There’s no doubt that songs played during a lap dance in a strip club are aimed at setting a hot and steamy mood; if they didn’t, what would the point be? Why not take advantage of this by finding the perfect lap dance song?

Whether you’re just trying to set a hot, steamy mood while getting intimate or if you want to try performing a seductive lap dance for your partner, this list of popular lap dance music will make the whole experience more intense for both you and your man.


Whether it’s a beat that makes you want to move, lyrics that really speak to you and seduce the mind, with the singer’s growly or breathless voice, or the music itself just does it for you, these awesome suggestions will help you find the perfect lap dance songs to help seduce your partner.

  1. I Just Wanna Love U – Jay Z:With a good beat and lyrics that get the point across, this song works well for a more sedate pace, when you want seduction instead of a quick wham, bam, thank you ma’am.
  2. Poison – Bell Biv Devoe:With a great combination of a slower beat and sexy, sensuous lyrics from this awesome group, you’ll get it on without throwing your hips out, all while playing up all your assets.
  3. Kiss – Prince:What a classic! No wonder Julia Roberts was singing along in “Pretty Woman”; this lap dance song has an awesome playful tone to it with a good beat.
  4. How Do You Want It – Jodeci and 2pac:With a slower beat, awesome suggestive lyrics and swinging instrumentals that make you want to swing and sway, this song is perfect for lap dancing or stripping for your man.
  5. Freak Like Me – Adina Howard:With swinging instrumentals and a slower beat more in tune with seduction than fast movement, this lap dance song will help you and your partner get it on.
  6. I’m Too Sexy – Red Said Fred:Not just the signature song of models worldwide, this 90’s hit gives you a fun beat to move to. Make it a little more fun by alternating taking off your clothes and then your partner’s. Don’t be surprised if you both burst out laughing though, this song really is quite ridiculous!
  7. No Diggity – Blackstreet:Is a seriously strong beat, smooth male voices and awesome lyrics enough to get it on for you? No Diggity gets into some serious fun talking about how a guy can be completely wrapped up in an awesome lady.
  8. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC:Really, what more can be said? Great beat, awesome lyrics and that growly voice as Brian Johnson sings the praises of a fabulous lady.
  9. Put Em on the Glass – Sir Mix-a-Lot:If you like combining sensuous movement with a fast beat, this is your perfect lap dance song. Also, if you like mixing in some fast bellydancing moves, you’ll both love “Put Em on the Glass”.
  10. I Wanna Sex You Up – Color Me Badd:With lyrics that drip suggestive seduction, this classic has a good beat without being overbearing. Put this in your playlist for some awesome, old-school music to playact to. For more on suggestive and dirty lines you can say to your man to turn him on and build sexual tension.
  11. Sweet Dreams Are Made of This – Eurythmics:This is a much faster song than almost all the rest of the ones I’ve mentioned here, which is great if you really want to amp up the energy of your lap dancing for the night. Thankfully the alternating beat between the verses and chorus gives you a chance to recover a bit.
  12. Wild Thing – Tone Loc:If old-school hip-hop is the thing that helps you get it on, Wild Thing’s strong beat and suggestive lyrics will put your partner into heat while giving you swinging instrumentals to move it to.
  13. Slow Ride – Foghat:If classic rock is the way you roll, this is one of the best lap dance songs for you! With a moderate beat and hard-hitting, growling guitars, it’ll help you get it on.
  14. Naughty Girl – Beyonce:For a slow and sensuous feeling to your evening, Beyonce’s soaring, breathless vocals blend beautifully with a seductive backbeat and instrumentals. If you want to mix in some fusion bellydancing moves, this is an amazing song with some middle eastern touches.
  15. You Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer:Is the message you’re trying to get across one of restraint (at least for the moment)? This classic gives you a more moderate beat and fun lyrics to play with.
  16. Closer – Nine Inch Nails:Ready to get down and dirty? Closer’s explicit, erotic lyrics, solid beat and grinding instrumentals do an amazing job of bringing out your inner beast.
  17. Freak Me – Silk:If you need to slow it down, this is awesome lap dance music! Seductive lyrics, awesome vocals and magical instrumentals combine to give you a fabulous slow dance.
  18. Ride – Ciara: If you want something a little different, Ride gives you ethereal instrumentals, a strong, slower beat and floating vocals. This is great for a slow down when you still want a strong song backing you up.
  19. Legs – ZZ Top:Are high heels and long legs just the thing for you or your partner? This lap dance song gives you a chance to show them off to some awesome classic rock with a strong beat, growly vocals and awesome instrumentals.
  20. Do Me Baby – Prince:There’s something to be said for the timeless classics. With a slow, seductive beat, intense lyrics and awesome instrumentals, a lap dance to this song will make your partner want to take its advice.
  21. Hold it Against Me – Britney Spears:If you’re looking for something more pop than hip-hop, rap or rock, this is a great lap dance song. Have some serious fun with the smooth beat and suggestive lyrics to pump up your partner’s libido.
  22. Rock the Cradle of Love – Billy Idol:Like to dance fast? The fast tempo on this growling rock hit helps you set a fast pace when you need your partner in the mood, right now.

These songs aren’t perfect choices for everyone; some people just really prefer softer, romantic or classical music, jazz or ballads. But if these songs do work well for you and your partner, they can add a whole new level of heat to getting intimate together.

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