Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been married long enough to raise a family, showing your man how much you love him is important to remaining connected and having a healthy and happy relationship. There are any number of ways to show your love, and some of them are more implied through your actions than they are described through your words.


Love messages, however, typically revolve around the words you would use to describe feelings. They may not be your words, however. You might write a classic love quote – ideas here – in calligraphy or explain how you feel with lyrics from the song the two of you first danced to. There are as many ways to send your message of love as there are things to include in it, and we’ve got advice for it all!

Although your mind might jump to a stamped-and-sealed letter, that’s just one type of love message for him you could craft. It’s certainly a classic that shows your thought and planning in the digital age. Plus, it gives him something to hold onto in the future. We’ve got plenty of advice about writing love letters, too.

However, you can also consider any of these types of love messages:

  1. Send a quick text message to tell him you love him (Just wanted to let you know I love you as I’m heading out the door!).
  2. Snap a photo and send it over IM or SnapChat (which is great for sexting), or Facebook Messenger (Just thinking of you while I ___.).
  3. Dash a few words onto a postcard and drop it in the mail. (I miss you/wish you were here.).
  4. Leave a short note tucked where he’ll find it (I love you so much. Have a good day!).
  5. Spell it out on the bathroom mirror or frosty car window. Or simply draw a heart!
  6. Get crafty with a scrapbook or make a piece of art that can be framed or otherwise displayed.
  7. Add a message on his computer, phone or tablet ([Name] loves you).
  8. Send an email containing your message of love.
  9. Deliver a love message over fax…this works especially well if you met when fax machines were still popular.
  10. Order flowers to be delivered to him with a short message.
  11. Have a singing telegram knock at his door if one is available in your area.
  12. Get a tattoo to memorialize your love. Afraid of pain or making a permanent mistake? Consider a temporary stick-on or even a henna tattoo, instead!
  13. Wear a t-shirt or piece of jewelry that shows how much you love him. Let the entire world know by changing your license plate! (Mrs [Name]).
  14. Hire a plane to tow a banner or write it in the sky! ([Your Name] Loves [His Name]).
  15. Take a hot air balloon ride and write your message in stones, flowers or another material so it can be seen from above.
  16. Write it on your skin in body-safe ink, paint or chocolate if you want to show him your love in a sexy way.
  17. Send it as a not-so-secret admirer. He might know it’s you, but it will still be cute!
  18. Carve you initials intro a tree or paint them onto a rock if you prefer not to hurt nature!

The more creative you are, the more memorable your love message for him will be. But it doesn’t always have to be over-the-top. If your man embarrasses easily, for example, you might want to stay away from grand gestures in public places and other public displays of affection. And some of these methods can be quite costly or time consuming if you often send him a love message!


The easy answer here is that your love message to him can say anything you want it to. But if you’re having some trouble getting inspiration to flow, we have a few ideas:

  • Talk about your feelings for him (“I’ve never felt so strongly about someone before. I finally understand what fairy tales and poetry are about.”)
  • Discuss what you see in your future (“I can see us together in the future, living the American dream with a family/I can’t wait to travel the world with you by my side.”)
  • Wax poetic about your favorite memories (“I remember the first day I met you/date we went on/time we kissed.”).
  • Describe the way he makes you feel (“You make me feel like anything really is possible/I’m the most beautiful woman in the world/everything I’ve had to go through was worth it.”).
  • Tell him how you’ve changed since you met/got together (“You encourage me to grow to reach my full potential as a friend/partner/mother. I feel like you’ve helped me become more of who I am.”).
  • Compare him or your love to something else in a poetic analogy (“I love you because you protect me like a bear….rawrrrrr!/You’re strong and I feel safe around you. Our love is as stable and long-lasting as the pyramids. It will stand the test of time.”).
  • Compliment him as a partner, lover or father. Men love these types of compliments (“You’re always so caring and supportive. You’re quick to help around the house. You’re attentive to my needs in bed. It feels like we were really made for one another.”).
  • Let him know that you’re his alone.
  • Remind him that you choose him and will continue to choose him, especially after a fight when you might both feel shaken.
  • Explain how you are a team and you have his back. Tell him that you’re supportive of him however he needs.
  • Tell him that you’re proud of him for recent hard work or a specific accomplishment (“Great job on that presentation for work/school! I knew you could do it.”).
  • Cheer him on for a project or task that may be particularly daunting (“I know you’re working hard on [project.] I just wanted to let you know that I have faith in your abilities, and I’m sure it will impress your boss!”).

Of course, you can combine any of those suggestions or come up with some of your own! Don’t forget the incredible power of simply saying “I love you,” either! Check out this post for some different ways to just that.


No matter what, you love message should remain positive. So you’ll want to avoid anything negative or passive aggressive. If you’re feeling anything but loving feelings for your man, you might want to put off writing a message. On the other hand, if you have a collection of love messages he’s sent you in the past or even if you’ve previously jotted down a few thoughts that you never sent, reading those musings might remind you of the loving feelings you do have.

You don’t want to send a love message just because you want something out of him or you feel guilty, either. He’ll see right through those things. However, you may want to send a love note after you’ve gotten into a fight as a way of making up. In this case, a genuine apology and a reminder of your love that doesn’t seem manipulative would be appropriate.

Furthermore, the best love messages for him truly come from the heart. If you aren’t feeling so loving because you just had a fight or even if you had a bad day, then it will be apparent that your heart really isn’t in the love message you’re writing for him. Put down the pen and paper – or your phone – and come back to it at another time.

Perhaps just as bad is a love message for him that is too loving. There’s a fine line between sensitive and sappy, and you don’t want to cross it. Nor do you want to come across like you’re trying to convince yourself of your feelings or that you’re suffocating him with how you feel. Have you ever had a friend on Facebook who would profess their love to a significant other so often and intensely that they actually seemed insecure? You don’t want to do this with your love message for him.

This is one reason why short and sweet is such a good idea. Or you can use images instead of words to express how you feel but without overwhelming your man or making you feel as though you need to write an award-winning letter or poem to show your man how you feel. Remember, too, that some men don’t necessarily respond to words. He might prefer that you show him you love him – tips in this post – or get him gifts instead. Ideas here.

You might also want to avoid professing your love too early on. If you’re not yet in a relationship or if you don’t actually know him. The latter can come off as a bit stalker-y. And the former? Well, you might come off as too needy and push him aside. If you don’t think your feelings are on the same level, you might want to hold off on your love letter. Or you might simply want to keep it fun and light rather than serious and emotional. Check out this guide to learn when to say “I love you”.

There’s no wrong way to show your man how you feel, but you might find that you enjoy writing love messages for him. Because you can tuck physical messages in his briefcase, laptop bag or lunchbox, he might also be pleasantly surprised! But if the two of you find this just isn’t your thing, that’s okay, too!

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