Learning how to arouse a man is not rocket science. It’s a lot easier than you’d think. Below are some of the most crucial things to do and consider if you want to turn your man on.

 how to arouse a man


Touch is probably the most powerful way to turn your man on. The really great thing about touching your man to turn him on is that you can be really subtle about it. You don’t have to grab his ass or anything over the top. You can do much more subtle things. The key is to start off with very light, incidental touching while talking to him and then slowly ramp up how physical you get with him.


When you first starting touching your man, you need to do it lightly. It could be gently grabbing his arm as you are making a point. Or it could be by softly touching him on the hand when trying to get his attention. The key is to do it gently and not linger, so that it’s not too obvious.


Next, you’ll want to ramp things up a bit. When you can see that your man is comfortable with you touching him, try doing it more often. Also try touching him for longer periods of time. Instead of solely touching him on his arm or hand, start to touch him around his legs, chest and shoulders as well.
To make the physical contact more enjoyable for both of you, make sure to make eye contact with your man while doing it.


When you can see that your man is comfortable with you touching him for prolonged amounts of time, it’s time to ramp it up so that you are really turning him on. Start touching your man around the more sensitive areas of his body. Try focusing on his inner legs, neck, face and back. But instead of just resting your hand on him, try stroking and rubbing these areas…he will love it and it will really turn him on.

The key to touching your man to turn him on is to start off quite slowly and relaxed and slowly increase how much touching you are doing, all the while making sure that your man is enjoying it and is comfortable with it.


What you say to your man (& how you say it) is also crucial if you want to turn him on. I have written an entire section on how to talk dirty to your man, but here is a quick breakdown on what you should focus on if you want to arouse your man with what you say:


I thought this was obvious, but many students of the Bad Girls Bible still make the mistake of talking about boring, dull and mundane topics. This will do the opposite of turning him on and arousing him. It will put him to sleep. A great topic to focus on if you want to arouse him is….him. Simply asking a guy about himself is the perfect reason to compliment and subtly tell him what you think of him. A great way to prepare for this is to think up of 3-7 interesting questions you could ask him about himself now before you are hanging out with him.


Once your man is comfortable talking about himself and you have complimented him a few times, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Rather than rewriting them here, you should check out these dirty talking phrases and examples on how to talk dirty. Just remember, when talking dirty you need to start off slow to see if he likes it.


I don’t like sugar coating things and giving people false hope. Looks are important to guys. But luckily you have a huge amount of control over your looks. You can tone up your body in the gym, you can wear clothes that show off the best parts of your body, you can change you hairstyle and you can change your look with make up.

Now I am definitely not advocating that you become stick thin and wear slutty clothes and make up to arouse your man. But what I am saying is that even small changes in how you look can really turn your man on.


A great way to arouse your man is to take control. Not everytime, but sometimes. Taking control does not mean tying him to the bed and whipping him, it just means leading the interaction. So this could be choosing what to do one evening or where to hangout.

Or it could mean that when you are both alone, you physically take things to the next level. This could be by doing something physical like stroking his leg while watching TV or initiating the kiss with him, or leading him to the bedroom. You may be a little nervous doing this at first, but for a lot of guys it is massively arousing when a girl takes control.As you can see, there are a lot of different factors to consider when trying to arouse a guy. Different things arouse different guys, so don’t solely rely on just one thing to arouse your man, try all of them and see what works best for you.

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