25 Intense Songs To Make Love To & Have Better Sex

music to make love toWhen preparing for a romantic evening in, there is a lot you can do to prepare the atmosphere for a seriously dreamy, fulfilling experience. Light some softly scented candles, turn the lights down low and maybe light some incense.

The ambient lighting and enticing smell in the air is a good beginning, but what will really set the tone for the evening is the music. Plan ahead and make your own mix of the best songs to make love to so you can play them in the background as you romance the pants off of your significant other. What you want is basically a soundtrack of the best love making songs to “enhance the romance”.

The candles and incense will add to the atmosphere, but the right choice of song to have sex to is what will make your evening epic.

You and your partner may have different tastes in music, but have no fear. Pick songs that you know you both like or even make the music mix together as part of the fun. Some of the best songs to make love to have no words at all, but are arrangements of different acoustic sounds, ambient sounds or purely instrumentals.

If you want the evening to be soft and low key, perhaps some harp music will bring out the affectionate side to you both. If you think he might like a more playful and upbeat evening, Latin music is a good, energetic choice. Whichever genre you pick, think about playing it through dinner to start getting both of you in the mood.

There are other reasons to have a soundtrack of the best songs to make love to, especially if either of you is self-conscious about the sounds you make while making love…by the way everyone makes these sounds, it’s nothing to be worried about!

Having the right music in the background can ease your mind and ensure that the both of you stay relaxed and focused on the purpose of the evening, which is to enjoy each other to the fullest in the most romantic setting possible. This is another reason to work together to make a compilation of music for your evening.

The last thing you want is for a song to come on that one or both of you dislike. Remember, the best song to make love to are songs you both can relax and enjoy, not necessarily these suggestions below…although they are pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. So here they are, 20 great songs to make love to

1. Kanasando (Rebirth Mix)

Kanasando is the Okinawan word for “Love.” This song has a soft beat with a bit of an Asian feel to it and the lyrics are sung in Japanese/Okinawan dialect. This exotic piece of music is definitely one of the best songs to make love to.

2. Chair by Ganga

This song has a background of light guitar but with an interesting synthesized element mixed with violin and subtle vocals. It is considered to be in the “world music” genre and fits most musical tastes.

3. The Alkemyst by Dos Hombres

This song has a very seductive beat that will have your bodies moving in ways you didn’t expect. The Latin influence is in the guitar parts. There are very few lyrics to this song, which are mostly comprised of whispers in a female voice. At the very least, this song makes you want to dance seductively but we are hoping your evening takes a turn for the best and this song becomes a favorite song to have sex to.

4. Cold Winter by Quicksound

This track has a very seductive back beat to it with soft female vocals. The vocals are minimal, with the focus on the beat and flute in the background. This song is very exotic yet playful. If this song doesn’t put you in the mood to get naked and have sex, nothing will. In the middle of the song the beat completely stops, leaving you breathless with anticipation and when it come back, you will find your love making energy all the more intense.

5. Straight to Number One (Suncatcher’s Remix) by Touch and Go

By far, this is the BEST song to have sex to. The seductive beat is the background to a female vocalist who leads your partner step by step in ways to please you. She starts at ten and counts backwards, leading “straight to number one,” which is of course, the ultimate act of sexual pleasure. Kissing on the lips, running fingers through your hair and touching are just some of the steps leading “straight to number one.” You’re welcome.

6. Essarai by Cantoma

This track is a mixture of seducing beats and lyrics in a combination of English and Cantonese. The background is upbeat and has a Latin flavored influence with guitar and drums making this is a great song to have sex to.

7. Whatever Lola Wants by Sarah Vaughn

sexy songs to make love to

There is a very definite French influence to this track. The French, of course, being some of the most romantic people on earth know how to put together the best songs to make love to. The lyrics are a female vocal, singing “I always get what I aim for, and your heart and soul is what I came for.” “You’re no exception to the rule, I’m irresistible you fool, give in!”

8. Bumba (Stereo Sax Mix) by Perfect Sense

Bumba is an upbeat piece sprinkled with saxophone and a lively drum beat. The female vocals are subtle and the overall feel is world beat mixed with African drumming. The saxophone steals the show on this track.

9. The Way You Dream by 1 Giant Leap

This song is soft and slow with guitar and very light percussion. The lyrics start out with a female vocal sung in beautiful Arabic but then the voice of Michael Stipe (of R.E.M.) comes in with “I love the way you dream, one for me, one for you, one for me. Even if there’s only one thing I want for you, I love the way you dream.”Beautiful and one of the best love making songs ever recorded.

10. Bushes by 1 Giant Leap

This song starts out very slowly, building to an exotic lyric and beat mixture. The language spoken is an Indian dialect with a trance/mantra vibe.It builds, adding a male vocal also in an Indian dialect but with distinctively African drum beats.

The male is calling to the spirits, making his song an offering to the Gods. Then the trance breaks and goes into a full on tribal mantra and the lyrics switch to an African sound. There are regular breaks in the song that give you a moment to catch your breath and build your anticipation again for the next round. “Bushes” is a great song to have sex to.

11. Erotica by Karma Zoo

This instrumental has a laid back beat and features an electric lead guitar which in itself is sexy. There are no lyrics, just seductive and relaxing music, making this a great song to have sex to.

12. Lounge Time (Love Making Music) by Summer of Cream

This instrumental features a soft but energetic back beat with guitar, organ and horns. This track is timeless and very romantic. The trumpet gives it an old school feel but when mixed with the guitar solos truly makes this a song anyone would love to get romantic to.

13. Musica Sensual by Love Ibiza

songs to make love to

This track is a bit longer than some of the others on the list. With a definite soul vibe and killer bass line, this truly is one of the best songs to make love to. This track has no lyrics, but takes you on a musical trip of chill, relaxation and romanticism. Pair this with a bottle of wine and you have the all the ingredients you need for romantic success.

14. Sexy Lady by Playa del Mar

What strikes you first about this song is the deep base guitar part and rhythmic percussion throughout the song. It is an instrumental piece and will appeal universally to any music lover. It is perfect for background music for you and your honey to get your passion on.

15. Erotic Moments by Erotic Pussycat

Well if the title doesn’t convince you, the music will. This song will have sexual energy oozing out of your speakers. Also an instrumental, this song needs no lyrics to explain what it’s all about. The sensual beats, guitar parts and percussion are in all the right places to convey to your honey what is really on your mind. This is one of the best songs to make love to.

16. Sexual Healing by Sueno de Ibiza

Purely instrumental, this song combines a rhythmic percussion with a softly synthesized tune. The guitar gives it a Spanish feel, but it is very subtle. The beat is consistent throughout the song and overall it is very pretty musically. This love making song has universal appeal.

17. Abysmal Circumstance by Kama Sutra Beach Club

Abysmal Circumstance is kind of a funny name for a song that is so sexually charged. It is not abysmal in the least. Perhaps the bluesy vibe of the song explains the title but the beat and melody are very enchanting.

18. Ibiza by The Boat Party

Ibiza 2013 is an upbeat song with great percussion and saxophone parts. It is an instrumental that also includes some Carlos Santana-like guitar parts so if you or your honey are into sexy guitar solos, Ibiza 2013 is one of the best love making songs you can have on your mix list.

19. Chill Lounge Bar by Buddha Spirit

best love making songs

This song starts out slow with just a guitar playing softly. Then the jazzy beat joins in with the percussion and together the mix is a perfect song to have sex to. Chill Lounge Bar is also one of those songs that would be great to listen to after your lovemaking as you lie in each other’s arms and enjoy the blissful afterglow of your romantic encounter.

20. Erotic Moments by Joe Pacino

This song starts out with the sound of a bubbling stream and leads into a wonderful guitar melody.The percussion is very light in this track with most of the focus on the different types of guitar phrases throughout the piece. Erotic Moments has a very positive and romantic vibe and is definitely one of the best love making songs.

Love Making Songs You Wouldn’t Expect

But you don’t that there are a whole range of ‘unexpected’ songs to make to as well. Here are five

  1. One by Metallica
  2. Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor
  3. Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson
  4. Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles
  5. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker

What about you? Are there any songs or playlists that you would like to see added to this list?

Premade Internet Playlists

best songs to have sex to

As far as ready-made playlists go, Spotify playlists are a great resource, and is Internet based which means you can stream it through your phone to your stereo system, or if you have a Smart TV just route it through there.

Pandora is another Internet-based application that plays an awesome variety of music to suit any occasion or musical tastes. You simply create a station for one of your favorite romantically inclined artists and Pandora selects the playlist for you. TIP: invest in a Pandora One subscription, as it is 100% commercial free. Nothing kills a romantic mood like a commercial for McDonald’s.

Pandora has Pandora Radio which includes mostly instrumental melodies that are soulful, relaxing and includes an endless stream of the best songs to make love to.

Sirius XM also has a channel for love songs and soft favorites from artists you will recognize and fall in love to. No, you don’t need to make love in the car to enjoy Sirius XM; it is also Internet based. But you can if you want to… [wink]. Speaking of making love in the car, here’s a full guide on the very subject.

After you make your playlist, you could burn a copy to a CD for your sweetie or just send them a link to your playlist.

They will then be able to replay it anytime and remember the awesome night you two spent together. Be sure to make a copy for yourself as well. Who knows, your mix CD may become one of your favorites and every time you hear it, whether you are with your honey or not, you will be able to relive the memories you created just by hearing the music again.

And isn’t that what music is supposed to be? A soundtrack for our lives? So make that playlist today. You’ll be so glad you did.

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