The time to celebrate your first year together is rapidly approaching, and you are in desperate need of some 1 year anniversary gift ideas. Have no fear, because the following anniversary gifts will give you some great ideas for your man, regardless of your relationship’s current commitment level or your budget limitations.

It is worth noting; however, that your love is the best gift of all, and no purchased or created gift can ever take the place of your love in your man’s heart. Keep that fact in mind when considering your gift ideas and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


A clock is the traditional 1 year anniversary gift, and although a high quality wrist watch or pocket watch is a nice gesture, most people don’t use these anymore. If you do decide to go for a pocket or wristwatch, then try getting it engraved with your wedding date, or the date you first met. This adds a personalized touch and makes this traditional gift even more special.

Of course, if your man doesn’t wear a watch, due to the fact that they simply use their cell phones to keep time, then you can buy them a hanging clock for their office. You can have this engraved as well with a special date or a favorite saying, just to personalize the gift. If you do go the route of wall clock for his work, keep his office’s décor theme in mind, and try to find a clock that will fit in well.


Creating favor cards for your man is a great way to give him a thoughtful gift without spending much money. These “favors” could include anything you wish. You can print them off yourself or have them printed and bound professionally by a print shop. Some ideas for anniversary favor cards are listed below:

  • Favorite dinner or food item either cooked by you or bought by you.
  • A night of intimacy, complete with a no headache excuse guarantee.
  • A card saying your will go watch his favorite sports team with him.
  • A card saying he can pick what you both do on a weekend together, whether it’s the activity you do, where you eat or even what you do in the bedroom.
  • A card awarding him breakfast in bed.

Feel free to create your own with gifts that reference inside jokes and more.


If your man loves a certain group or artist, buying him concert tickets is a great gift idea and will serve as both a fun adventure and will create a memory that you will both have for years to come. Since it’s an anniversary gift, you should go with your man to the concert, even if you have to wear earplugs to get through the experience.


A nice memory book that tells the “story” of your relationship is another great idea of a first year anniversary. You can easily make these yourself online at an abundance of sites. Use photos that showcase your year together, highlighting your adventures and special memories. Add messages or favorite sayings to make it even more special.


If your man is lucky enough to have a man cave, you can purchase him some framed artwork that goes with the theme of his room as a 1 year anniversary gift. Some ideas include canvas art showcasing classic cars, musical instruments or a favorite sports team. If your man doesn’t have a man cave, but does have an office, you can purchase him a nice piece of artwork for his workplace instead.

Keep his office’s overall design theme in mind, and try to stay within those boundaries when selecting art. After all, if your man works in a business office, you don’t want to purchase him a seductive looking piece of art. It will almost definitely be out of place and he won’t want to hang it up. Therefore, keep in mind what he likes and what would be appropriate in his office when choosing the piece of art.


If your guy loves a particular team, whether it be at the professional or collegiate level, purchasing him tickets to a game is a great 1 year anniversary gift idea. Be sure to buy these early as good teams usually run out of tickets to their events before the actual event takes place, or they get extremely pricey as game time draws near.

Of course, you could also attempt to buy tickets at the location on game day, but that is a gamble. It is best to order tickets well ahead of time. If your guy is planted firmly in front of the TV every Saturday or Sunday watching his alma mater or favorite professional team slug it out on the gridiron or basketball court, you would want to actually go watch it.

You can also get him tickets to “sport’s themed” locations instead of a game, such as tickets a sports museum for his team or even something like the baseball or football hall of fame. This idea could actually be part of a vacation, which was mentioned earlier, because you can plan your trip with a stop at one of these locations in mind. In other words, it can be a great add on to a large gift or make a pretty good gift in and of itself.


If your guy is a professional who often has to dress to the nines, buying him an engraved pair of cufflinks makes a great one year anniversary gift. Just be sure to buy a high quality pair from a reputable jeweler.


Let’s face it, most guys love beer and/or whiskey, so buying your man a supply of beer or whiskey in some manner is a great gift idea. You can do this by creating your own gift basket and including some of his favorite alcoholic drinks and some snacks, or you can give him a membership in a beer or whiskey “of the month club.”

If your guy doesn’t care for alcohol, you can purchase him some of his favorite drinks and snacks instead, such as jerky and soda, putting it all together for a nice “treat basket.” This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest gifts you can give him, but you’ll be surprised at just how much he’ll like it.


You have to be careful with this idea, because if your guy is not very sure of himself or perhaps needs to lose a few pounds, this gift can look like a hint that he needs to get into shape and not seem like much of a gift at all. However, if your guy cares about his appearance and has expressed the desire to get into better shape, a gym membership can be a great gift for him. Make sure the gym is in a good location that he can easily access from both home and his office.


Guys’ hobbies are oftentimes expensive. After all, many of them demand membership and gear in order to participate, not to mention club fees and other add ons. Therefore, if your guy is really into a certain hobby, buying hobby equipment for your 1 year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend or husband is great. Read below for some “hobby themed” gift ideas:

  • A new set of golf clubs, golf shoes or new clothing for golf.
  • A gun, clothing, tree stand or 4-wheeler for hunting.
  • An engraved guitar pick for his guitar.
  • Tools for woodworking.
  • A certain classic toy, such as a collectible from his childhood, for toy collecting.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your man may prefer picking out his new equipment himself, so getting him a gift voucher can save you from any hassles.


Not every man is into technology, but if your guy is, buying him the latest tech item is a great gift idea for your first year anniversary.

A new smartphone, tablet, laptop or a new gaming system, gear and games are just a few ideas to consider. If you aren’t sure if your guy would like a new smartphone or other gadget, take him to the electronic store and see what he gravitates towards. Ask him a few innocent questions to determine what type of phone or games system he wants.

If you still aren’t sure, get him a gift card for to his favorite electronic store, and let him choose it himself.


A sweet idea for your guy is a framed photo of either the two of your together or just you for his office. This photo can be professionally shot or candid, but it shouldn’t be one that is embarrassing for your man, for obvious reasons. Choose a good high quality photo and either frame it yourself or have it professionally matted and framed for a great first year anniversary gift.

The twelve first year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend or husband listed above will offer you a wide array of gift ideas, ranging from expensive to handmade and everything in between, but like I said earlier, these are tamer gift ideas.

The last thing to say on choosing a great gift for your man is that you know your man better than anyone else, so go with your gut when choosing his gift, if you aren’t completely sure what to get him.

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