It’s usually much easier to get a man off than it is a woman. Men almost always orgasm through vaginal sex. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little more for your man. Perhaps a special date is coming up or you simply want to surprise your man with something different in the bedroom. If so, then you’re going to want to use one of these male orgasm techniques on him.

Below you’ll find techniques that enable your man to live out his fantasies with you by his side (sharing fantasies can definitely lead to awesome orgasms!). You might find that something like role play gets you off just as well as it does your man!


This male orgasm technique is sure to blow his mind – and yours, too! – if the two of you are willing to experiment. The prostate, or your man’s G-spot, is located a couple inches up his anus against the front wall. You can access it with your finger, sex toys or with a strap-on, a practice known as pegging. The prostate can also be stimulated if you press firmly through your main’s taint, the area behind his balls.

Learning your way around the prostate is a great male orgasm technique for a couple reasons:

  • Prostate stimulation can make your man cum harder.
  • It’s also key to multiple orgasms (the process for women is different).
  • Penetration can flip the power script, which is incredibly hot!

Like we said, power play can be intoxicating. There’s a reason why so many people are drawn to dominance and submission. As the person who is most often penetrated, you might default to a submissive role in your sex life even if you’d be a totally rad dominatrix! Pegging, which we mentioned before, can make you feel powerful. However, there’s so much more to BDSM, and you can certainly explore your submissive fantasies with your man!

If your man has an appetite for BDSM, it can really make his orgasms better. BDSM can create amazing sexual tension, and it might be just the edge he needs to get off like never before. Plus, if you take the reigns, you can tease and torture him to your heart’s desire.

Try these ideas to incorporate BDSM into your sex life:

  • Tie him up: blindfolds also make a great form of light bondage.
  • Add a little spanking or impact play.
  • Try on different roles to make your sex life even steamier and give both you and your man amazing orgasms.
  • See if he likes humiliation. Make him serve you or bar him from doing so if it gets him going.
  • Force him to not to cum or to delay his orgasm.

There are so many things you can do with BDSM and it’s a great technique for giving your man orgasms in new ways. For some people, it’s like the cherry on top of the sex sundae. But for others, elements of BDSM are necessary for a fulfilling sex life, which is why we definitely recommend incorporating it into your sex life and trying it at least a few times


Sure, you might get him off, but why not change it up a bit? Just switching up the way you give head to your man can be a great orgasm technique to use on him. There are tons of male orgasm techniques to try the next time you go down on him.

  • Add your hand to stroke his shaft while you focus on the head, which is the most sensitive part of his penis!
  • Swirl your tongue around the head of his cock.
  • Flick your tongue along the frenulum, the sensitive tissue on the underside of the head of his cock.
  • Drag the head of his penis along the roof of your mouth or inside of your cheek.
  • Lick from the base of his balls to the tip of his shaft.
  • Gently suck his sack into your mouth.
  • Seal your lips around his shaft and lightly blow hot air across his shaft.
  • Lightly graze your teeth across his cock.
  • If you’re into it, you can also try rimming. The anus is definitely an erogenous zone, and dental dams can make this activity pleasurable, safe and clean.

Keep in mind that not every guy is able to cum from oral sex. This could be because of how firmly he holds his penis when he masturbates, performance anxiety or simply because you have a mouth that’s a little bit too small for his big penis.


Giving a handjob is something that many women struggle with. After all, you don’t own the equipment to practice on. It can be tricky to get the rhythm down, and your arm might tire because you’re not used to it. You’re also not stroking him from the same angle that he’s used to. Yours isn’t a terminal case, however!

Use these techniques to help your man get off when stroking him.

  • Focus on the shaft with your hand while working the head with your mouth.
  • Use both hands stroking downward. Whenever one hand stops making contact, the other should start moving from the base of his cock.
  • Twist your hand as you stroke him.
  • Rub your thumb over the head of his cock as you stroke toward the end of his cock.
  • Use your hand to move the skin over his penis rather than just stroking up and down. You can be more rough with his penis than you think!
  • Don’t forget his balls, either. Stroke, tug and cup them when you’re working his shaft.

This is one male orgasm technique that you can incorporate with any of the previous techniques! Edging simply means that you get him close to orgasm and back off, not allowing him to cum. Repeat the process several times before allowing him to have an explosive orgasm! One way to prevent orgasm is to wrap your finger around his balls and firmly pull down when he’s about to cum. However, this doesn’t work for every man and if you’re too rough doing this, you can accidentally hurt him.

Edging is one male orgasm technique you can’t miss! You can also try it yourself to see how powerful it can be!


The final bit of advice about male orgasm techniques is one that most women can appreciate: use toys! He might like a vibrator on his shaft, a cock ring that helps him remain harder longer or a butt plug inserted when you’ve got him tied up or when he’s having sex with you. There are so many toys to choose from. You might have something that he’ll love already, or you can invest in some dedicated couples toys.

Why not give him a Fleshlight, one of the most popular toys for men? You might be surprised how watching your man masturbate can turn you on!

The better tuned in you are to your man’s body and his responses, the easier it will be to discover orgasm techniques that work for him. Plus, you should encourage talking about sex to know what his deepest desires are. These can send him over the edge like you wouldn’t believe!

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