Long distance relationships take a significant amount of effort and patience and are rough on many couples. Phone calls, text messages, and video chats help on some level, but they never replace being in the same room as the love of your life. The missing physical component in a long distance relationship is a particularly tough part to deal with, but getting long distance relationship gifts helps bridge the gap and build a physical connection.


Take plenty of photos when you get a chance to visit each other so you have plenty of special memories to look at. If you have enough pictures together, consider making a physical photo album so you have a tangible representation of your love.


Long distance relationships are difficult on many couples’ sex lives. One way to get around some of the physical connection problems is by picking up sex toys. These toys help your partner think of you when you aren’t there, as well as giving you both ideas on naughty experiences to have in the future.

Some sex toys are specifically designed around long distance control thanks to apps and computer interfacing. Technology truly is a wonderful thing, especially for long distance relationships. If you want to turn your sex toy selection into a bonding experience, set up video chat or screen sharing while you look around the websites, or wait until you can go to the store together in person to pick out a vibrator you can use together.


Want a way to show him that he’s got the key to your heart? Consider picking up two piece jewelry that interconnects.

The symbolism is significant, especially if you find a true love jewelry piece that fits both of your personalities. Whenever you feel lonely or miss him, remember he has the other half of the necklace and eventually you’ll be able to put them together whenever you want.

If your boyfriend isn’t the jewelry type, consider a paired keychain. Another option is a t-shirt that lights up whenever you get close to its pair. This shirt also helps warn you if he’s trying to sneak up on you for a surprise.


Sharing photos or short videos of moments throughout the day makes your lover feel connected to you even though you’re hundreds of miles away. Social media apps such as Snapchatmakes it easy to quickly take a picture of something interesting in your day to day life to send to him.

Not only do you show him what you’re doing as you go throughout your day, you also show that you’re thinking about him. These pictures can be anything from what you ate for breakfast to pictures of a great live band you saw when you went out that night. You can also use Skype to share live video!


These are pillowcases that share a common design for couples who deal with long distance relationships. They represent a connection to your partner and come in a variety of colorful and insightful designs. It fits in with a standard bedding selection or you can bring it out as a special cuddle buddy when you feel particularly lonely and you’re man isn’t around to cuddle in person.


Want to give your lover something special they can cash in the next time they see you?

Consider making a love coupon booklet that lets them have plenty of options for their future plans. You can promise to cook a meal, play their favorite game, or try out something special in the bedroom for them. You can customize your love coupons to match their personality, mood, and preferences.


Pick up special stationery for sending physical letters, leaving notes when they visit, and creating signs for video chats. You can find something for both of your personalities, as unique stationery options abound. If you can’t find anything special enough for your tastes, custom printing companies take your design and help you make it into your own stationery.


Premade gift boxes save a lot of time when you’re looking for a long distance relationship gift, but they lose out when it comes to personality and customization.

The supplies for making your own customized gift box aren’t hard to come by. Most craft stores have baskets and other containers to put your gifts in. Search for your partner’s favorite types of gifts, chocolates, food, and other items to put in the gift basket. You create a truly customized experience instead of spending a lot of money to get your significant other one item out of the basket he actually wants.


You don’t have to live near each other in order to send your lover food.

Homemade food is a welcome treat for many people, especially if you know exactly what your boyfriend loves for comfort food. Some types of food, such as baked goods, don’t have particularly demanding shipping requirements. Dry ice bags and express shipping services help with food that is perishable, such as homemade meals.

If you can’t spend important holidays such as Thanksgiving together, consider making a holiday meal and sending it with ice packs and other specialty shipping supplies. Shipping perishable food can be expensive, but it’s worth it to see the look on your lover’s face with this long distance relationship gift.

Stick with food options that reheat well and keep the sauces at a minimum. You might love your fancy cheese sauce based dish, but it’s not going to be nearly as good after it travels a few hundred miles and lands in the microwave. If he likes it, you can make it again in person before trying the sitting sex position in this post.


Every relationship ends up developing plenty of injokes, whether it’s references to a show you both like or a chance encounter that only happened when you were together. Custom printing companies and handmade craft vendors are good options for buying something to commemorate this unique time. As an added bonus, anytime someone asks you about your long distance relationship gift, you get to gush about your significant other, and share your story.


Even if you aren’t crossing an ocean to see each other, a message in a bottle is a romantic way to send your love. Men love romance just as much as women! Break out the fancy parchment paper and try your hand at calligraphy if you want to make your love letter especially romantic. If you do happen to live by the ocean, consider picking up an extra bottle to write about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the long distance relationship.


Want to share your thoughts throughout the day? Consider picking up a special journal and keeping it for a week. After your week is up and you write entries every day, send it to your significant other. He does the same thing and sends it back. Continue until it’s completely filled up.

You can write many things in the journal, such as how you’re feeling throughout the day, inspirational stories and quotes you heard, and how much you miss him. While you can do this with an online journal, having the physical journal gives you a keepsake you can keep for a long time.


Cassette mixtapes are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a music playlist of your favorite songs and shared artists. A thumb drive mixtape brings this romantic concept into the 21st century, plus it can fit hundreds or thousands of songs instead of 20 or so.

You can get a normal thumb drive or choose one that has a cassette tape box to keep the nostalgic feeling. You can even add a couple sexy songs for the next time you’re together.


Sending flowers in the mail isn’t a viable option if you live too far apart or if you don’t like gifts that end up withering away. Some alternative forms of bouquets are available, such as a bouquet featuring plush cats or dogs. If you don’t think plushies will fly for your partner, look at a book bouquet featuring his favorite book series or author.


Getting a physical letter or postcard in the mail is an occurrence so rare you may be one of those people who mark it down in your calendar every time it happens.

If you want an unique take on the postcard, look for art print postcards or artist trading cards to send to your lover. You can choose something with an art style you love, one that reminded you of him, or one of his favorite artists. Not only does he get something in the mail, these postcard sized prints work great for a wall collage. Small frames are inexpensive and help protect these over the long term, so when you’re old and grey he’ll still have the postcards intact.Long distance relationships are tricky to deal with, especially if you have to be apart for a significant amount of time. A thoughtful long distance relationship gift helps to create connection, encourage closeness, and makes both the giver and receiver happy. Take some time to figure out which long distance relationship gift is the perfect one for your significant other and use these ideas as inspiration.

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