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Sex dice are just one of many different sex games you can play with your man.

If you are looking for sex games to spice up your sex life and turbocharge your love making, then the Bad Girls Bible is the right place to find them. While this article will show you the best bedroom sex games that you can play with your man, make sure to check out the rest of the site to learn about the best sex positions and some great sex tips to take things between you and your man to the next level.

You will notice from reading all of these bedroom sex games that almost each one involves at least some aspect of dominance and submission, which is a very powerful part of making your sex life more fun!


The No ‘O’ Game is the most popular of all my sex games. The whole idea behind it is that you are trying to make your man orgasm as quickly as possible while timing how long it takes you with a stopwatch. Meanwhile your man is trying to hold out from orgasming for as long as he can. Then when you eventually do make him orgasm, record how long it took you from start to finish

Next it’s his turn to try and make you orgasm as quickly as possible. You need to try as hard as possible not to respond to his touching, caressing and massaging and try to prevent yourself from having an orgasm. When you do eventually cum, your man needs to record your time.

The winner is the person who lasted the longest time before reaching orgasm.

There is something really powerful about trying to stop yourself and prevent yourself from having an orgasm. It actually makes it stronger when it does happen. That’s why The No ‘O’ Game is by far my most popular sex game for couples.

One important rule when playing this sex game is that the person trying not to orgasm needs to be passive. So this means that if you are being passive, you can’t use your arms or legs to stop him from making you orgasm.


Hot & Cold is a sex game for the bedroom that is very similar to Hot & Cold game you may have played as a kid, where you give hints to the searcher using only the words ‘Hot’ when he is getting closer or ‘Cold’ when he is moving farther away.

To play the Hot & Cold bedroom game, one person will be lying down on either their stomach or their their back. This person will be the one saying either ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’. The other person will be more active and will be listening for either ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’. So if your man is the listener, he will be trying to find your most pleasurable parts by simply listening to you say ‘Hot’ Or ‘Cold’. Then when he finds a good spot that you really enjoy, you can finally stop saying ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’. He wins this sex game when you climax.


A lot of girls I have spoken to really enjoy this sex game. The whole idea is that your man needs to bring you to orgasm. But he is not allowed to use his hands at all. The only thing that he is allowed to do is use his mouth and lips. It’s simple and can lead to some really strong orgasms.


The Secret Word is a really fun game to play with your man. It’s a lot more light hearted and fun than sexual, but it’s still great to play with him to keep things interesting. The whole idea is that you give your man a word, that you then try and make him say. It needs to be something quite random like ‘blueberry muffins’ or ‘diet soda’.

Once he knows what the word is, you need to try and make him say it. Most couples play The Secret Word where you can only tickle your man and lightly spank him, but if you both want to allow for other rules, then make sure you discuss them beforehand. While your man is holding out, he is not allowed to tickle you back or fight back (again, unless you both want otherwise). Once you make your man say the Secret Word, you can switch roles with your man, so that you can also be the one who is holding out.


If you are a little nervous or shy about introducing these sex games into the bedroom, then there is an easy way to do it. If you don’t want to suddenly just bring them up with him, start off very subtly.

Try just straddling him the next time your are both in bed together and tickling him a little bit. When you are straddling him, try pushing his arms over his head and being a bit more dominant. 95% of men will like you doing this.

When you see that he does, tell him that you want to try something really hot. He will definitely want to hear what this is. Then just explain one of these games to him. There is literally 100’s of other sex games that you can play with your man in the bedroom, but these are the best ones.

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