Ever wonder how many people sleep naked? A recent study found that fewer than 10 percent of people do. Shocked? You should be. Most people think the figure is much higher. Young lovers in new relationships tend to sleep naked more often than other people do, but even they often fall into the pajama habit over time.

Of course, the choice between sleeping au natural or in your favorite pair of footed PJs is a purely personal preference, but before you reach for your old favorite T-shirt tonight, consider some of the benefits of sleeping nude.

If you’ve ever wondered why or how to sleep naked for maximum enjoyment, read on.


Sleeping naked with your honey leads to sexy time with him. Dr. Jennifer Landa, author of “The Sex Drive Solution for Women,” told Cosmopolitan that when you and your partner sleep skin to skin, the feel-good chemical oxytocin is produced, a definite benefit of sleeping naked.

Oxytocin makes you feel happier and less stressed, and it can reduce your blood pressure. Plus, when you feel good, you’re more likely to be in the mood for sex, and that leads to a happier relationship overall. Plus, it can encourage a new lover to like you more.

When you sleep naked, you also tend to start feeling better and more confident about your body. This makes you feel more attractive, which also makes you feel like having more sex. So ditch the clothes and your anxiety about sex.

When your guy sees you naked, if he wasn’t thinking about sex before, he’ll be thinking about it now. Guys are visual creatures, and they get turned on faster from seeing you naked than they do when seeing you wearing pajama bottoms and a loose tee.


Bacteria thrive in moist conditions, which means you can get a yeast infection from too much moisture in your vagina. Wearing too-tight clothing is one possible culprit. That can cause heat and moisture buildup in your nether regions. One way to dry out the vagina to discourage yeast growth is to air it out at night. Go commando when you sleep — why not during the day, too? — and let your vajayjay breathe.


It’s better for you to be cool at night because your body’s core temperature needs to drop about half a degree when you sleep. If you’re too hot with pajamas, it could take you longer to fall asleep and to stay asleep — if you’re too hot, you’ll likely wake up. Your body is telling you to do something to cool down. So a benefit of sleeping naked is that you help your body get to its ideal core temperature for optimal sleep.


If you find yourself tossing and turning because your pajamas have bunched up and are making you uncomfortable, well, there’s only one solution. Ditch the jammies and feel a sense of freedom. You will no longer feel restricted; you will feel free. You can feel the sheets against your skin, and you will be giving your skin a chance to breathe. Ah.


If you have restless sleep from being too hot or uncomfortable from wearing pajamas, you might not get into the deep sleep you could easier achieve from being comfortably nude. And deep sleep is the most restorative kind. When you fall into deep sleep, it helps with growth hormone production. This hormone assists with anti-aging, helping to regenerate your skin and hair. You are more likely to fall into deep sleep when you are comfortable and not constricted, so sleeping without pajamas to get deep sleep is a huge benefit of sleeping naked.


Every guy is different concerning what he likes to see a woman wear to bed. Some guys like their partner to wear a sports jersey (with nothing underneath) to bed. Others like the tank top with panties look, and some like silky nighties. But nearly all guys agree on one thing — they love it when you come to bed absolutely naked. When you do, you show him that you’re comfortable with yourself and with him. Win-win — and a definite benefit of sleeping naked.

Get used to the sight of your own body by using a mirror.


There are many benefits of sleeping naked, but a couple of drawbacks exist that you should be aware of as well:

1. Dirtier Sheets

Your sheets stay cleaner when you sleep wearing pajamas. Dr. Travis Stork of the TV show “The Doctors” said that there is more fecal matter on the sheets of people who sleep naked, even if they shower before going to bed. That’s just the way it is.

But don’t let this gross fact dissuade you from sleeping nude if that’s what you want to do. Consider this gross factoid: we likely have feces on our clothing. Dr. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, told the Huffington Post that washing underwear in the washing machine transmits fecal matter into the water, and that same fecal matter transfers to the next load you do.

2. Embarrassing Moments

If a fire or other emergency happens during the night while you are sleeping naked, you might have no other choice but to run outside in your birthday suit.

There have also been cases reported by the Travelodge of sleepwalkers being seen out in public with no clothes on. But that probably isn’t a huge worry for you; sleepwalkers tend to be children more than adults and men more than women.

Talking about things that make you nervous can actually bring you closer together, however!


Whether you choose to sleep naked or clothed, know that both choices are normal. Men tend to sleep in the nude more than women do, and women without children tend to sleep nude more than moms do. But those are just overall trends; there is no right or wrong way here.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice. You should sleep whichever way you feel most comfortable. You might prefer some sexy PJs you got as a gift, and that’s okay. Just don’t be closed-minded to the idea of sleeping naked until you’ve tried it. There are some benefits of sleeping naked:

  • Oxytocin production from skin-on-skin-contact
  • Airing out the vagina
  • Better sleep from not being too hot
  • Beauty sleep achieved from anti-aging hormone production
  • Feeling free                                                            Now sweet dreams!

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