15 Incredible Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

It can be difficult to know what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, but this guide should help you!

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It’s vital that the gift you choose shows him how much you care about him, not how much money you have. Sometimes homemade gifts can mean a lot more to a man than something fancy and expensive.

Birthday gifts for him that reference a funny or special moment in the past, like an in-joke you share or a holiday spent together can be super powerful. They can also strengthen your bond when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Choose a birthday gift for him that represents how serious your relationship is. If you’re just friends-with-benefits, then a pizza and a six-pack can work. But if you’ve been together for four years, then that’s probably not such a good idea.

Here’s our list of 15 birthday gifts for him and why they work.

1. Monthly Subscription Box

There are a whole slew of monthly subscription boxes you can sign up for. Your man will receive a box of goodies once a month. What’s in the box depends on the service you sign up with. Some boxes contain clothes. Some contain shaving and grooming supplies. Some have accessories, like phone covers and sunglasses. There are boxes that contain underwear, healthy food, gourmet food, fishing supplies, or action figures.

The fun is that every month, he’ll get a surprise from you. So this gift idea works best if you’re in a long-term relationship. Just remember that it can be kind of awkward if you are newly dating and the subscription gift lasts longer than the relationship does, so this is best if you’re already in a long term relationship!

2. Video Game

Get him a fun video game to play whenever he just wants to veg out. He can relieve the stress he’s under during the day by playing a racing game, for example. Look up some reviews if you don’t know much about what games guys like, and get him something  so he can have some fun. He’ll appreciate that you got a gift just for him, especially if it’s not something you’re interested in.

3. Remote Control Car

If your guy’s a racing fan, check out some racing toys for men. You can get a remote control Ferrari or Mercedes for under $100. You can also find many other RC racing vehicles from other manufacturers, some that go over 70 miles per hour. This gift, like video games, lets your man do something mindless, which can be a huge stress reliever.

4. Wireless Headset

If your man travels for business, get him a nice wireless headset so he can listen to music on the plane. Wearing a headset like this also clearly signals that he’s not available to talking with his seatmate, whether it’s a well-meaning grandma or the hot girl you don’t want him talking to 😉

5. Running Shoes

This birthday gift for him is one that he can wear while actually running. And if you choose a stylish pair, he can also wear them with his regular wardrobe.

6. Nice Barware

At some point, drinking from red plastic beer pong cups gets old. This birthday gift for your boyfriend treats your guy to some grown-up barware glasses. This adds some sophistication to party night.

7. A Personalized Gift

You can take any ordinary gift and personalize it with his initials or name to make it special. Some popular gifts for men that you can personalize are pocket knives, a picture that spells his name on framed architectural alphabet letters, coasters that might say [Name]’s bar, a leather keychain with his name on it, a monogrammed cutting board (for when he has you over for wine and cheese), and even personalized golf balls.

The thought shows you’re a good girlfriend.

8. His Day in History

The New York Times store sells reprints of any date you choose. Choose his birthday, and he can find out what the news events of the day were. You can get this framed.

9. A Barbecue Set

Men often like to barbecue. And if he has just the right barbecue tools, he can make his burgers come out perfectly each time. You can find some nice sets that include tongs, a basting brush, and a spatula. This is a gift you can enjoy together.

10. Beer-Related Gifts

If he loves beer, there are numerous gifts you can get for just that purpose. They range from beer brewing kits to a beer tasting map where he can keep track of his favorite local beers from across the country. You can also get him some nice beer glasses or a beer growler for storing and carrying around his favorite draft beer.

11. The Experience Gift

You can find all sorts of companies that offer experience gifts. The experience might be riding in a hot air balloon, going for a ride in a helicopter, going white water rafting, having a ride-along in a race car, or taking a golf or tennis lessons with a pro. They make for great date ideas!

If your man enjoys art, botanical gardens, concerts, the theater, sports, or amusement parks, you can buy him an annual membership to any of them. That way, he can go any time he likes. And he can take you with him.

12. A Sleeping Bag

If you and your boyfriend enjoy camping, get him a sleeping bag built for two. And if you don’t enjoy camping, at least with this gift, there will be one aspect of the trip you will like.

13. Texting Gloves

He still needs to use his phone when it’s cold outside, and taking off his gloves all the time is a hassle, not to mention his hands get cold. Get him gloves that allow him to access his smartphone while keeping warm at the same time.

14. Waterproof Case for His Phone

If your guy is active outside and can’t take his phone for fear of it becoming wet, get him a waterproof phone case. That way he can use his phone even while whitewater rafting (if he wants to).

15. Homemade Gifts

Give a birthday gift for him from the heart by making him one with love. You could bake him a cake and write “I Love You” on it. Instead of buying him a box of candy, you can learn to make truffles. You could make a poster with all the things you love doing together written on it. Varying the font, type size, and colors makes it look any way you like.

It can be difficult choosing the right gift for your boyfriend. What seems to be a simple process really isn’t much of the time. And you don’t want to get him something too expensive or intimate if your relationship isn’t there yet.

And if you are intimate, you don’t want to give something impersonal, like something you’d give an acquaintance. So it’s really an art to choose a heartfelt gift. And when you do, you’ll be remembered and appreciated for doing so. But don’t stress too much. You can’t possibly know (unless he tells you) what he really wants. But as long as you make an effort, that is saying a lot.

Choosing the right birthday gift for your boyfriend is important. He’ll appreciate and notice the thought that went into picking just the right one. And if you just can’t decide what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, no man will be disappointed by the sight of you waiting for him in your sexiest lingerie


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