I am going to teach you 5 hot sex moves, so that your relationship stays hot, fun and of course enjoyable for both you and your man.

Why bother learning these hot sex tips, techniques and moves? It’s actually pretty simple…While maintaining a stable and loving relationship with your man is obviously important, allowing it to get boring is absolutely the last thing you could ever want to happen. The easiest (and most fun) way to keep things interesting is to invest some time in improving and learning fun new things to unleash on him in the bedroom.

So instead of wasting more time telling you WHY you should improve your skills in the bedroom, lets get to the good stuff and learn some new hot sex moves!


When learning new hot sex moves, you may be eager to just learn what to do physically to your man. In other words, you may be wondering what sex positionblow job tip or even massage technique to use on your man. This is obviously a good idea. But if that’s all you ever concentrate on, then you are missing out big time on an equally important part of sex…

The Mental Aspect

Turning your man on has as much to do with what happens physically as it does with what you do mentally to him. So don’t for a minute think that all you need to do are just physical things. You also need to turn him on mentally. There are a ton of great ways to do this.

Talking Dirty – Talking dirty to your man is a very obvious way to turn him on and arouse him before getting getting down to sex. But don’t fall into the trap of only talking dirty in the bedroom or right before you have sex…

A much better way to use dirty talk on your man is to talk dirty all day long, to build up sexual tension and keep him anticipating what’s going to happen later. The really nice thing about this type of dirty talk is that you don’t need to be super explicit or wild when talking dirty to tease him of what’s in store for later. So don’t worry about the possibility of freaking him out.

Here are 3 dirty texting examples to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

I don’t know what’s up with me today, but I can’t wait to get home and take care of you 😉

If I didn’t have to work/go to the gym/meet my friends, I would be home in a instant to give you a little something special

Can’t wait to see you later, I got something special planned!

Notice how all of these examples aren’t that explicit or dirty? But they definitely let him know that you are thinking about sex with him. Sending him ambiguous and naughty texts like this during the day is perfect for teasing him and ultimately building SEXUAL TENSION. This is exactly the mental aspect that I’ve been talking about if you are serious about turning him on and making him crave sex with you. [For More In Depth Tips & Examples On Sending Dirty Text Messages Check Out This Article]

But you don’t only need to rely on dirty text messages, you can just straight up talk dirty to him to. When you are someplace where you can’t (like out in public) lean in and whisper something naughty in his ear, then just continue on talking to him as if nothing happened. It will drive him crazy with desire.

The anticipation and sexual tension that you build by doing this is what makes teasing your man such a hot sex move. When you do eventually start having sex with him, you can be pretty much guaranteed that he will be pretty amped up! [Check Out This Dirty Talking Tutorial Video For More Tips]

How You Look – How you look should hopefully be pretty obvious, but unfortunately tons of people end up getting it really wrong. How you look plays a major role in teasing your man and turning him on. There are a few different aspects that you must pay attention to with looking hot & sexy. But rather than just listening to me (i.e. a guy) about dressing sexy, check out this article where Kimberley will give you some really clever tips on how to dress sexy for your man without looking slutty.


This next hot sex move is completely different to previous one. Instead of subtly trying to turn him on, you are going to be a whole lot more active and even a little dominant! This works especially well if you are with a man who is usually the one initiating sex or is the one in control.

Here are a few ways to take control. Note that some of them may seem a little tougher to pull off than others…but if you do pull them off, it’s totally worth it.

Take Him By The Hand & Push Him Down – The next time you are just flirting with your man or if things are even just getting a little heated, then try being the one who escalates things even further before he has a chance too! This really is one of the hottest sex moves you can try. The easiest way to do this is to just grab him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom (or somewhere else). Once you both get there, then it’s time to go one step further, push him down onto the bed (even a chair will do, if there is no bed nearby) and then start kissing him.

This isn’t anything totally crazy, but it’s a great start. More importantly it will show you just how easy it is to take control of your man. You’ll also notice just how much your man likes it too. Once you are comfortable doing something simple like this, then it’s time to take things up a notch 🙂

Tie Him Up – If you want to take things a bit further then you should definitely try tying your man up. You don’t need to be a master of knots, using something as simple as stockings will do just fine.

But before just going for it, it’s best to let your man know what you’re planning. The last thing you want to do is freak him out and totally turn him off the idea.

So try saying something like, “I’m thinking of trying something kinky tonight, you game?” If you are a bit nervous saying this directly to him, then try sending it as a text message.

Before actually tying your man up, you may need to do a bit of preparation, by securing the stockings or rope or even cuffs to the bed so that you can quickly tie him up without too much fumbling around. Then just bring him into the bedroom, push him down onto the bed and tie his hands above his head.

If you like, you can also blindfold him.

A lot of students report that blindfolding their man makes for a lot less pressure or the feeling that their man is watching or judging them.

From here, you can do a ton of things: ride him (cowgirl is perfect for this), give him a handjob, be a little cruel and tickle him or even massage him.

Tell Him What To Do – Telling your man what to do is another great way to take control in a way that’s more more mentally dominant than physically dominant. Again, just like with tying him up, it may be best to first talk to him about it so that he doesn’t suddenly flip out or react badly to it.

The best way to make this hot sex move work well is to start out commanding him to do really simple things. Ask him to bring you a glass of wine or tell him to shut the window. From here you need to gauge his responsiveness. If he willingly complies, then feel free to escalate and ask him more challenging things. Here are a few:

Go fetch me a tasty snack.
I want you to take off all your clothes. Let’s see how you look naked!
Go down on me and lick me out. You’re not allowed up until I cum.
These are just a few examples of what you can say to him. Try to use them to come up with your own that will be hot, sexy and fun for you and your man.


Probably the easiest hot sex moves that I can teach you are sex positions. While you will find every single one in the sex position section here as well as the best sex positions for anal sex here and the most fun positions when giving your man a blow job here, I want to give you 3 that you should start incorporating into your repertoire that you may never have tried before.

The Anvil – If your man likes being the dominant partner during sex, then he will love the Anvil position. Performing the Anvil is pretty simple, especially if you are quite flexible. All you need to do is lie down on your back and raise your legs in the air.

Your man will then enter you on his knees and lean right over you pushing your legs right back. In this position, he will usually need to straighten his legs and support a lot of his weight on your legs. This can lead to feeling him press down and almost crush you….Perfect for that feeling of being dominated! You can get more information on the Anvil sex position here.

Fast Fuck – The Fast Fuck sex position is one of the hotter sex moves you should try, especially if you like being on top of you man. The cool thing about is that your man will still be doing most of the work! To get set up in the Fast Fuck position, all you need to do is squat over your man like in the picture.

You simply need to hold your position a few inches off his groin while he thrusts (or pounds) you as fast (or hard) as possible. You can get more information on the Fast Fuck position here.

The Washing Machine – In the Washing Machine position, you will both be standing up, but you will be leaning forward over a table (or washing machine) while you man thrusts from behind. If you like it really hard and deep, then your man can grab your hands for some extra leverage!

You may also find that putting down a towel or cushion between your hips and the table is a good idea so you don’t bruise up. You can get more information on the Washing Machine sex position here.


Everyone has their own specific preferences. Some like it hard and fast, some like slow and sensual and some like a combination of both. What you can do is spend months and weeks trying to figure out what your man enjoys through trial and error. Or you can take the easy route….You can ask him

This is not a hot sex move like the others…it’s more powerful.

Now, you may be thinking, “D’uh Sean!”, but please hear me out.

Sure, you might ask your man what positions he likes or if he prefers being dominant or submissive. This is all great, but it’s not nearly as important as discovering his core or base desires. In other words, discovering and acting out his deepest fetishes, kinks and fantasies is going to be much more gratifying for your man. Getting a guy to open up about this stuff is unfortunately quite tricky. Here is a 3 step process that will greatly improve your chances of getting him to open up.

  1. Start by letting him know that you aren’t judgemental. A good way to do this is tell him a story about how you didn’t judge a friend for telling you something that others may find shocking.
  2. As well as this, he needs to know that you are trustworthy and not someone that is going to tell the world about his kinks deeper secrets. Again telling him a story about how you get pissed off when people divulge secrets will help to subtly let him know that he can trust you with his own.
  3. Finally, you need to use what I call the ‘Go First’ technique. You need to start off by telling him about one of your kinks or fetishes. This is a great way to let him know that you are both on the same wavelength. Then once you’ve told him one of your kinks, indirectly ask him about his fetishes and kinks. A great way to ‘indirectly’ ask him about his kinks is to guess. “I bet you would really get off having a threesome” or “I have a feeling that you’d love to totally dominate me in the bedroom” are both great examples of indirectly asking him what he likes.

The absolute last thing you ever want to do is ask him directly. If he gets really awkward and weirded out, then it’s best to just change the subject, but then later come back to it and try again.


This last sex move can be very hot indeed! It’s also super easy and straightforward to perform on your man. All you are going to be doing is surprising your man with a blow job.

So you could both be watching TV or even just lying in bed chatting or maybe he just got in from work. It’s the perfect time to surprise him with a blow job. There’s no need to drag him to the bedroom , just do it right there and then (unless of course there are other people in the house!).

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