20 Important Signs He Wants You – With Full Explanations

Do you only find out that someone liked you long after the moment has passed? Perhaps you’re completely oblivious when someone likes you because you don’t know what clues to look for or you’re struggling with whether a friend could be more than that. Knowing the clues to look for helps you make those missed connections and know when to make a move — or when to walk away. Here are twenty signs that a guy likes you.

Now, just one of these signs on it’s own isn’t really much of a big deal and doesn’t definitely mean that he wants you, as it could just be a coincidence. But if you notice 2 or 3 of them happening together in a short space of time and you notice them happening again and again, then it’s highly likely that he wants you

The more of them you can pinpoint, the more likely he wants you! And once you do start dating each other, don’t forget that you’ll find a ton of awesome sex positions here and other great sex tips on the site.

The Big Signs

How a guy acts around you can immediately clue you in to his intentions, so pay attention for these clues. Your friends — or his — might notice them before you do, so it’s a good idea to recruit them to help get a feel for his intentions.

1. Teasing – You may have hated it in school, but not much has changed when it comes to being an adult. If a guy makes fun of your inability to play a sport, say a word or even how short you are, it’s a really good sign that he wants you. Teasing should never enter into mean mode, however, so keep an eye out in case he’s just being plain mean.

2. Touching You – Just like girls will playfully punch their love interests, guys will have a hard time keeping their hands off you. It might be as obvious as a long hug, but that annoying hair ruffle might also be a clue into his feelings. Pay attention if your hands accidentally brush against one another especially when it’s not that crowded. If you find yourself leaning into him and he doesn’t mind, it’s a good sign for the two of you.

3. He Mimics You – We’re not talking about the sort of mimicking that happens when he’s teasing. When humans like other humans, their brains send messages to mirror those people. Perhaps he sits in the same manner as you do or he starts laughing similar to your own laugh. He won’t have any idea he’s doing it, which might help you determine his feelings before he realizes what they are.

4. Showing Off – Men want to show potential mates they’re the top dog. We’re sure it has to do with survival and the fittest of all that. He wants to look good in your eyes, so he does silly things like driving too fast, arm wrestling other guys or picking you up over his shoulder. Showing off can be kind of obnoxious, but doing it is a really good sign that he wants you!

Thoughtful Signs

signs he wants to make love to you

A man who dedicates time to thinking about you might be the man for you. This is especially true if he overcomes his typical flakiness. Make sure not to confuse someone who is generally thoughtful, however. Does he do these things for just you or all his friends and family? In other words, is he singling you out with his thoughtfulness?

5. Dropping Everything For You – Whether you need someone to pick you up from your car stranded on the side of the highway or to deliver ice cream once a month, he’s always there. Perhaps he would rather spend time with you than his buddies. Little favors can be a big hint and an obvious sign that he wants you; although, you don’t want to take advantage of them if you’re not interested.

6. Surprisingly Thoughtful – It’s one thing if he does what you ask, but it’s a definite sign when he delivers on things that you don’t ask for, at least, not directly. Perhaps he notices how much you enjoy that pumpkin latte today and surprises you with one tomorrow. Furthermore, if he recalls something you said about your childhood or that one time you said that you totally hate when a person does whatever, he might be trying to get in good with you.

7. Remembering Everything – If he can remember every conversation you’ve ever had — even things you don’t remember saying yourself — he’s obviously paying attention, and he’s obviously into you. Similarly, he might remember where you were or what you were wearing when you said something. It’s nice when people are so engaged with you!

8. Noticing Changes – New boots, a haircut, a manicure. Whenever you change anything, he notices, and he takes the time to let you know. Maybe he doesn’t love the changes, but he notices when there’s a spring in your step because you feel better about yourself, and he wants to keep you bouncing.

Flattering Signs

signs he wants you bad

Flattering someone is a good way to get them to like you back, so if one of your acquaintances or friends always does these things, he might be interested in moving things to the next level.

9. Laughing at Jokes – Even if you’re not that great at remembering the punch line, he cracks a smile whenever you try. This is a classic sign when someone is interested in you, and it’ll make you smile more, too. Of course, both men and women can fake a laugh when they are attracted to someone or want to get them into the sack so you don’t want to give it up to the first guy who laughs at your silly puns.

10. Complimenting You – Whether he’s proud of your recent graduation, promotion or a skill you’ve acquired or he’s quick to tell you how good you are at parenting or homemaking, he appreciates your talents. A guy who likes you won’t be afraid of showing off those skills to his crew, either, even if you’re better at something than he is. However, if he’s only complimenting your looks or how you perform in bed, he may only be interested in casual sex. So this is a sign you need to read into more deeply.

Sharing Friends, Interests and More

When he isn’t afraid to share, he might be more concerned about you happiness than his possessions. Sharing interests and friends not only shows that he wants to spend time with you, but that he wants to remain an important part of your life.

11. Sharing His Drink – When you two can share a water bottle, you might want to put even less between your mouth and his. If he’s okay with using a single straw, you might want to look for other clues that he likes you.On the other hand, it doesn’t mean he’s not interested if he doesn’t share. Maybe he’s thirsty, afraid of germs or has a cold. Not everyone wants to share a toothbrush, after all!

12. Letting You Have the Fries – If you’re notorious for stealing food off of others’ plates even when you swear you’re not hungry, you might find that he doesn’t mind letting you snack on his fries or eating that side of coleslaw. In fact, he might order those things specifically because he likes you and he knows how much you like them. That’s a pretty good sign he may want you!

13. Hanging with Friends – Perhaps he can’t wait to introduce you to his own friends or maybe he loves to meet yours. This sign means he wants you to be part of his life or vice versa for the long run, which is a good sign if you’re interested. It’s also an easy way for you to get closer without sacrificing his own life. However, you should be wary of a guy who expects you to mingle with his kind without returning the favor. No matter how much he might like you, this isn’t relationship material. Guys who won’t introduce you to their friends and family might be hiding something even if they’re frequently sleeping with you.

14. Offering His Coat or Hoodie – You shiver. He responds by draping his coat around your shoulders or taking off his hoodie, which is still warm from his body heat. Both are good signs that he wants you or that he’s a gentleman. Take this with a grain of salt if it’s a one off occurrence, but be glad that you’re warm. However, if he leaves his favorite hoodie at your place after a fun day of hanging out, chances are good that he likes you.

15. Watching Chick Flicks – Sure, a few guys like romantic comedies starring Jennifer Aniston, but most of them don’t love that genre. If you find him willing to watch one of those films on a Friday night rather than partying with his buddies, chances are he’s into you. This goes for sharing in any interest that seems a little out of left field for him. Going to the opera or enjoying time at the museum might not be his cup of tea, but he always says “Yes.” You like it, so he wants to give it a chance. How sweet is that?

21st Century Signs He Wants You

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Smartphones, the Internet, and Facebook have changed the face of dating and romance. You can find out more about a person than ever before with just a few clicks, and some people even let all their feelings out on Twitter. The way that someone interacts with you on social media is a sure-fire clue into their feelings — or lack thereof — for you.

16. Messaging You in the Morning – If you receive a “Good Morning” message every day or you know he’s shooting you a text every day as soon as he wakes up, it shows he thinks about you first thing in the morning. All clues point to him liking you. The same goes for “Good night” texts or if he makes a habit of texting you every day on his lunch break.

17. Seeing You Home Safe – It always makes a person feel cared about when a person has to know you’ve gotten home safe. When a man calls or texts to ensure you’re stepped safely from your cab to your front door or when he walks or drives you there yourself, he might like you. He might also just be polite, however.

18. “Liking” All Your Posts – When someone hits “Like” on your every Twitter update, blog post or photo uploaded to Facebook (and he’s not doing it to anyone else) then you can take it as a sure sign that he wants you.

19. Sending Funny Memes – Whenever he sees anything that reminds him of you — and there are plenty of those — he sends it. This sends a pretty clear signal that he wants you to know he’s thinking of you, and it just might make you smile, too! This tactic is also an easy way to start a conversation with someone even if you have nothing to say.

20. Ignoring His Phone Around You – A man who can ignore incoming messages and his Facebook feed for a person just might be smitten. On the other hand, he just might be polite. This sign alone doesn’t indicate feelings, but it could with other clues. Keep your eyes open for the possibilities.

Some of the signs that he wants you also overlap with the signs that he enjoys eating your pussy.

Many of the signs on this list are simply a guy being polite, and they can easily be misconstrued, especially if you only notice one sign on it’s own. However, if you can check off every signal on this list, it might be time to make your move. You don’t want to wait so long that he moves on to another person. Waiting can send him a signal you don’t mean — that there’s no hope for the two of you.

It’s not just moving too slow that can put the end to your romantic plans. Be careful of a man who doesn’t mind getting physical but won’t spend any time with you outside of the bedroom. As much as you might like him, he may just not like you that much or for anything more than sex. If you’re okay with that, great! But don’t fall into the trap where you keep hanging on because of the attention you get in bed.

However if he wants to keep it casual and so do you, then look out for these signs that he enjoyed it to keep him coming back for more

Of course, the number one sign that he likes you is simply that he tells you. A guy who can use words to describe his feelings is definitely one you should consider as boyfriend — or more — material.

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