A weekend getaway is the perfect way to keep things hot and fun in your relationship. It’s like a longer version of a date, allowing you to get to know one another again and do the things you can only do together – which is especially important if you have children who need caring for, dogs that need to be walked, and so on.

weekend giveaway ideas

But the most important reason to escape for the weekend? So you can relax, recenter and find that joyfulness that brought you together in the first place. Scientific studies have shown that people fall in love when they’re in happy, excited states and when they’re exposed to novel stimulus. Therefore, you can recreate those same thrilling feelings by pulling yourself out of the everyday grind with these getaway ideas for the weekend.

If you find it hard to be romantic, let your inner planner take over to make it easier.

Of course, we understand that not everyone can take two weeks off to go traipsing through the African rainforest, which is why we’ve endeavored to suggest weekend getaway ideas that don’t require a lot of time or money. What makes these dates novel is not their exotic nature or expense, but the fact that you’ll be doing them together and don’t even have to take any time off for it! Try them out.


The beach is always one of the best getaway ideas for the weekend. For one thing, it’s cheap: whether you stay in a hotel, rent a cabin or pitch a little tent, the coast is usually a pretty affordable place. For another, it’s beautiful. You might live in sunny SoCal or wintry Victoria, but either way, the breathtaking views of the sea make for a romantic time that helps you reconnect and shows your man how you feel. Just be sure to book your beach trip ahead of time; this popular destination usually fills up fast.


There are lots of weekend getaway ideas to be found on Airbnb. Whether you and your man want to hop on a short flight to the desert or the temperate rainforest, visit a big city like Chicago or New York, or just stay put and enjoy your hometown from a different perspective, Airbnb offers ultimate flexibility. Look for a place that has a kitchen so you don’t have to spend tons of money eating out, and your getaway will be more affordable.


The best thing about this type of getaway is it really feels like a treat, but doesn’t necessitate a lot of preparation or driving. Besides, you’re still close to home, which makes it easier to plan for pets or children or any other duties you might not want to leave too far behind. Many hotels have romantic suites for special events such as anniversaries.  This might not be the best destination if you’re trying to save money, though, since to get the full hotel experience, you’ll want to check out their dining room and possibly dip into the spa. But it’s up to you!


Yurts are a glorious getaway idea for the weekend because they allow you to camp without all the work of camping. Instead of pitching a tent, you can simply drop your bags in an already-set-up yurt, with sturdy walls that withstand the rain and hold heat in a lot better than nylon. Yurts aren’t that common, however, and often fill up pretty fast, so check into the ones near you ahead of time so you don’t miss out.


As far as weekend getaway ideas go, this one is really fun. You can book passage on either a small boat just for the two of you or a larger vessel where you can meet other people. Sometimes the boat just does a short out-and-back (perfect for a weekend), but if you have a little more time to spare, you might want to choose a destination-to-destination voyage. It’s like a cruise, only smaller, faster and more adventurous!


Of course, if you just can’t live without that traditional wet, dirty camping experience – and some of us really can’t! – then pack your tent and stove and hit the road. This getaway idea for the weekend is long on wilderness and short on devices and connectivity, and it really helps you recharge. Plus, it helps your relationship recharge, removing the everyday distractions that keep the two of you apart.


This getaway idea for the weekend is pretty standard, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. Play Ernest Hemingway and retreat to a charming fireside with a mug of hot tea or cocoa (spiked, if that’s your thing), and read books long into the night. Of course, a flaming hearth and cozy rug are good for other things too, if ya know what we mean.


Sure, this doesn’t seem like the most exciting of weekend getaway ideas, but a friend who needs pet-sitting or their house watched while they’re away can actually provide the perfect excuse to break out of your daily routine. Bring fun food, novels and anything else that might help you relax.


Yes, you read right. Tree houses, Swiss Family Robinson-style. Tree houses that you can stay in, far above the forest floor, with comfy beds and nice amenities and all the rest. This weekend getaway idea is steadily gaining in popularity. However, there still aren’t that many tree houses available and they tend to book up in advance, so plan your vacation ahead of time.


Another take on camping is to do it in a car or, better yet, a truck or van. This getaway idea for the weekend is just as easy to pack for as regular camping, or more so, because you don’t have to bring or pitch a tent. Simply throw your sleeping bags and camp pads in the back and head out. One caveat: it’s still best to pack your food in your car, or in a tamper-proof cooler so animals don’t come sniffing around. Make sure there’s room.


This is an old-school weekend getaway idea, but nevertheless a super fun one. You can ride the train to and from a destination, then stay there overnight. Think a wine country tour if you live in California, or trip to the state next door and back. The point is to see a little of the countryside while enjoying the decadent charm of a dining car, so be sure to book passage on a fancier train.


This weekend getaway idea is a popular one, and a good choice if you have longer than two nights, since there’s nothing like a lake house to really help you get your chill on. Having a well-stocked house with plenty of entertainment around provides a good atmosphere to fall back in love, so leave work behind and allow yourself to really dive in.


This is a more unique getaway idea for the weekend and is useful if you and your man are having problems or want to make sure you deal with a certain issue before a big date (say, your wedding or the birth of a baby). Perhaps that issue is intimacy, or communication, or just ensuring that you’re able to take enough pleasure in one another’s company and ensure a happy union. Whatever the case, you should tailor your couple’s retreat to your specific needs.


Nothing calls to outdoorsy types like a backpacking trip. Just a quick zip up to the mountain, followed by two days of hiking and a night spent camping, can recenter even the most restless souls. This getaway idea for the weekend is better for drier months, but if you’re really gung ho, you can head out in winter as well.


And one last variation on camping! This weekend getaway idea has become increasingly popular in recent years, and takes many forms. The main idea, though, is that instead of a tent you pitch yourself, you stay in a well-stocked pavilion with all the amenities: toilet nearby, mini-fridge, real beds, and sometimes even Wi-Fi. Some “glampsites” are near the big city, located in little patches of nature, and some are way out there, so you can usually find a glamping experience tailored to your desires.

No doubt, at least one of these ideas has sparked your interest, and helped you see that the fun reconnection you’re looking for with your man is only a weekend away. Time spent together outside the daily grind can substantially improve your relationship and bring you closer by relieving the stressors of everyday life and allowing you to simply bask in one another.

Such a weekend away can respark the passion in your relationship and remind you of why you work so well with your man, so don’t wait. Book one now, or let us know if you have any other ideas you want to share for great weekend getaways.

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