3 Super Hot Ways To Pleasure Your Man Every Time

how to pleasure a guy

Knowing how to pleasure a man is vital. If you are in a relationship with a guy that you click with and have lots of fun with, but can’t satisfy him fully in bed, then you are going to have a problem. There is a fairly big chance that he may cheat on you if you don’t know how to pleasure him properly. So what should you do?

This article will give you a great outline of the different tactics, techniques and things you can do to properly pleasure your man every single time. However, I would also recommend that you dig a little deeper into The Bad Girls Bible to learn more specific techniques to please your man with, whether they are different blowjob techniques or tips on talking dirty or even learning how to give your man a handjob. So what do you need to focus on in order to fully pleasure your man in bed?

1. Your Attitude

Your attitude is the most important part. You can know all the techniques in the world, but if you don’t have the right attitude, then your man will be left feeling far less satisfied that he could potentially be. So what is the right attitude? The truth is that different guys like different things. But the most important part for your attitude is that your man knows you enjoy having sex with him and being around him. So let him know that when you are with him, especially when you are alone with him and having sex. This means that you need to be at least a little vocal during sex.

It also means that you need to be an active participant during sex with your man. This can range from being the one who takes control during sex to something a lot more subtle like grabbing his back and scratching it when you’re having sex. The last thing you want to do is just lie there while your man does everything.

2. Variation, Variation, Variation

how to pleasure a man

Variation is absolutely vital to pleasuring your man in bed. A lot of students that I talk to initially have 1 or 2 killer moves that they use on their man in bed. You may think that 1 or 2 great moves is all you need. Unfortunately you are completely wrong. 1 or 2 great moves is not nearly enough. Worse still, if you use them too often, then your man will quickly get bored of them.

This is why variation is so important. By constantly trying new things with your man in bed, you will slowly build up an encyclopedic knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work with him. Even in just a few short months, you will quickly build up a repertoire of killer techniques that you can use to fully pleasure your guy in bed. If you are ever stuck for ideas on what to try with your man, just browse The Princess Fantasy and you’ll find information on a massive range of things, whether it’s something as normal as making your guy cum hard, or a little bit more ‘out there’ like breastfeeding your man.

So hopefully, I’ve made it clear just how important variation is to pleasuring your man in bed. If you are serious about improving your sex life (and your man’s), then you will try to incorporate it.

Caveat: But don’t go overboard. You may be really fired up after reading this article to constantly try new things with your man. Great! But don’t forget to keep what works and use that too. When you find a new technique or strategy or tactic, make sure to remember it and use it again on your man from time to time.

Lastly, just to be clear, you can apply variation to every aspect of sex: From changing between having a quickie to having long, slow and passionate sex, or changing where you have sex or changing what positions you use during sex or even changing what you wear or what music you listen to during sex.

3. Get Great Advice From Trusted Sources

how to pleasure your man

If you have ever talked to your friends about how they pleasure their men, then you will have gotten all kinds of advice from them, some good, some bad, some in between. Sometimes all this advice can be a little confusing and it can be hard to tell which advice is best. If you are serious about improving your sex life though, you’ll only be happy with awesome advice that really works. 

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