21 Crystal Clear Signs He Enjoys Sex With You (Subtle & Obvious Signs)

There’s an old adage that men always enjoy sex. While there may be some truth to the idea, it’s also true that men can experience mediocre or just plain bad sex. How can you tell whether your man enjoyed it? These are the 21 signs that he really enjoyed it, whether it’s intercourse, a blow job, or something else. If you spot these signs, rest assured that your partner is having a good time in bed.
Update: After some feedback, I feel the need to clarify something about these 21 signs. Noticing one sign alone doesn’t always necessarily mean that he enjoys sex with you. However, if you notice two or three or more signs together then it’s increasingly likely that he enjoyed it. In other words, try to use common sense when interpreting these signs 🙂

1. He Gets Hard Easily

Is he ready to go for round two? That’s a great sign that he enjoyed the warmup and wants more!

Now, an erection alone isn’t the only thing you should go on. After all, young men can become hard when the wind blows. On the other hand, everything from depression to depression medication to weight to age can play a role in whether and how easily someone can become erect.

And if you haven’t done anything sexual yet, an erection might be nothing more than a sign he finds you sexy. So try not to read to much into this one without some of the following additional signs he likes it.

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2. He Can’t Wait to Have You

If your man is:

  • Slyly groping you in public
  • Fingering you in the car
  • Meeting you for a nooner over lunch
  • Unable to wait to get all your clothes off before penetrating you, then…

That carnal desire is a sure sign he enjoys you in bed. Here’s hoping you enjoy it just as much, which brings us to our next point.

3. He Doesn’t Push You For Sex

If you’re looking for a sign he enjoys making love to you and not necessarily just fucking, this is a good one. It shows that your pleasure is important, too, and that he’s not willing to sacrifice it just to scratch his sexual itch.

And yes, this contradicts my previous point somewhat (He Can’t Wait to Have You). However, you need to look at the wider context. If he is clearly restraining himself around you, trying to hold himself back from “jumping” you then you should read it as a sign that enjoys making love.

However if he is completely unengaged, then this is a negative sign, he may not be interested

Careful: Watch out for the signs that he is making love rather than simply having sex with you.

4. He Prioritizes Foreplay

When a guy really enjoys sex, he might want to make sure that his partner enjoys it just as much. How can he do that? By making plenty of time for foreplay–oral sex, kissing, fingering, and more–so that you’re super aroused for penetration.

Be careful with this, however… Sometimes guys like intercourse so much they rush over all the other fun stuff like a nice sensual massage. Plus, some people are giving partners even if it means sacrificing their own pleasure. Ideally, you’ll find partners who give as much as you do, ensuring you both have an amazing time.

5. He’s Vocal During Sex

Moans, groans, happy sighs, growls, and even panting can all indicate that a guy is having a great time. The more animalistic the sound, the more likely he’s making it subconsciously. He might not even be aware of how he sounds during sex!

Like other signs he enjoys sleeping with you, a quiet partner isn’t cause for alarm. Men are often quieter than women in bed. If you’d like to hear more from him, let him know how hot you think it would be if he let loose during sex.

You can also try dirty talk if sex is too quiet.

6. He Says Your Name

This could be a sign that you are sexually satisfying your man. He’s enjoying it and he wants you to know it. It can also be a good sign that he’s connecting with you on more than just a physical and sexual level. Sometimes people only do this when they have feelings for the person they’re in bed with.

7. He Grabs the Back of Your Head

Even though many people don’t like it when their partners grab the back of their head, thrust, or otherwise become a little rougher during sex, this is a surefire way how to tell if a guy is enjoying sex with. It feels so good that he wants to increase the intensity.

This is also true when giving your man a blow job.

8. He Compliments Your Skills

Whether he’s telling you generally how good it feels or he makes a point to compliment something specific you do in bed or when blowing him, take it to heart, and…

Keep doing those things!

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9. He Loves Giving You Pleasure

Some people like making their partners feel good so much that it’s almost a kink. Making you feel good makes them feel good. They might even be happy to focus solely on you without you touching their body. That sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

10. He Makes Eye Contact with You

Again, eye contact could be a sign that he likes it, but lack of eye contact isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some people look away or close their eyes when they’re having sex because the faces we make can be funny or unappealing.

Plus, some people prefer eye contact with romantic partners, so a friend with benefits might not make much eye contact even if they love having sex with you.

11. He Cums Easily

If he cums easily once you actually get down to business, there’s a good chance that he really likes it. Of course, if he’s been anticipating sexy times with you, hasn’t had an orgasm in some time, or is inexperienced, he might be more likely to cum easily.

Still, feel free to take credit and be flattered. You earned it!

12. He Has an Intense Physical Reaction

Have you ever had sex so good that you were winded afterward? Perhaps you briefly blacked out or your legs went wobbly when you stood up? If you found yourself speaking gibberish after an intense orgasm, you’re not the only one.

These physical signs he enjoyed sex are almost impossible to fake, which is how you know you can trust them when gauging his enjoyment.

13. He Doesn’t Jump Right Out of Bed

Whether he can’t walk yet or he’s simply basking in the afterglow, lounging in bed afterward is a strong sign the sex was good. It can also mean that he wants more than just sex. Pillow talk and cuddling might be signs of his romantic feelings toward you.

Still, you need to be careful because sex can really drain a guy and spending the night might be more about how zapped he is from the sex than any emotions.

As I mentioned at the start, this sign alone doesn’t necessarily indicate that he enjoyed sex with you. However if you notice it along with another sign (or multiple), then you can be pretty sure he enjoyed sex with you.

14. He’s Affectionate

Good sex can make us cover someone in kisses or say “I love you” sometimes when we don’t even mean to. The feelings of physical pleasure and rush of hormones are powerful!

And in a relationship, good sex has another layer because you care deeply for each other, So being affectionate during and after sex is, at the very least, a sign he enjoys being there in the moment.

15. He Kisses You

Kissing is one of those things that can have a lot of meaning. For some people, it’s reserved only for sex with romantic partners and not just casual sex. For others, it’s simply part and parcel of sex, especially great sex. You’ll need to pay attention to individual people to learn their preferences and the meaning of their signals.

As always, watch out for additional indications or signs that he is enjoying sex with you along with this one.

16. He Goes Down on You

We’ve already briefly touched on this. If he’s having an absolutely amazing time, he might want to return the favor. There’s no single way to do this, but one of the most obvious ways to show that he wants you to enjoy things is him wanting to go down on you.

17. He Wants to Try Out Your Fantasies

Along the same vein, a guy who is eager to give you more of what you want in bed may be super impressed with how good it feels to be with you and want more of that–or to give you more. Opening up about fantasies can indicate a deep level of trust and comfort, too.

Plus, discussing sexual fantasies is like saying “I plan to have sex with you again (and again)!”

18. He Tells You That He Enjoyed It

Pretty obvious, right?

When your guy tells you that he likes having sex with you or even that you’re the best he’s ever had, believe him. Especially if he brings up the subject.

On the other hand, if you bring it up and he thinks it might be some sort of trap, he might say something like this to avoid hurting your feelings.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up sex, try something new, or have even better sex than you are now, maybe try having a conversation about your shared sex life rather than forcing him to grade your sexual skills.

19. He Wants to Have Sex Again

We all know what those “You up?” texts really mean…

So if he sends them, he’s definitely interested in having sex again. If you also had a good time, there’s no reason not to give it another go, whether it’s just a fling or turns into something more.

Similarly, if he makes plans to hook up again before the night is even done, you know he enjoyed himself (the same rule applies when you make plans for the second date on the first date). You can let yourself feel good if he’s already adding you to his future calendar.

And if he wants a second round in the same night, you know it’s gotta be good. But don’t worry if he’s one and done. Because of the refractory period, it can take guys from a few hours to a few days to get hard again. He’s just gotta recharge.

20. He Calls You Afterward

When a guy knows what he wants and doesn’t play games, you’ll know that he wants you. He’ll call or text you without waiting for some silly 3-day rule. After all, why waste time when you could be having more amazing sex?!

It’s also the perfect time to have phone sex.

21. He Brags About How Good You Are

If a guy can’t help but brag about your skills in bed, perhaps to make others jealous, you can be sure he likes having sex with you.

It’s not always a good thing when a guy talks about his partner to others, however.

You might prefer that he doesn’t share details of your sex life. He might also exaggerate as guys sometimes do when boasting with friends. You definitely don’t want to read too much into this sort of locker room talk.

What If You Don’t See These 21 Signs?

You may not have noticed any of these 21 signs and are still wondering if he enjoys sleeping with you.

That’s completely understandable.

But you don’t have to watch out for these signs or try to be a mindreader. There’s a clear way to find out what he likes and what he’d like better: talk to him.

This shows that you care about his sexual pleasure.

Now that you know the signs of a sexually satisfied man, you might be feeling pretty confident and secure. But just because you don’t see very many of these signs, don’t start worrying yet.

Everyone is different, and some men are harder to read. That’s why talking is important if you want to know if a guy is enjoying your blow job or hand job or sex or roleplay. Communication can only make your sex life better!

Do you think we missed any signs he enjoyed having sex? What about your partner–how do you know he enjoyed it?  Let us know in the comments!

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