14 Powerful Ways To Build Intense Sexual Chemistry

sexual chemistryImagine meeting the guy. The one who locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, who you can see wants you as badly as you want him. Imagine his touch setting your skin on fire, and the world melting away so there’s only you and him and nothing else exists. Incredible, right?

Sexual chemistry can make it happen.

What is Sexual Chemistry Anyway? 

Sexual chemistry is that sexual attraction you feel towards someone. It’s the key to passion, and it’s the key to a hot (and healthy!) relationship. Sometimes, sexual chemistry happens by accident. It just . . . happens.

Other times, you can control the level of passion your partner feels towards you. Here are several ways to increase your lover’s sexual attraction towards you and take things to the next level. 

1. Share His Hobbies 

Just like women, men have the things they love that most women don’t care for. That’s an awesome thing — he needs an outlet just like you do. However, men can find it extremely hot when a woman takes interest in a hobby of his, even if it’s just for a day. 

You could play his favorite video game with him and make a wager that whoever wins gets a sexual favor from the other (you’ll find some great tips for pleasing him here). Go fishing with him and wear his favorite sexy shorts, letting your legs dangle just so over the edge of the boat. Don’t be afraid to heat it up a little while doing something he loves. It will drive him absolutely wild!

2. Play (a Little) Hard to Get 

It’s no secret that guys love the chase. Playing hard to get can make your man more interested in you, and can fire up his sexual attraction towards you. After all, men love challenges.

However, make sure you balance playing hard to get with rewarding his efforts. Playing too hard to get can have the opposite effect, and may cause him to lose interest. Be just a little coy, and let him put some effort into winning you over and even getting you in the bedroom. 

3. Give Him Genuine Compliments 

He loves hearing what you like about him, as long as it’s genuine. Compliment him if he looks good, or if he does something really well. Let him know that you’ve noticed his effort and you think it’s sexy. However, avoid complimenting him when you don’t mean it. He’ll smell your facade from a mile away and it will cheapen compliments that actually are genuine. 

4. Touch His Body When Talking to Him 

Light him on fire with a simple touch when having a conversation with him. Touch his shoulder while you’re facing him and having a conversation, or sneak your hand under the dinner table to graze his inner thigh while you’re having a meal. Touch him throughout the day, especially while you’re speaking, to get him to crave your touch at the end of the night. 

5.  Flirt With Him 

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Unfortunately in many relationships, flirting doesn’t go much farther past the initial dating stages. This is, in part, what causes a relationship to get stagnant and for the sexual chemistry to die. Make an effort to keep flirting with your man, no matter how long you’ve been together, these tips will help. Smile, laugh at his jokes, and keep eye contact for just a few seconds longer than necessary.

Brush up against him “accidentally.” He’ll respond in kind and before you know it, you’ll be flirting like you just met. These flirting messages and these texting games will help to keep things fun when you’re not there in person.

6. Wear Lingerie

Guys love it when a woman wears lingerie as much as a woman loves it when a man does chores.

Don’t let getting comfortable in a partnership keep you from wearing lacy bras and sexy panties just for him. Start by wearing a shirt that shows just a little of a sexy bustier to spark his imagination, and then let him get a full look at it later on when you’re both undressing. Giving him the idea that you just wear lingerie under your clothes when you’re out is incredibly hot, and it won’t be long before he’s clamoring to get the lingerie off of you! You’ll find some awesome tips on choosing the right lingerie here.

7. Avoid Being Clingy 

Being clingy is one of the biggest turn-offs for a guy, and can totally kill any sexual chemistry that might be brewing between you and your man. Men can’t stand when a woman is super clingy, and will quickly lose interest in her, even if she’s the hottest dime piece he’s ever seen.

Avoid being clingy with your guy, and give him the space he needs to chase you a little bit. Don’t make a big deal when he wants to hang out with his friends, and don’t call him every five minutes to find out what he’s up to. Let him be his own man, and his sexual attraction for you will increase exponentially. 

8. Bring on the PDA 

Surprisingly, many guys enjoy PDA.

Now, they might not like marathon make out sessions in the grocery store, but a kiss that is just a few seconds longer than normal or a quick squeeze of his butt might be enough to get his blood heated up and flowing. Surprise your man with a little bit of PDA here and there to keep his mind on you and to keep his sexual attraction levels up. 

9. Stay Healthy and Fit 

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Although many people don’t like to admit it, physical attraction is a large contributor to sexual chemistry. Humans are simply built that way.

Staying healthy and fit can be a great way to not only keep your own sex drive in gear, but will also ensure that your man stays physically attracted to you. When you look and feel your best, you’ll feel more attractive and he’ll instantly pick up on that. Plus, it’s just awesome when you and your man both can love the way you look with and without your clothes on.

10. Keep Doing New Things Together 

When a relationship hits a rut, it’s easy for sexual chemistry to wane down to nothing. Part of what keeps a partnership so hot in the beginning is that you’re constantly exploring new things together. When the “newness” wears off a little, so can the sexual attraction.

Make an effort to plan new, exciting things for you and your beau to do together. Discovering new hobbies or engaging in new activities can refresh the sexual chemistry between you and make things hot all over again. These sex positions are a good start.

11. Smell Great 

Scent is a huge aphrodisiac, and humans are attracted to the pheromones of the opposite sex. You can use scent to boost the sexual attraction between you and your man by showering using his favorite soap or shampoo, or by putting on his favorite perfume.

Be sure not to use too much though — you want your natural scent to be enhanced by the perfume, not covered up. Toss your hair when you’re near him, or stroke the side of his face so he catches a whiff of perfume on your wrist. 

12. Take Him Dancing 

Movement is another powerful aphrodisiac, and sexy dancing is sure to keep him thinking about you and wanting you. Take him out dancing to your favorite club, and ask the DJ to play your jam.

Show off your sultry moves and let him grind with you on the dance floor. Don’t be surprised if your surroundings melt away and it’s just you and him, moving, twisting and breathing heavily against each other. You can learn how to give your man a lap dance here.

13. Give Your Breasts a Boost 

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Men are hardwired to be attracted to women who appear to be good at carrying babies. This is mother nature at it’s finest, and there’s no use fighting it. Many men are attracted to large breasts, but have no idea why.

The truth is, men subconsciously see women with large breasts as able to adequately feed a baby. Whether a baby is in your future or not, you can play on a man’s hidden desires by giving your breasts a boost. Wear a padded bra or a shirt that shows off your cleavage. Stand up straight and let your breasts be the focal point of your outfit. 

14. Show a Little Skin 

You don’t have to dress questionably just to attract a guy. But studies show that men who see a little more skin get a rush of testosterone, which makes them feel instant sexual attraction. Instead of wearing a miniskirt that puts your lady bits on display for everyone to see, make eye contact with him and lift a longer skirt up a little to give him a private show.

Not only will he get turned on, he’ll love that you’re doing it just for him and nobody else. This article will show you more tips for dressing in a sexy way that will turn your man on.

Building Sexual Chemistry Can Be an Exciting Challenge 

Sometimes building sexual chemistry with a man is a challenge. There’s no secret formula that sparks sexual attraction, and sometimes it ‘just happens’. However, the above tips can help get your guy into you, and keep him thinking about you. Although attraction can’t necessarily be forced, you can grow it amd cultivate it.

Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is part of the fun and excitement of building sexual attraction! Keep a mental record of what gets your guy hot and do those things frequently to keep the sexual chemistry between you intact for the duration of your relationship.

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