5 shocking reasons why you are not having an orgasm

sitting at desk all day can prevent orgasmYou spend most of the day sitting.

Chaining yourself to that desk chair may make your boss happy, but it's bad news for your pelvic muscles. Sitting all day shortens them, and that can lead to pelvic pain that makes it  more difficult to orgasm, says marriage and sex therapist Kat van k, Ph.D. To prevent problems, she suggests setting an alarm as a reminder to move every half-hour to hour during the work day. (Some activity trackers and smart watches, like , will buzz your wrist to encourage 250 steps every hour.) Able to slip into a private office or conference room? Stretch your hip flexors with back bends,squats ets



wearing high heels can prevent orgasmYou wear high heels for a long time

Not only are sky-high heels just plain painful to walk in, but wearing them can also have deforming effects on your psoas muscles, which connect with muscles and nerves that lead to your pelvic floor, genitalia, and related organs, says Eden Fromberg, D.O., founder of Holistic Gynecology New York. "When your psoas muscles are sticky and tense due to prolonged high heel wear, they can't transmit the arousal message necessary for orgasm," she explains. Avoid wearing them as much as possible, opting for more comfortable, supportive footwear instead.


couple kneeling on bed
You don't tell your partner what you want.

You're not a mind reader, and neither is your partner. So staying silent about what really turns you on isn't going to help you climax. Plus, every woman's body parts are shaped slightly different, so motions and angles that feels incredible for one might just don't do it for another, Dr. Van Kirk says. The lesson here: speak up. "Sometimes a groan or a touch of the hand can make all of the difference," she says. If they still don't get it, tell them directly, or move their hand exactly where you want it. Most consider it a huge turn on to see a woman so confident in bed.


dehydration can prevent orgasmDrinking water throughout the day can prevent everyday health problems like fatigue and constipation and it can also help you climax in the bedroom, Dr. Fromberg says. The arousal tissue that extends into the connective tissue system needs to slide and glide in order to work its O-inducing magic, and it can't do that without fluid, she explains. The easiest way to ensure that happens is to be hydrated, so down an extra glass or two, especially if you've had cocktails, as alcohol is dehydrating.


being quiet during sex prevents orgasm

Being vocal during sex has been proven to work wonders for women, as it can allow you to orgasm longer, harder, and more often, says Laurel House, relationship expert and author of Screwing the Rules. So when something really turns you on, say it — whether it's through a moan, quietly saying "right there," or screaming "yes!" If that feels uncomfortable after a few tries, House suggests heightening your sensory experience. "Take in the feeling of skin-to-skin contact; enjoy the pressure of your partner's body pressing down on yours,"she says. Embracing the sensation will help you tune out the world and focus on maximizing your experience.

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