves’ your man uses are starting to get boring.

If you start to feel that way, then chances are that your man is starting to feel the same about your ‘moves’.

That’s why I created The Bad Girls Bible, to give you a near unlimited database of things you can do in & out of the bedroom to keep your man satisfied.

So I want to encourage you to really try out the things I am teaching you here.


Routine is the ultimate relationship killer. It won’t just kill your sex life, but it will also ruin your relationship.

Now, the Princess Fantasy is not a relationship site, but you should understand that boredom will mess up not only your sex life, but your relationship too. It’s one of the main reasons people slowly drift apart and cheat on each other.

So if you are serious about keeping both your sex life and your relationship fun, varied and satisfying, then please use the resources here at the Princess Fantasy.

You’ll find:

Oh, don’t forget to leave your own sex tips in the comments below! I’ll talk to you tomorrow…

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