29 Twisted Sex Facts….Backed Up By Actual Science

sex factsFor the last three weeks, we’ve been scouring hundreds of scientific journals to find the most insane facts about sex that are fully backed up by peer-reviewed, scientific papers. No bull, just weirdness…prepare to have your mind blown!

#1: Broke guys like big boobs, rich guys like ’em itty-bitty.

A study from 2013 discovered that rich men preferred women with small breasts, while poor men liked them big. So if you happen to be a poor girl chasing after a rich sugar daddy, then you may want to invest in a breast reduction.

#2: The cure for premature ejaculation in men is…getting really fat and unhealthy.

In 2010, this study found out something both wonderful and weird. It discovered that men who were obese lasted a lot longer in bed, 438 seconds to be precise while their healthier counterparts only lasted 108 seconds. So if you think your man is reaching orgasm too quickly, he should stop exercising and start eating some junk food.

Thanks Science!

#3: Rich men are better in bed.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Bizarrely, it’s true

According to this study from 2009, the higher a man’s income is, the more often his female partner will orgasm during sex. So if you are a girl and are wondering how you can have more orgasms during sex, start thinking about becoming a gold digger!

#4: BDSM stops you being neurotic…

Scientists finally decided to delve into the fun world of BDSM and see if practitioners of BDSM were as weird as pastors, priests and clergymen around the world would have you believe…Well, it turns out they were mentally healthier than your average Joe & Jane on the street. Noticeably they were less neurotic…so if you find yourself getting worried about every little thing, you may want to try avoid the Xanax and try BDSM instead.

#5: Some women orgasm when giving birth….it’s literally called orgasmic birth:

When nurses and midwives were surveyed, it was found that 0.3% of births resulted in the woman giving birth reaching orgasm. Sounds like a much more enjoyable way to give birth than all the screaming and pain usually associated with it!

#6: Incredible sex gives you memory loss.

A very small percentage of women can orgasm so hard that they get amnesia and can’t even remember what happened. It’s called transient global amnesia and like all these sex facts it’s backed up with scientific reports.

#7: Beastiality gives you penis cancer.

In case you needed another reason not to have sex with animals, beastiality is associated with a much higher risk of contracting penis cancer. Here’s the study.

#8: Semen prevents suicide in women!

In a study from 2002, it was found that women who had sex without using a condom were less depressed and less suicidal… although it’s probably not the best reason to give your boyfriend when you don’t want him to wear condoms.

#9: Women don’t give a crap about penis size…but guys do!

So it’s official: 85% of women are satisfied with their man’s penis size. One really interesting finding from this study is just how insecure they found men to be…only 55% of guys are satisfied with the size of their own penis. Guys, get over yourselves…seriously!

#10: Have sex more often and you will become richer.

weird sex facts

According to this study from 2013, people who have sex 4 or more times per week have higher wages than those who have less sex.


The study showed a correlation (although not a causation) between peoples wages and the number of times they had sex per week. Those who did it more often earned more! Why? The author suggests it’s because sex makes you happy and healthy which in turn helps you perform better at work.

#11: Cycling can kill his penis.

Another reason to prevent your man dressing up in Lycra…..In multiple studies, it’s been shown that cycling too much massively increases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in men. Another great reason for men to stay lazy.

#12: Guys are more likely to help you if you have big breasts.

A study from 2007 confirmed the old stereotype of men coming to the aid of a big busted woman instead of helping a small busted woman in equal distress.

#13: Misogynist a-holes prefer big breasts.

Previously we learned that poor guys have a love for large breasts…well it turns out that so do misogynist jerks too. Sadly, it means that if you are a large breasted women, you are going to spend more time fighting off poor, women hating losers than your small breasted sisters.

#14: Men are more likely to go down on you if they think you’re cheating.

So according to this study from 2013, men are who believe you are going to cheat are more likely to go down on you and perform oral sex. So the moral of the story is…If you want your man to go down on your more, you should make him think you may cheat…sounds like a bad idea to me…

#15: 62% of women have consensual non-consent fantasies.

Sometimes I get emails from women telling me that they are ashamed of their consensual non-conent fantasies. They shouldn’t be, it just a fantasy and according to a study in the University of North Texas, 62% of women have had a consensual non-consent fantasy. Some people refer to consensual non-consent by it’s more inappropriate terms: rape roleplay or rape fantasy.

#16: Men can smell when you’re ovulating.

The funny thing about this is that they don’t sniff you and say “Ah-ha, you’ve dropped an egg!” No instead, they just think you smell better according to this study from 2001.

#17: Women with wide hips are sluttier…

After performing a survey on women and measuring their hip widths, researchers discovered that women with wider hips had more one night stands and more sexual partners…but is that really such a big deal? Speaking of having more sexual partners.

#18: Artists are sluts too!

When a large group of artists were studied, it was found that artists (both men and women) have many more sexual partners than non-artists.

#19: Smoking shrinks his penis…

When scientists decided to investigate what happens when men quit smoking, they decided to focus on the penis. Here’s what they found:

When men quit smoking, their penises get bigger. So if you smoke, then you are shrinking your penis!

#20: Smoking can also stop his penis working altogether:

Scientists studied over 2,000 men and discovered that smokers were much more likely to have erectile dysfunction. So if you want to keep having great sex with your man, you may want to stop him smoking.

#21: Finally…the average size of a man’s erect penis in the USA is….5.6 inches (14.15 cm).

After studying lots of men’s erect penises, researchers finally concluded that the average size of a guy’s penis, in the USA, when erect is…5.6 inches (14.15 cm). So if you’re guy has skewed perceptions on what’s normal and what’s not, he finally has an answer.

#22: Longer penises give women more orgasms…

But that’s only according to the women who say they prefer longer penises…

#23: Men aren’t the only ones that can have premature orgasms…

facts about sex

According to this paper, 40% of women have reported having a premature orgasm, where afterwards they have little interest in continuing sex. So it’s not just guys that suffer from premature orgasms then.

#24: Squirting is officially a thing.

Scientists, researchers and everyday folk have been debating whether or not squirting exists for years…well there is finally confirmation. This paper in Sexual Medicine from 2010 reviewed 2,000 years of historical records and concluded, that yes, squirting is officially a thing….an awesome thing.

#25: 40% of women have experienced sexual pleasure while exercising, with many reaching orgasm…

When Indiana University researchers ran a survey, they discovered that 40% of women had enjoyed at least some form of sexual pleasure while exercising. They found that weightlifting was the most common cause of sexual pleasure, but yoga wasn’t far behind.

#26: Between 250 and 1000 people die in the US each year due to autoerotic asphyxiation.

It’s hard to get concrete facts on the number of deaths that occur due to autoerotic asphyxiation…after all, who is going to announce at a funeral that their husband died from autoerotic asphyxiation during masturbation when they can just say he had a heart attack. Researchers have pegged the number of deaths from autoerotic asphyxiation between 250 and 1000 in the US alone. Scary!

#27: If you want to delay your kids from having sex, then educate them!

Scared that Little Timmy or Little Suzy is going to lose her virginity at a young age? It turns out that if you actually teach your kids about sex and safe sex, they will wait longer before doing it. Problem solved…sort of.

#28: Only 29% of women always orgasm during sex…while 75% of men always ‘cross the finish line’…

In case your man needed more encouragement to learn how to better please you, he should know that only 29% of women orgasm every time they have sex, while the vast majority of men always orgasm.

#29: Only 10% of women orgasm during a one night stand 🙁

If you have trouble reaching orgasm on a one night stand, then don’t worry, it’s pretty normal. Sex in a committed relationship will make it much, much easier.

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