It’s fun to be flirty, playful and teasing towards our men and it keeps them on their toes and keeps their interest peaked. But sometimes our attempts at talking sexy can go horribly awry and our efforts to be smooth and sensual leaves us awkward or even embarrassed. To keep you sounding sexy and to keep him wanting more, here are some exciting and easy sexy things to say to your guy!

“I love your ____.” Eyes, shoulders, chest, nearly anything.

Complimenting with sincerity is a great way to verbally show your man some affection, and saying it with a raw edge to your voice when you are in a more intimate atmosphere will elevate the compliment from ‘nice but boring’ to sounding sexy. To get really dirty, saying “I love your cock”while giving him head will probably be his favorite compliment.

“You look so hot!”

Groaned while watching the face he makes while you are having sex, while touching his chin or lips. Also great if you are having sex in front of a mirror!

“That outfit makes me want to jump you.”

Said seriously when he’s gotten dressed up in something you like, coupled with appraisingly looking him up and down, is good for a guy’s ego. If you’re able to get a little frisky, then the next time he wears it you can exclaim and say something sexy like, “How can I keep my hands off you? You know what that outfit does to me!” It’s very likely he will start wearing those clothes a lot more often!

“I think you just rearranged my internal organs.”

Playfully groaned after an excellent sex session will not only sound hot but will make him feel like a king.

“I had a dream about you and woke up wet.”

Has a great effect over the phone or whispered in his ear. Refusing to give details can be a fun way to tease; giving a couple of details can be an easy way to inspire something you’d like to try. Word Of Warning: This starts to lose its appeal if used too often.

“She is so hot/sexy…”

Not for the faint of heart and to be used verysparingly. A lot of guys love the idea of women being attracted to other women, and saying this kicks his imagination into overdrive.

Some things to be cautious about: saying “pretty/beautiful” doesn’t have the same effect; try to say this only about strangers, not about your or his female friends; and probably not a very good idea if you have jealous tendencies.

“I’m wearing those ____ that you like.” Insert panties, lingerie, etc.

Whispering this to him while you’re out for dinner or at a party is a powerful sexy phrase to say to him that will pretty much guarantee he won’t be able to take his mind off of you.

“I’m touching myself.”

Playfully murmured at a time when he’s not looking right at you, like over the phone or if he’s facing away from you while lying in bed together. I have fun with this one by taking my cell into the bathroom when I’m about to have a shower, and shooting my husband this text as a hint I’d like company.

“I want/need you!”

Spoken breathlessly during a make-out session or foreplay is a sexy way to turn him on fast.

“I’m so horny!”

Simple, tried and true, saying this the first time you’ve seen him after a few days will get him excited and he’ll know just what you need!

I’m looking forward to the next time we ____.” Insert something precise, like a specific sex position, outfit, location, etc.

This makes for a super sexy way of being suggestive and praising.

“I can’t wait for tonight!”

Is a sexy line you can say that can be used in so many different ways, but if you try saying it with a suggestive, low tone of voice followed by a classic “Mmm,” he will know what you are anticipating.

“I want to spoil you.”

Said while looking him right in the eye and trailing a finger across his chest or upper leg will send the right message, kick it up a notch by biting your lip and brazenly looking at his crotch.

I miss your ____.” Insert ‘tongue’, ‘fingers’, or if you’re feeling really frisky, ‘dick’.

Saying this nonchalantly when he won’t be expecting it will make him feel really desired, knowing he is on your mind.

“When you look at me like that I want you so badly.”

Is a sexy thing to say to your man to let him know you are on the same page; if he’s shooting you thatlook, follow up saying this with a hot, hungry kiss!

“I love making you hard.”

Said while kissing him, touching him and feeling him get hard; he will agree, he also loves when you make him hard.

“I want to lick whipped cream off your ____.” Insert body, dick, chest, nipples, whatever his erogenous zones are.

Fun if you have already experimented with foods like whipped cream or chocolate, may come across as a little extreme if you haven’t yet.

“I want to be your sex slave.”

Is a sexy thing to say if you sound like you were just musing out loud and the thought had just crossed your mind, rather than being more serious or too intense.

“If I had it my way you would never get any sleep.”

Said teasingly after a good romp when you are both ready to crash may make him consider a round two, or may send him off to sleep with good dreams!

Last but definitely not least, there is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence who likes to be adventurous:

“I want to try…” Followed by virtually anything, from a new sex position, to a new location, to a role-playing fantasy, to a bedroom game.

Let your imagination run wild and watch your sex life explode!

With some practice, saying sexy things to your guy will become easy and sensual. The more comfortable you get with it the more naturally it will come to you and you will find that even the simplest and most innocent things can sound playful and sexy.  You’ll quickly discover that when saying sexy things to your man, it’s how you say it (your body language, your smile, a gentle glance or touch) that matters most.

It’s a good idea to try to not go overboard with your sexy talk though, too much can actually desensitize your man and you won’t get the same powerful reaction. Sounding sexy can be exciting and hot when used appropriately, have fun with it and watch your man get aroused when you flirt with him tonight!

If you want to learn more about talking dirty to your boyfriend to turn him on and make sex more fun, then you may want to watch this dirty talking video tutorial where I go in depth on what to say and what types of dirty talk to use on your man depending on whether you want to build sexual tension, keep him thinking about you or build sexual tension. You can watch it here.

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