4 Techniques to Have a Mind-Altering Cervical Orgasm

cervical orgasm

How many types of orgasm can you name? And how many do you have? Many women struggle to just have one, the clitoral orgasm. You may have mastered that and the G-spot orgasm, but have you heard of the cervical orgasm?

Your cervix is the entry between your uterus and vagina [1], just as you can see in the diagram above. It’s too small for a penis to enter [2] but quite elastic [3] – enough to allow menstrual blood to pass through as well as an infant’s head during childbirth.

The cervix is located between at the end of the vagina between 3 and 7 inches deep [4]. It might feel like a tiny donut if you or your partner touch it with your fingers. Some people describe touching it like touching the tip of a nose. Just in front of the cervix sits the A-spot, another pleasurable spot.

The cervix dilates during childbirth [5, 6, 7] and your period [8] and can be made to dilate during IUD insertion [9, 10]. All of those things can be pretty uncomfortable so you might not be too keen on playing around up there. But your cervix can lead to great pleasure if you spend a little time waking it up.

Cervix position

Did you know that your cervix tends to sit lower around your period? This might make cervical stimulation easier. However, the cervix also tends to be harder during these times so you may find it more uncomfortable to try to have a cervical orgasm then.

Warning: some women find that cervical stimulation actually releases emotions. So don’t be alarmed if you find yourself experiencing some feelings you didn’t expect.

Still, not everyone woman enjoys having their cervix touched, according to sex educator Carol Queen:

Some people find this kind of stimulation unerotic, neutral, unpleasant or painful—so the cervix isn’t a magical hidden pleasure point, at least not for everyone.

You know your cervix better than anyone, of course!

Your Cervix And Pleasure?

According to the Taoists, the cervix is the third gateway, after the clit and G-spot. Of course, it’s literally the “gate” between your uterus and vagina, and it serves its primary purpose during childbirth. But can your cervix be a source of pleasure? We certainly think so!

Some cultures believe that there is an irrevocable connection between your cervix and your body, which is precisely what makes a cervical orgasm so amazing. And sex educators such as Annie Sprinkle are among those who have been able to have a cervical orgasm. She even lists this as one of seven types of female orgasm.

How Cervical Orgasms Differ

fingering cervix

You’ve probably heard someone describe clitoral orgasms differently from G-spot or even cervical orgasms. Clitoral orgasms tend to feel “shallow,” which means they’re focused on the outside of your body. The come and go quickly, and they’re centered at your clit. Some people go so far as to call them “immature.” Now, we think all orgasms are pretty awesome so we wouldn’t say that. But many women do report that cervical orgasms feel better than the other types of orgasms.

While G-spot orgasms might be deeper, cervical orgasms tend to radiate throughout the entire body. Muscles contractions are deeper, closer to your stomach. Cervical orgasms can produce wave-like sensations.

Some women feel exhausted after this type of orgasm in a way that doesn’t happen with a clitoral orgasm – like when a man comes and is down for the count.

A cervical orgasm may be much longer than you’re used to. For some women, it may be possible to have multiple cervical orgasms, too. It’s no wonder why you might want to try it!

If you read elsewhere about cervical orgasms, you might find some of the personal accounts and anecdotes to be a bit “New Age.” Some practitioners say that absolutely every woman can have one, but that’s a bold statement. Comparing an orgasm to taking ecstasy is also setting the bar pretty high, and some people simply don’t want to mess around with Taoism or Tantric sex or anything else that might seem far out.

It’s totally cool if those ideas don’t apply to you, and you want to experiment – just like it’s cool if you do want that type of experience. The information below will help you get closer to your goal!

How to Achieve Cervical Orgasm

how to have a cervical orgasm

1. Plenty of Foreplay

If you’ve only associated cervical contact with discomfort in the past, then you might be understandably wary about trying for a cervical orgasm. One way to make things more pleasurable is to make sure you warm up with plenty of foreplay. Ask your man for a sensual massage. He can go down on you or finger you. Perhaps you’ll already have had intercourse before you even try to access your cervix. Either way, make sure to use plenty of lube, too.

All of this should help you relax and get adequately aroused, which is essential to the cervical orgasm!

2. The Right Positions

Deep penetration is key to the cervical orgasm. While the G-spot might lie just a few inches inside your vagina [11, 12], the cervix is all the way at the back. A partner with a longer penis comes in handy, as does finding a position that pushes your cervix a little lower. This might be why women who are capable of orgasm from stimulation deep within the vagina prefer a partner with longer penises [13].

The Best Sex Positions for Cervical Orgasm

Doggy Style

Many women have found success with doggy style, which is great for G-spot stimulation, too!


You can also try when you’re on top because you’ll be in control! Being in control during positions such as Cowgirl helps some women feel more pleasure and come more easily. However, some women feel self-conscious in this sex position.

Sex positions that offer deeper access will be your best bet for cervical orgasms. You can find a list of more than 100 sex positions, some of which you can modify with better cervical access.

Solo Sex

Having a cervical orgasm during masturbating may be a bit tricky because your cervix is harder to access than your G-spot. Consider positions where you’re more scrunched up than elongated. Sitting, for example, might work better than lying down stretched out. You might also try kneeling, squatting, or even bending your legs toward your chest when you’re on your back to see if it helps you have a cervical orgasm.

3. Experiment with Technique

While many women don’t like having their cervix pushed, poked or prodded, some find that these very things are key to having a cervical orgasm. One thing to try is consistent cervical stimulation once you’ve made initial contact. This, stimulation will be less “pokey.”

Some experts even recommend visualizing your cervix as a gateway and allowing it to open so that you will find stimulation pleasurable and can have a cervical orgasm. Try it and see if it helps!

One Redditor who described her cervical orgasms as “incredible” offered this advice:

She inserts her index and middle finger, places them on either side of my cervix, and gently rotates her wrist. And I completely lose control of my body, I’m all hers. It’s a very intense feeling. Because it’s not direct/center I avoid pain but still feel the pleasure.

You might also find that fisting, which provides intense stretching and filling and allows for deeper penetration, helps you have a cervical orgasm.

4. Sex Toys

When it comes to playing with toys, choose a longer vibrator or dildo. Because you’re aiming for cervical orgasm, you might not necessarily need one that’s super thick and filling – unless that’s what you’re into, of course. There are a few other choices to make when picking dildos.

Is Cervical Play Risky?

cervix pounding

Before you proceed with cervical stimulation, a word of caution, you don’t want to be too rough in your quest for a cervical orgasm. Rough sexual activities can lead to bleeding after sex [14]. While a bit of spotting is nothing to worry about, you don’t want to rupture your cervix.

Furthermore, if you have an IUD (a type of birth control), the strings will come out through your cervix [15, 16]. Moving them may be uncomfortable, could irritate your cervix, and in rare cases may cause the IUD to be pulled out.

Proceed with caution and use common sense, and you should be okay!

Our Advice

If you want to know how to have a cervical orgasm, the advice in this guide can help get you there. However, not every woman appears to be able to have this type of orgasm, and that’s okay!  There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re having a little trouble getting off or with a new type of orgasm. Check out this guide to making yourself orgasm for some tips, but don’t forget to simply enjoy the journey. It’s not all about the destination!

No research has specifically looked into cervical orgasms to determine what a cervical orgasm is or how it might be different from other types of orgasms, so it may turn out that only some women can learn how to have a cervical orgasm.

For some women, focusing on orgasm is exactly what makes it so hard to get off. So, make sure you’re enjoying the experience above all else. If it doesn’t happen this time, you can always try again. But you don’t have to if you simply don’t like having your cervix touched.

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