If you have ever felt your love life mirrored the movie ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’ as in you seem to have a knack for doing little things that annoy guys and end up pushing them away even if they were interested at some point, you need some advice on how to turn your luck around. Although these helpful tips will not make a guy automatically fall head over heels in love, they will give you your best shot for winning that special guy’s heart.

Of course, you don’t want to manipulate him or change yourself to be someone you are not, but you do want to start the process of making a guy to fall in love and avoid some of the pitfalls that will send him running the other direction, and the fifteen tips listed below can help you do just that:


Above all else, be yourself. Although it is smart to improve some bad habits if you know they get on a guy’s nerves, such as smoking or something, you want to remain true to the core of who you are. If you alter your personality and essence too much, you will lose who you are. That is not a good idea, even if it does win you the guy, because eventually, you will die inside if you don’t live as yourself.

Therefore, let the guy know who you are and own it. This shows great self-confidence and self-respect, which is a turn on for most guys. Therefore, making a guy to fall in love with you should never involve altering who you are inside.

Getting a guy to fall in love, when he’s the right guy is not impossible. However, if you feel you need a guideline for how to snag a guy, the fifteen tips listed above should point you in the right direction.

Above all, remember, never manipulate a guy or lie to him in order to make him fall in love, because he will eventually realize that he’s being manipulated, and the relationship will be doomed. Instead, always be truthful and remain who you are, and the right man will love you for all the right reasons.


Guys desire respect above almost any other emotion or feeling. In other words, they would rather you tell them, or show them, that you respect them than for you to say that you love them. Of course, they also want affection and love, but a guy most wants to feel respected, so don’t run him down in private, and especially when you are around other people.

Make sure your guy and everyone around you knows that you think your man is the greatest guy in the world


This tip can seem a little obvious, but it needs to be stated. You must be nice to him. Thank him for gifts, for paying for your meal, for holding the door for you or for simply being there. Even if you have a sarcastic personality, tone it done on occasion, so he knows you actually like him.

Playing the hard-to-get, independent woman who doesn’t need or want a man can actually backfire and make him think you aren’t interested. After all, coming off slightly “bitchy” is not how to make a guy fall in love with you. Therefore, be nice, and flirt a little too.


If you are a planner by nature and your guy wants to take you on a spontaneous get away, or if you simply hate horses but your man wants you to try out horseback riding, be willing to go along with him. You will never grow as a person if you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone. Also, being willing to do things that might scare you or make you a little uneasy, all because you are wanting to go along with your man, will help him see how great you are, and help you make him fall in love.

Great ways for getting out of your comfort zone are by sending him flirty text messages like these ones.


During the course of a relationship, you will have some mishaps. Therefore, it is important for you not to take yourself too seriously. Allow yourself to be the butt of a few jokes, just be willing to laugh and joke and enjoy life. Also, don’t freak out when plans fall through or things aren’t just as you would have liked.

Simply remember, there are sometimes that all you can do is laugh at yourself and move on, just be willing to do so and try to not get defensive.


Guys many times simply don’t talk as much as women, and that’s okay. However, when getting a guy to fall in love, you have to give him the opportunity to talk. When he is talking, listen. Really listen. Don’t just act like you are listening and then immediately shift the conversation onto your latest problem or drama.

Allow him the time and space to share with you, and respond so he knows you are interested in what he has to say.


When you come to a more serious point in your relationship, you may both want to talk very seriously about your future together. However, in the beginning stages of a relationship, lay off of the long-term plan discussions. No guy wants to talk about how many kids he may want one day or be asked when he plans on getting married, on a first date.

Therefore, let things go awhile before you bring up the future, and when you do bring it up, don’t make it constant. After all, to make him fall in love, you want to avoid pushing him too much, because no one likes to feel pressured into a commitment.


Even if you think college football is silly, if your guy is passionate about his alma mater and wants to keep up with their stats and watch their games and gets emotional if they lose, don’t criticize him or make fun of him in any way. Just because something seems foolish to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t important in his life.

If you aim to create a lifelong relationship, you simply have to respect his passions..that is provided they are reasonable.

In fact, if you ask him about why he’s passionate about something, you might find out there is a deeper meaning behind it all, and maybe you will even begin to like it as well.


When getting a guy to fall in love, you may be tempted to dominate all aspects of his life. You want to decide what he wears, what he eats, who he hangs out with, etc. However, this is one sure way to push him far away from you. Keep in mind that your man is grown and doesn’t need you to make his decisions, so don’t dominate his life. If you try, you will end up losing him.

Although that doesn’t mean you can’t try dominate him in the bedroom! I’ll teach you how here.


The people who are important to your guy should be worthy of your kindness. You should never force a guy to choose between you and his lifelong friends or his family. That will almost always end badly and is no way to make a guy fall in love with you.Instead, try to get to know his friends and family and come to love them yourself. If you can get them to like you, then that will be even more reason for your man to love you.

Just remember not to push too hard here either. Just as you don’t want to seem clingy to him, you don’t want to overwhelm his friends and family with your presence either.


When making a guy to fall in love, you have to show him that you can have fun. For example, if he loves hiking, try it out and don’t be afraid to break a sweat or to get a bit dirty. Allow him to orchestrate your activities on occasion and show him that you can be spontaneous and will willingly give new activities a try. There’s also a bunch of other cute things you can do for him, that I talk about here.


No one wants to be in a relationship with a clingy person, but at the same time, guys do want to feel wanted, so you want to strike a balance between being available and being clingy. If you are not ever available for dates or to talk, a guy can eventually give up, because they may feel your life is simply too full for them or that you are not making the time for them.

On the other hand, they don’t’ want to spend every single night, day and second with you either, especially if they have a good group of friends they enjoy doing things with. Therefore, to make him fall in love, you want to make time for him in your life, but don’t devote your whole being and all your happiness to him, because that just makes you seem desperate and clingy, a trait no one appreciates.

On the other hand, being independent and having your own life will make you much more desirable. You can learn more techniques to make him want you from this article.


Although the subject of past relationships will come up eventually in any meaningful relationship, the time to address them is not when you are making a guy to fall in love. The ideal time is after the relationship is firmly established and you have both agreed to discuss your past love lives. Therefore, on your first, second and even third date, avoid bringing up your ex, especially if you are comparing something about your current man to your ex.

This can be a major turn off….speaking of which, you can learn about more of the major turn offs that affect guys in this guide.

Allow the guy to set the pace when it comes to past relationship information. If he wants to know about your past, he will ask, and if he begins sharing his past with you, you can feel secure in sharing a bit of information with him. However, let him be the one that takes the lead, because talking about past relationships is not how to make a guy fall in love with you. It can actually have the opposite effect and can make some guys really uncomfortable.


As well as keeping an eye out for the signs he likes you (you can learn them here), learning what his pet peeves are and avoiding them is a must. The easiest way to find out what these annoyances are is to simply ask him. For example, once you learn that he hates it when people crack their knuckles or that he really dislikes when people call him by his old childhood nickname, take note of all these things, and avoid them to the best of your ability.

Most guys will freely share what things they hate, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get this information.


Okay, you might feel overwhelmed with this tip, but don’t let this discourage you. Putting an effort into your appearance does not mean that you have to wear the latest fashion trends off the New York runways, nor does it imply you have to keep your hair and makeup perfect every single time you see your guy.

No, to make him fall in love, you don’t need all that. In fact, if you do this, the guy can get the wrong impression and think you are too into yourself!

In addition, many men love the just woke up, no makeup, slightly disheveled look, so unattainable perfection is not what you should be going for here.

However, you also don’t want to appear like you don’t care about your appearance at all, so you really want to strike a balance between the two extremes of apathy and perfection.

A good middle ground way to ensure you look your best is to always make sure you clothes, body and hair are clean. After all greasy hair and body odor is simply a no, no. Also, it’s a good idea to keep your facial hair in check and make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed. When it comes to clothing choices, although sweats and lounge type clothes are fine for hanging out and watching a football game or chilling in the evening, don’t let him forget how good you look all spruced up in nicer, more form fitting clothes.

Now appearances aren’t everything, but they are still very important.

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