18 Simple Ways To Be More Seductive, Instantly!

When you look at someone such as Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe on the screen, these women seem to exude sexual energy and seem to intuitively know how to be seductive. What you might not realize is that these seductive personalities are often learned and practiced.You too can be seductive and charming rather than awkward and nervous if you follow these simple seductive tips.

1. Smile

Smiling when you’re talking to someone shows that you know how to have a good time. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to instantly subtle seduce a man. It also makes you seem more inviting when you’re out in public. Take it one step further and don’t be afraid to laugh, but don’t do it in a fake way that seems patronizing. Be genuine and let yourself be entertained. Don’t be afraid to make him laugh, either.

Everyone loves when their conversation partner has a great sense of humor. While you want to laugh off your own quirks, being overly self deprecating can sometimes be off putting.

2. Highlight Your Lips

Your lips can potentially be one of your most seductive body parts when making a man fall in love with you. A man will notice instantly if you’re wearing lipstick, licking your lips or otherwise playing with your mouth.

Don’t go over the top and fellate a corn dog though, but there’s something to the old adage. Slowly chew and perhaps even make appreciative noises if you’ve just bitten into a slice of cheesecake that tastes like heaven. He won’t have a choice but to look at your lips. On the flip side of the coin, glance occasionally at his own mouth to send subconscious signals that you’re interested. 

Highlighting your lips like this is the perfect foreplay before kissing him. Learn how to kiss.

3. Don’t Forget About Other Body Parts

A light shimmering body dust on any body part that you plan to bare is a perfect way to catch a man’s glance when you’re out at night. Think collar bones and shoulders. You can also contour areas such as your collar bone and cheek bones to make them more noticeable to a man’s passing glance.

It’s not all about makeup, however. Learning how to dress sexy and finding clothing that flatters your shape is important if you want to be more seductive. Opt for short sleeves if your arms are toned or a sleeveless dress to show off your great shoulders. Lengthen your legs with heels that you can comfortably walk in for extra sex appeal. Make sure to prepare any skin with an exfoliant. You’ll find many body scrubs that will do the trick before a big date (30 fun dates ideas for couples).

The key to being seductibe here is to highlight you best parts.

4. Say His Name

Saying a person’s name when you first meet them is one way to make remembering it easier. It’s also another incredibly simple, yet often overlooked seduction technique you should use when learning how to be seductive. Humans also like to hear our name on others’ lips, so saying a person’s name often will give him a head rush whether you’ve just met him or you’ve been married to him for years.

His name is literally his favorite word.

If you’ve gotten to know each other a little better, you might opt for a fun nickname. Nicknames are tricky, though, because some people dislike them all together while other people only like certain nicknames, so there is a potential here for it to be “anti” seductive. A play on his actual name is good. Otherwise, you can try slipping a “Babe” into your text conversations to see how he reacts. He just might reciprocate!

5. Listen Well

Even if you’re just looking for a one night stand, being a good listener is a really excellent way to be more seductive. People open up more often when they feel like they’re really being heard. It’s a great way to learn how someone thinks, communicates and to directly understand their preferences in partners or even friends.

Lean in while listening, which shows you’re being attentive and can also provide a great view to anyone whose eyes happen to move downward. Plus, if you lean in close enough, you can initiate accidental physical contact to start turning him on.

6. Use Food

Here’s the right way to use food to be more seductive. Offer him a bite to eat. If he accepts it off your own fork, things are looking positive, but at the same time don’t take it as a major sign that he wants you bad. Similarly, a man who isn’t afraid to share your straw or bottle might also be interested in locking lips.

A home-cooked meal is a perfect way to show your interest, and any man will appreciate it. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have caught his favorite food — or maybe you’ve heard him mention that he’s never had Greek and you know the perfect lamb recipe.

7. Make Excuses to Talk ALONE

So you’ve just met someone and you’d love to get to know him better, but you’re in a crowded room. An really intense way to be seductive is to find a way to pull him to the side. Perhaps there’s a piece of art in the room that you want his opinion on or you just need a break from the hustle of the main room. Either way, making excuses to talk to him shows your interest and gets you a few moments alone.

If you’ve been talking with a new man for a while, little things will probably remind you of him even when you’re not together. Mention those things to your new man. This both creates a topic for you to talk about and also shows that you’ve been thinking about him.

The digital age makes it easy to initiate these little conversations thanks to text and Facebook messaging.

8. Compliment Him

Do you like the way he dresses or smells?

Choose something about him that he had a choice in — his clothes, job or even drink — rather than something that he doesn’t have a choice in such as his height or eye color. If you’re listening well, you should find plenty of opportunities to compliment him. Just make sure not to lay it on too thick. Not everyone is great at accepting compliments, as crazy as it sounds!

Take cues from him if he smiles, but ease up if he seems nervous when you compliment him. The funny thing about learning how to be seductive is that it’s not all about being coy and hard to get, so do remember to compliment him from time to time.

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9. Make Physical Contact

Touch his hand when he hands you a glass or when you reach for the check. If you’re both lifting your coats from the hooks, it’s the perfect time to make contact and send a jolt of electricity through his body. Touching him is vital if you want to be more seductive.

Touch his arm when he makes you laugh or lean your head on his chest if you’re hugging good night. If someone is initiating “accidental” physical contact with you, it’s also likely that he’s interested in return. This a also a great way to start making him horny.

10. Imitate His Body Language

Humans have a natural tendency to imitate body language when they’re with someone that they like. You can jump start this cue by making an effort to mimic that interesting new man you met at the art galley. If he holds his arms or hands a certain way, try mirroring him. It’s the perfect way to start seducing him. You can sit with your legs in the same position or even tilt your head back to laugh in the same way that he does.

Learn: How to read his body language

11. Be A Sight for Sore Eyes

You’ve heard it time and again: men are visual creatures. That’s why dressing sexy works.

Choosing the right lingerie can re-ignite a fire that’s been running a little cool lately. If you’re heading out on the town to try to meet a single man, put on a dress that makes you feel sexy and adds a bounce to your step. If you think that your date might lead to some time under the covers, consider wearing a sexy matching bra and panties or even a bustier that fits under your evening wear.

You don’t have to necessarily aim for sexy, either.

Perhaps you’ll wear an handmade pendant that you purchases when you visited Africa or your wrap has an unique print that others have commented on. These are great conversation starters, too. Everyone should have a piece in their closet that instantly boosts confidence. Spend some extra time on your hair, makeup or accessories so you like what you see in the mirror before you leave the house. 

12. Stimulate His Other Senses

There are five senses, so make sure to give them all due attention, especially the ones that affect your man the most. Sense of smell can help you seduce a man. If you want to surprise your husband when he comes home from work, an extra dash of your signature scent can help set the mood.

Make sure you smell as good as you look if you’re headed to the bar. Plus, you can also ask your date to smell your coffee, wine or dessert if it’s especially delicious to your own nose…perfect for improving your chances of seducing him. 

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13. Ask Him Out

Don’t be afraid to ask a man out on a date! He might appreciate how forward you are. In fact for some guys, being forward and even a little aggressive is a great way to be seductive.

This is also a great opportunity to do something with him that you’re interested in. Whether it’s a local art museum, a trip to the farmer’s market or a low-key movie marathon at home, it’s your call. If he asks whether it’s a date and you’re having trouble saying “Yes,” you can just tell him that you want to get to know him better.

14. Invite Him

If you suddenly find yourself heading in different directions, take time to invite him along with you. At the end of the night, invite him to an all-night coffee shop or even back to your apartment where you can enjoy a nightcap. You don’t need to become intimate; although, you certainly can if you’d like. But if you do, then make sure to use some of these awesome sex positions.

Invitations can be for the future, too. Perhaps you mentioned a hiking trip you wanted to take or a future museum visit that he expressed interest in. Exchange numbers with the intent of getting together for those events is the perfect way to set up a slow burn seduction with your man. Of course, you might find yourself meeting up before then, too, if the two of you just can’t wait!

15. Be Comfortable

You won’t appear comfortable if you’re wearing 5-inch heels that you are having serious trouble walking in. The same goes for any costume or outfit in which you don’t appear comfortable. You can dress up, but you shouldn’t step so far outside your comfort zone that you’re putting out uncomfortable or or those dreaded “awkward” vibes. Men will notice, and it will hurt your attempt at being seductive. 

Being uncomfortable is just one of many turn offs for men.

Similarly, your first date shouldn’t be set in a place where you feel awkward. This will kill any chances of you seducing your man.

Stick to someplace where you’ll both feel comfortable and neither of you will feel as though you’re overdressed or underdressed. A coffee shop, for example, is pretty standard and relaxed place for a first date and can be a lot more seductive than a stuffy, overpriced restaurant. You’ll both know how to dress, and there are few expectations when it comes to behavior.

16. Confidence is Key

Not everyone has confidence that’s through the roof, but confidence is one thing that is universally attractive and seductive, both to new people that you’re trying to make a connection with and to your existing partner. Even if your pickup line isn’t that smooth or you’re not the best dancer (lap dance tips), a show of confidence can fill in the gaps and make the effort effective overall.

Remember to fake it until you make it.

Don’t focus on any mistakes you might make. Instead, smile and push on. He might not even notice your blunder if you’re able to employ confidence with ease. You’ll typically find yourself becoming more confidently seductive as you put on confident airs.

17. Give Him Breathing Room

Even if a man is interested in you, he won’t want to be inundated with attention. Learn to read cues such as glancing around, fidgeting or trying to exit the conversation. This doesn’t mean he’s not into you, but he may be trying to spend enough time with everyone in the room or simply to have time to gather his thoughts.

18. Wrap It Up

A key strategy to learn when figuring out how to be seductive is that it’s always better to leave him wanting more. If the conversation seems to be going swimmingly, it might be time to pick up your drink and join the girls for some fun on the other side of the room. Don’t be rude about it. You can exchange contact information, but let him know that you’re wanted by other people in a way that makes him want to find reasons to get you alone.

This is the perfect way to tease him into a sexual frenzy.

You don’t need to follow all of these tips every time, but keep them in mind as you’re trying to charm a new male friend or billow the flames in your relationship.

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