20+ Types of Sex You Could Be Having Right Now

types of sex

It’s strange that so many people view certain types of sex and even positions as default. We’re talking about missionary sex, of course! But there are hundreds of sex positions and dozens of types of sex, many of which are better at providing you with pleasure and helping you orgasm than the default missionary position.

Before we jump right into naming all the types of sex, we can brush up on the basic sex activities/types of sex.

  • Vaginal sex includes vaginal penetration (usually from a penis or sometimes by a toy).
  • Anal sex is all about anal penetration. Some men and women love it. Find out why.
  • Oral sex feels great because your partner’s mouth and tongue are on your most sensitive parts.
  • Manual sex refers to stimulation via hands and fingers.

For the sake of this post, recognize that any of the above sex activities may be involved. Read on to discover the types of sex you can try.

1. First Time Sex

First time sex can either mean your very first time or the first time you have sex with a new partner. Even if you’ve had plenty of experience, the anxiety of the situation and your unfamiliarity can lead to sex that’s awkward but will hopefully improve over time.

2. Making Love

This is the stereotypical type of sex that’s slow and gentle with plenty of eye contact and full-body contact. It’s hard to make love if you’re not in love, but when you get it right, you might feel as though you’re becoming one with your man.

3. Casual Sex

On the other end of the spectrum, you have casual sex. No feelings are necessary for hot sex like this. Maybe your partner is a friend, but maybe you’ve just met him. Either way, you don’t need to worry about who calls whom in the morning.

There are some pitfalls to casual sex, of course. Learn the 12 pros of casual sex, so you can decide whether you should do it anyway.

4. Drunk Sex

Drunk sex is a tricky subject. Many people drink to loosen up, and bars can be a good place to find a sex partner (although, they’re probably not the best if you’re looking for a long-term commitment).

But legally people cannot consent to drunk sex, and some people will ply people with drinks in hopes of getting them drunk so they’ll agree to sex when they otherwise wouldn’t have. The whole thing can get a little tricky, which is why you should read 13 things that might happen during drunk sex.

5. High Sex

High sex and drunk sex are both types of sex where consent is an issue. But many people get high to experience sex in a different way. Depending upon the drug, the sensations might be extra intense, time might appear to slow, or you might feel extra relaxed.

However, your reaction times may be slowed during high sex, or you may make poor decisions. You definitely don’t want to mess around with BDSM while someone is high!

6. Kinky Sex

There’s no one way to define what kinky is, but kinky sex tends to incorporate activities that people would find wild or strange. It can often lead to better orgasms, too! Get creative with these 25 kinky ideas.

7. Rough Sex

Rough sex is a particular type of sex and may be one of the types of sex that is considered kinky. Rough sex is fast and hard with hair pulling, biting or scratching. It’s neither gentle nor tender, and it doesn’t exemplify a loving connection to anyone who might view it. But it is passionate!

8. Morning Sex

sex types

Morning sex is a type of sex that takes advantage of your morning sleepiness, not to mention a few extra moments before you need to get ready for the day. You’re not quite awake, and it’s okay if your legs aren’t shaved, or you haven’t brushed your teeth. Morning sex tends to be more animalistic with less focus on the technical details. Discover other benefits of morning sex in this post.

9. Spontaneous Sex

Morning sex is often spontaneous, but it’s definitely not the only type of spontaneous sex. Any time you find yourself bending to the head of the moment, stripping out of your clothes and getting down and dirty with your man without planning, you’ve mastered spontaneous sex.  The lack of planning probably means there’s no time to grab toys or tie each other up, but it’s definitely hot!

10. Quickies

Much spontaneous sex winds up being a quickie. Perhaps it’s because you’re in public (more on that in a bit) or because someone could walk in at any moment. A quickie lacks finesse, but sometimes it’s just what you need to scratch that itch.. until you can have longer sex later!

Read: Quickies 101

11. Public Sex

Public sex is hot specifically because you could get caught. People have done it in cars, fitting rooms and movie theaters without getting caught. The risk lets adrenaline course through your body, but keep in mind that you could be arrested and charged if you are caught.

Wanna have public sex without the risk of arrest? Try sex in the woods.

12. Planned Sex

There are people who prefer all the other types of sex to planned sex, but we think they’re wrong. Sometimes you need to plan sex to make sure that you don’t wake up one day after having sexless weeks (or months) pass you by.

Planning sex can be fun, too, because you get to pick out what you’ll wear and play with, set the scene with music and candles and tease your man during the day leading up to your romp.

13. Vacation/Hotel Sex

If you’re planning a weekend away from your man, perhaps to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, then you’re planning sex in a way. It’s just so hot to fuck in a bed that you won’t have to make and to shirk your responsibilities for a few nights. Plus, having sex outside of the bedroom helps to break that boring routine.

Don’t forget to pack your favorite toys and lube (learn more about lube) before you leave for the hotel.

14. Sex Outside the Bedroom

types of rough sex

Like we said, moving outside the bedroom can breathe new life into your sex life so make sure to do it from time to time. Perhaps you can go down on your man while he plays video games or he sneaks up behind you when you’re in the kitchen. That’ll really turn up the heat. Even the laundry room can be a good place to have sex.

One particular type of sex we’d like to mention is bathroom sex, and it doesn’t even need to be in your own! Bathrooms are one of the few places in public where you’ll get a little privacy; although, no one knows how much. So you better be quick if you want to shag in the restroom!

15. Makeup Sex

You’ve had a big fight, but it’s over now. Makeup sex allows you to dispel any anger or frustration while showing that you remain committed to one another. It’s usually more intense than some types of sex because of the fight that preceded it, and this can be a good thing for your pleasure!

16. Breakup Sex

You’re breaking up; there’s no doubt about it. So what do you do? You have sex one more time, the last time.

Breakup sex can be bittersweet because you know that it’s the last time, but it can also be intense for the same reason. Give it all you got because this is it. You want to make sure he remembers you, perhaps enough to make him doubt whether the relationship should end.

17. Closure/One Last Time Sex

Have you ever run into an ex sometime after your breakup? You’re no longer in love with him, but there’s still some attraction and familiarity from before. Falling into bed is easy, and you may even need this one last go ’round to get some closure. But this is the last time – for real – and you’re both okay with that.

18. Hate/Anger Sex

This type of sex isn’t for everyone, and you’ll understand why if you keep reading. Hate sex happens between two people who don’t like each other but, for whatever reason, have sex chemistry. You might be trying to dominate one another or simply find yourself caught up in the moment.

It’s not right to say that this type of sex is devoid of emotion, but it’s definitely not loving and often isn’t a great idea in the end.

19. Cheating

Many people would consider cheating to be one of the types of sex that is a bad idea. One of you is in a relationship with the expectation of monogamy, but the two of you find yourselves in bed together. It might be only lust, or there could be feelings involved, but it’s definitely against the rules.

20. Revenge Sex

Sometimes it’s too hard to pass up the opportunity to seek revenge, and what revenge is warmer than some steamy sex? Whether you’re sleeping with someone’s boyfriend or husband to get back at her or you’re having sex with someone whose heart you plan to break, revenge is yours. Of course, it rarely works out as nicely as you’d like it to.

21. Taboo Sex

kinds of sex

The previous few types of sex can all be considered taboo sex, but there are definitely more types of this sex. There are a number of things that make having sex taboo, and many of these factors have to do with the relationship between the two people are are having sex. Taboo sex includes

  • Student and teacher sex
  • Sex with your boss or employee

The more conservative or prudish a person, the more he or she will consider a certain type of sex taboo. On the other hand, if you’re fairly sexually liberated, you might not consider most of these things to be taboo.

22. Period Sex

Here’s one of the types of sex that you might consider taboo; although, period sex is less of an issue than it once was. Period sex can be messy and uncomfortable, but it can also relieve cramps. Read more about period sex.

23. Shower Sex

If you want to avoid that mess when you have your period, why not hop into the shower with your man? There’s something sensual about soaping each other up as the water cascades down your bodies. Just be careful not to slip and fall, which would certainly bring an end to your steamy time.

24. Trying to Conceive Sex

If you’re trying to conceive, then the goal is to make a baby. This kind of sex might be timed to increase your chances of getting pregnant, and you might use lube that’s specifically sperm-friendly.

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of sex (and there may be some we even forgot!), it’s time to try them out. You could have sex nearly every day for a month without trying them all, and that would make a good game. Otherwise, you can keep your sex life interesting by occasionally trying a new type of sex.

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