You met him at a bar, in a group of your friends, or at a meetup for your shared hobby. You can’t stop thinking about him, but you’re pretty nervous about the thought of asking him out. One way to increase your chances of success is to understand what guys like in a girl they’re interested in.


Many guys make their first impressions of you from your face, and subsequently your smile.

The way and how frequently you smile often answers what guys like in a girl, because smiles can show confidence, personality, and a general enjoyment of life. Don’t be afraid to show your smile whenever it’s appropriate. Frequent smiling, especially at your crush, is also a positive body language indicator of interest.

If you want to encourage him to go for broke and ask you out, smiling is one way to start up your flirting game and express your hopefully mutual attraction. Sometimes what guys like in a girl is as simple as your smile.


You might catch a guy’s interest with your looks, especially for the first impression, but what keeps many men coming back for more is your personality. It’s hard to have a long term relationship with someone who is boring or has a toxic personality, unless you like toxic relationships that is.

Some personality traits many guys are interested in include optimism, passion, excitement, and laid backness. Most guys want to be around someone who makes them feel good, who they want to bring around their friends, and who they can see hanging out with every weekend.


You don’t have to be dressed to the nines with 7 hours put into your makeup and hair, but many men appreciate a woman who puts effort and attention into her appearance. Take the time to pick out clothes that flatter you, put an appropriate amount of time into your makeup and hair styling,

Guys might not always know exactly what you do to look so good, but they certainly appreciate the work you put in.


“Have it your way” only really works at Burger King.

If you take that approach on your relationships, it’s much harder to have a healthy, long term connection. Many men enjoy when you can take an objective look at both sides of a situation and arrive at a feasible compromise. You don’t have to let him walk all over you and give him what he wants, but you do want to develop the ability to see the middle ground and meet him there.


Many men appreciate when you put time into taking care of yourself. Hitting the gym or fitting plenty of exercise into your daily routine is one way to impress a guy. Pay attention to other details such as keeping your nails trimmed and shaped, your hair cut and styled, and even the scents you use for perfume and your hair products.

You don’t want to go overboard outside of special occasions, since you want to keep things at a level that is easily maintainable in the long run. If you go all out during the getting to know you phase and then drop off your routine once you landed him, it can feel a bit like a bait and switch. All the little things add up in the game of attraction.


Guys love girls who know how to have fun. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and drinking and partying the night away. Fun takes many forms, like going for a hike, having a shared hobby, watching a TV series together or even just hanging out and joking around with each other.


One attribute that often gets mentioned when you ask what do guys like in a girl is the ability to flirt. Guys don’t like rejection any more than you do, so when you know how to flirt, you’re sending clear signals that you’d like something more from the guy. An important part of being a good flirt is also knowing when to turn it off, since you don’t want to flirt with every guy who comes your way after you want to settle down with your crush.


You have your own self interests and you’re willing to advocate for yourself so you get your needs and a reasonable amount of your wants met. Many guys appreciate when you are willing to stand up for yourself, especially when it comes to important parts of the relationship that are essential for long term success.


What guys like in a girl includes long term aspects such as life goals. If you don’t share similar life goals, such as traveling the world, having children, or building a business together, it’s hard to stay together in the long term. These aren’t first meeting or first date questions to ask, but getting an idea of life goals that are important to him early on is a good way to determine whether you have compatibility in that area.


Another long term attribute to show what guys like in a girl is compatible lifestyles.

Are you both morning people?

Do you enjoy a night in over a night out? Are you at approximately the same point career wise? Do you enjoy healthy eating or would you rather go on a foodie extravaganza? Sharing similar lifestyles is an important part of a long term relationship, especially once you cohabitate with each other. If he’s a neat freak and you think running the dishwasher is enough cleaning for the day after you get home from work, you may run into issues in the long run.


Do you like yourself on the whole, or do you constantly nitpick over your appearance, personality, lifestyle, or other attributes? Many guys enjoy a woman who has great self esteem, and they can pick up on whether you do or not in a few subtle ways. Small things such as whether you spend time dressing up or whether you talk positively about yourself can have a big effect on coming off with good self esteem to a potential crush.


Emotional maturity and stability are two characteristics many men look for in long term relationships. It’s hard to stay with someone if you overreact to the small things, look for any reason to get confrontational, and don’t take responsibility for your actions.

You show you’re emotionally mature by letting the small stuff slide off your back, having healthy coping mechanisms for stress, and understand how to have serious conversations about major issues. Emotional maturity and stability is particularly important if you are considering having a family, since handling children takes a concentrated effort on setting a good example for the kids.


Many guys might enjoy girls without anything in common with them for a one night stand, but when you ask what do guys like in a girl, shared interests come up as an important aspect to attraction. You don’t have to be into everything your crush is, but having a few shared interests gives you ways to spend time together, have conversations about your passions, and help with bonding.

If you don’t already share an interest with him, find out what he’s most passionate about and see if it appeals to you. Don’t force yourself to enjoy a hobby simply because he’s into it, but if you can develop a new interest thanks to him, you get a new hobby and even more excuses to spend time together.


A confident woman turns heads when she walks into the room and exudes an air of attractiveness that’s hard to overlook. Many men enjoy seeing your confidence in your body language, appearance, style, and the way you speak. You show that you want them, you don’t need them, when you have your own confidence. It sometimes comes off as intimidating, especially to shyer guys, so balance your confidence depending on the situation.

The best part about many of these attributes is that it’s not hard to work them into your daily life. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a few more minutes in the bathroom in the morning, spending a bit of time picking out appropriate outfits, and not being afraid to show how much you enjoy your life. When you wonder what do guys like in a girl, this list gives you a good starting point in figuring it out.

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