15 Flirting Tips To Make Him Obsessed With You

flirtingMaybe you’ve just noticed that hot guy across the room and want him to notice you too, or maybe you have been friends for a while and want to kick it up a notch. If you want to capture a guy’s attention, it’s time to use your flirting skills.

But flirting isn’t just for that hot, tension-filled “getting-to-know-you phase”; it’s also for when you are growing old and gray together, sitting in your rocking chairs after decades of marriage. Even after you have snagged your guy and are living out your happily ever after, never stop flirting. It’s a great way to keep the relationship fun and fresh.

Relationship issues often start when things get boring, so keep the thrill of the chase going, even if you’ve already caught Mr. Right.

And even if your flirting game is at a professional level, we could all use a few new moves. From basic to bold, try these flirting tips for girls and see which ones score for you.

Basic Flirting Tips For Women

1. Mix it up

We all have our go-to flirting moves, but even favorites get stale if you over use them. Mix and match your techniques and surprise him by pulling out a routine he hasn’t seen before. Pretty soon you’ll learn which of these flirting tips you enjoy and feel comfortable with and which ones he really responds to.

But if you try something new once in awhile, you’ll keep him on his toes. Besides, you might discover a new favorite.

2. Relax and enjoy it

Flirting should be fun, for both of you. If you are forcing it, or just aren’t feeling into it, then it’ll probably come off as awkward and weird. It’s totally normal to feel nervous, and that swarm of butterflies in your tummy when you are feeling nervous can be nice. So do your best to relax and make it natural.

Subtle Flirting Tips For Girls

hardcore flirting

Whether you are trying to pick up a new hottie or trying to catch your flame’s attention, sometimes the best flirting style is to be a little coy. Rather than being obvious, try to be a little sneaky and sly. These demure flirting tips will have him asking, “Is she…?” and hoping that the answer is yes. Perfect for amping up the sexual chemistry between you 2…speaking of which, you may enjoy these tips on building sexual chemistry.

1. Dress to impress

This isn’t a spur of the moment technique, but if you know you are going to want to flirt, start by looking your girly best. A short dress or skirt that shows off your legs looks feminine and frisky. Toss on some heels to make your legs look even more toned. Draw his attention by crossing and uncrossing your bare limbs. You’ll find more tips on dressing sexy here.

2. Be playful

It’s no surprise that most guys like girls that are laidback and fun, rather than ones that are uptight. Laugh at his jokes, play along with his antics and go with the flow. Most guys want to be with someone with a good sense of humor, so make your own jokes and tease him a bit.

It’s even ok to be a little silly sometimes…in fact, you’ll notice that being silly is a lot more interesting and fun than being ‘serious’ all the time.

3. Play hard to get

Flirting is all about the thrill of the chase. Giving in too easily cuts the fun short, so once in awhile, make him work for your attention. Most guys crave what they can’t have, so don’t make yourself too available. This doesn’t just apply to the bedroom.

Give him the hint that his time with you is limited by mentioning that you have plans or can’t talk long. It may be enough to make him wonder what he is missing out on. Careful though, it’s a fine line between playing hard to get and giving him the cold shoulder.

4. Whisper in his ear

In a crowded room or a bustling social scene, lean in close and whisper in his ear instead of how you would usually talk to him. The act will create a feeling of intimacy and pull his thoughts away from everyone else and on to you. Be sure to keep your voice soft and sultry; you want him to work just a bit to hear you.

Bonus points for letting your lips graze his ear. The skin on the ears is super sensitive, so to lightest touch can be enough to get him thinking about you in a more intimate way.

5. Bite your lip

Drawing his attention to your lips may get him to think about what it would be like to kiss them.

There’s something very sensual about a woman softly biting her bottom lip; he may not be able to pull his eyes away. But, don’t get carried away. You want to look a bit lusty, not like you are chewing your lip off out nervousness, lol. This tactic is even better with a glossy lip in notice-me red.

For a real power move, make eye contact with him, brush your hair behind your ear while tugging one side of you lower lip between your teeth and giving a big, chest-heaving sigh. Admit it, your pulse quickened just reading that description. Imagine what it will do to him.

6. Ramp up the physical contact

Try making little excuses to touch him. We aren’t talking about latching on, just sly ways to lightly touch him, briefly press against him or graze him as you walk by. Even a brief brush can be enough to grab his attention and have him craving more.

During your conversation, say his name while gently touching his arm, or place your hand on his leg while laughing at his joke.

Also, try squeezing past him in a crowded area, letting your body, and particularly your breasts, brush against him. This alone may not amount to much. But when combined with other flirting tips, it can be particularly intense.

7. Compliment him

Guys, and girls, like their egos stroked now and then, so paying him a sincere compliment is one the most surefire flirting techniques.

Like most of these flirting tips, use this one sparingly. Offering too many compliments will sound clingy and obvious. Don’t just toss out random statements; focus on the things that clearly matter to him, changes you have noticed or something he has been working on. For a more advanced move, combine a compliment with physical touch.

Tell him how much you like his new haircut while running your fingers through the tips. Or, say something like, “You have been working out, you are looking ripped” while laying a hand on his bicep.

8. Let him catch you looking

Whether he’s someone you’ve never met or your long-time lover, it usually makes people feel desirable to catch someone looking at them in a way that shows they are interested.

From across the room, catch his eye, hold the gaze just a moment and then give a little wink and a fingertip wave. Now look away.

Hopefully, it will make him wonder who that beautiful woman is, or remind him that he would rather be with you than the people he is currently talking to. Remember, this should be sultry, not a creepy stare down, so don’t spend the whole evening aiming your laser beams at him.

9. Use open body language

With any of these flirting tips, you want to appear fun, energetic and approachable, not closed off. Your body language should draw him in. Rather than crossing your arms, let them hang at your side, hold a drink or gesture animatedly when you speak.

A firm stance, with feet planted a few inches apart, can look intimidating. Instead, shift your weight to one foot, or lean casually against something. Now, point your chin slightly out and tip your head to the side.

Bold Flirting Tips For Women

flirting tips

Once you have his attention it’s time to keep it. A strong, confident woman can’t play coy forever, so sometimes you have to really put yourself out there and make a big move. Some of these bold flirting tips are best for keeping the spark in an established relationship, but others can be employed even at the start of a new fling. One thing is for sure; the following flirty moves will turn up the heat.

1. Send him a racy text

This flirting tip is all about anticipation.

It places you front and center in his mind, making him want what he can’t have just yet. Using words or a photo, this could range from slightly suggestive to downright dirty. Start simple with,

[quote]“Can’t wait to see all of you tonight.”[/quote]

Or, really go for it and tell him what you want him to do to you. For something more visual, send a tasteful cleavage shot, or one of what you are (or aren’t) wearing. Just be ready to follow up on whatever you offer in the text, because he won’t forget.

2. Pinch his butt

Right now you are probably thinking, “Huh? Really?”


Grabbing his butt is a completely unexpected move that will catch him off guard. Try it on the dance floor or while moving through a crowded room. Or, if you are a long-time couple, while walking through the grocery store. Set a playful tone by giving him a pinch and giggling, “Got you.”

Or, turn it up a notch with a lingering pinch while leaning against him and whispering “I’m having more of this later.”

3. Kiss him unexpectedly

Sometimes you just want to grab him. Don’t fight it; give in to the urge and kiss him passionately and unexpectedly when the mood strikes. Not only will you both enjoy it, it’ll show him that you are thinking about him. Grab him and make him stop for a little make out break while he is washing dishes, paying the bills, or walking across a parking lot.

Then, walk away without escalating the situation. It’ll leave him thinking about how hot you are and wanting more.

4. Make the first move

So you spent the evening hoping for an opportunity to meet him, but it didn’t work out.

Stop admiring from afar and make it happen.

Write your name and number down on a slip of paper. Approach him, make eye contact and give him the paper. As you hold his hand between both of yours, tell him that you are looking forward to talking with him later.

Don’t even say your name.

Give him a little wink, turn and walk away with a hair toss and a booty wiggle. Now you are an intriguing mystery he wants to explore. If you have been together a long time, don’t toss this one out of your bag of tricks just yet. Instead, use it as a feisty start to a little role-playing.

Whether you just met or you’ve already spent a lifetime together, flirting is a fun, sassy way to grab his attention. At first it makes you enticing, and later it keeps things from turning stale. Just like you, most men want to be flirted with; it makes them feel desirable and attractive.

But, it’s not just for him. Flirting can be empowering. From coy to brazen, flirting can make you feel like a vixen, and we all need a little of that.

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