Sex toys. If you’ve tried them, you might have discovered that they allow you to orgasm, even if you’ve never been able to before. Perhaps you’ve been able to have better sex with your man or negate difficulties due to erectile dysfunction or other issues that have been impeding your sex life.

If you’re single, a sex toy can give you orgasms that keep you happy and healthy. Couples can learn more about one another, become more connected and spice up their sex lives with the help of sex toys. But if you’re ready to dive right in and buy your first — or tenth! – sex toy, we’ve curated a list of the best sex toys around!


These vibrators are intended for insertion. Unless there’s a flared base, you’ll want to only use them vaginally and not anally. Straighter shafts don’t necessarily stimulate the G-spot, but they can feel great anyway.

  • Stronic Eins: Okay, so it’s not exactly a vibrator, but this unique toy has won over sexy women time and again. With the Stronic line, Fun Factory introduced a thrusting sensation thanks to an internal piston. It’s not a replacement for sex, but it’s definitely interesting!The Stronic Eins has  slight curve to the shaft to potentially stimulate your G-spot and a clitoral nub.
  • Big Boss: The second Fun Factory toy on this list has girth like you wouldn’t believe, rumbly vibrations and silicone that’s textured like velvet. You’ll definitely want to load up on the lube for comfort, but this is the vibrator you want if you’re a size queen!


The best sex toy to stimulate your G-spot will have a curved or angled head, often bulbous, to reach your G-spot with ease. A dildo with the right shape can send you into orgasmic bliss, while some people prefer vibrations on their G-spot. There’s no reason for you not to have at least one of each in your collection, of course!

  • Pure Wand: This stainless steel dildo from nJoy might seem intimidating, but its helped people who swear they don’t even have a G-spot find theirs and achieve orgasm! The metal means it’s hefty and responds well to temperature changes, while the curve and different-sized ends guide the wand right to your G-spot.
  • Mona 2: The first Lelo sex toy in this list is the company’s G-spot vibrator. The second edition offers more powerful vibrators and a head bend and tapered specifically for G-spot stimulation. Lelo makes some of the best sex toys that are rechargeable, and Mona is no exception!
  • Comet Key II Wand: Get a little more size with the Comet II by Cal Exotics. The original was just a curved glass shaft coated in silicone, not entirely different in shape from the Pure Wand. But the second introduces vibration to that bulb that’s designed specifically for G-spot stimulation!
  • Ella: For the G-spot that prefers to be stroked rather than vibrated, there’s the Ella, another body-safe silicone sex toy. Lelo’s dildo has the same shape as Gigi, which many people tout as the best sex toy for G-spot stimulation, but a much smaller price tag. You can even experiment with inserting the handle.


Wand vibrators are typically those that you plug in. They derive from the very first vibrators, which were originally intended to help treat women for “hysteria.” In fact, your mom or grandma might own one! Two companies, Wahl and Hitachi, were among the first to sell these vibrators, even though they were marketed to help with back and other muscle pain with their intense vibrations.

Today, the Hitachi Magic Wand is sold as the Magic Wand Original, and you can get attachments for G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Because of its power, the Hitachi is known as the best sex toy ever. There is also a Magic Wand Rechargeable that offers the same power of the corded version without tethering you to an outlet!


Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, which is why sex often misses the mark. However, you can add a clitoral vibrator to your sexploits or even solo sessions for easier orgasms than ever before!

  • Siri 2: Here’s another Lelo toy for you – Siri. The second version is rechargeable and also has an unique sound recognition mode. Even if you don’t find the latter function useful, it’s more rechargeable than the first Siri.
  • Ora 2: If you’re looking to emulate oral sex, why not give Ora 2 a try? Lelo has created a toy with a rotating beads beneath a thin layer of flexible silicone to stimulate your clitoris like a lover might. Add a dollop of lube and you’re good to go. Ora 2 also vibrates so you can fall back on that.
  • Tango: Lelo isn’t the only company that makers amazing sex toys! We-Vibe, which you might know for their couples vibe, also makes some great solo toys. The Tango is one of them. This is the modern version of the lipstick vibrator – small and discreet enough to carry in your purse – that’s also rechargeable, waterproof and stronger than most small vibes.
  • Mina Limon: Many women like to squeeze their thighs together during orgasm, and Minna has created a smaller vibrator that fits perfectly between your legs and responds to that pressure. Of course, you can use your hands with the Limon, too. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. You can also create pulsation and even record a custom mode with the Limon! Bonus: if you like Limon, try the insertable vibrator Ola.


The dildo is ubiquitous as being a basic sex toy, and it might also be the best sex toy. There are a number of things you can do after insertion: thrusting, turning or even external vibration from a powerful wand are a few. Dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so there are plenty to choose from. Here are a few to get your started.

  • Anything Vixen: Vixen was among the first dildo makers to create dual-density silicone under the VixSkin line. The inside is firm, while the outer layer is softer. The result is a more realistic toy for your enjoyment. The Maverick and Mustang are both fan favorites, or you can opt for the modern Raquel or the super-realistic Johnny. Vixen also makes regular silicone dildos like the Leo, and both can be sterilized by boiling or with a 10% bleach solution.
  • 1: This stone dildo by Norwegian company Laid will have you feeling like you’re in the lap of luxury. It’s one of the heftier sex toys on this list, so it’s not ideal if you have arthritis. But the D.1 is gorgeous, gently curved and responds well to temperature.


Couple’s vibrators exist to provide sensations to both partners during sex. Some are worn internally or around your partner’s penis, and others can rest between your bodies. Here are just some of our favorites:

  • We-Vibe: This U-shaped vibrator simultaneously stimulates your vagina and clitoris as it wraps around your pubic bone. It’s intended to be worn during sex, creating a snug sensation when your partner enters you. The newest model even comes with a remote control to make it easier to use!
  • Eva: Two flexible arms help you situate this tiny vibrator against your clitoris and keep it in place during sex. Your partner can feel the vibrations while he penetrates you, and you can also use it during masturbating with your favorite dildo.
  • Ooh Cock Ring: There are a number of vibrating cock rings that are designed to help your man last longer and provide clitoral stimulation with a vibrating component. Ooh by Je Joue pairs a strong-yet-small rechargeable motor with different attachments, and one is the cock ring. Stretchy silicone means your man can be comfortable while the ring is wrapped around the base of his cock. You can try wrapping it around his balls, too.


Anal toys can be used by men or women. Your man’s prostate will love one if he’s okay with anal exploration, and wearing one during masturbation or sex can help you feel amazingly filled!

  • Bootie: A thin neck and narrow base means this butt plug stays in place comfortably between your cheeks. It’s made from body-safe silicone, which can even be sterilized. Wear it during sex, masturbation or simply while you’re doing chores. Might this be the best sex toy for anal play? You tell us!
  • Pure Plugs: For more experienced users, there are the Pure Plugs. nJoy makes their stainless steel plugs in various sizes, so you can find the perfect one for you. The loop works as a handle and makes the plugs safe for insertion, but they’re definitely heavier than most butt toys.


Kegel exercises are designed to help strengthen PC muscles. You don’t need anything to do them, but these are the best sex toys if you want to have more fun and get better feedback.

  • Luna Beads: Lelo’s weight kegel system provides options for people who want to strengthen your kegel muscles. It’s useful to do these exercises after giving birth. They can also help you feel tighter for your man, experience better orgasms and even squirt. The Luna beads come with an easy removal cord, so they won’t be as difficult to retrieve as ben wa balls.
  • kGoal: Not sure whether kegels are doing you any good? Check out this smart sex toy from Minna. It works with your smartphone to tell you the strength of your PC muscles and to help you improve them even more! That’s what makes it one of the best sex toys.

A sex toy can unlock your hidden sexual potential, and the best sex toy will be one that’s high quality and can provide you with years of orgasms! Try one of these by yourself or with your partner to see how fun sex toys can be!

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