3 New Ways To Keep Your Vagina Forever Young

1. Kick up the kegels.

Doing your kegel exercises and building the PC muscles are great for women who haven't been able to get there or want to achieve orgasm faster, according to Dr Emily 

"These are the exact muscles that are responsible for the contractions you feel during climax so it makes sense to give them a workout. The problem is, so many women don't remember to do them, even though you can do them anywhere."

 Doing kegels while you masturbate enhances your experience and if you squeeze them during intercourse it can increase pleasure for both of you.


2-Have More sex

The more sex you have, the more stimulation and increased blood flow you have to your vagina, says Dr. Morse. Blood flow is crucial for women to enhance lubrication and to enhance orgasms.


3- Use Mild soap when cleaning.

Labial tissue is very sensitive, and intense or harsh soaps can dry or irritate your vagina.  Use cleansers that are free of fragrances and dyes, , and don't wash abrasively.


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