6 Explosive Sexting Tips To Keep Your Things Red-Hot!

i just want to put you on your knees and get your mouth to work

Ah, sexting. It’s fun and is a great way to keep connected with your guy when he’s away, which may be often if he travels for work. It can get lonely on the road, and sexting can help alleviate that aloneness with the benefit of it turning both of you on until you can be together again. It also is a great way to get you through the long, lonely nights, making you feel desired and desirable.

But there are some sexting tips that I have summarized as the

Do’s & Don’ts of Sexting

i had a dream about you last night and i woke up soaking wet

Do: Be creative with the way you word things, painting a picture that your partner can’t help but visualize. This can include sharing fantasies that you don’t feel comfortable saying aloud in person but that you can when you are just typing into your phone.

Don’t: Although it’s increasingly common to strike up a sext session with someone you’ve never actually met before, like someone from Tinder, don’t sext someone you intend to have a relationship with before you’ve had real sex. The sex, if it even happens after the initial meet up, often ends up being a let down when compared to your original sexts

Do: Leave some time between sexts. This builds anticipation. If you respond the second he asks a question, such as asking what you’re wearing, you don’t give him any time to fantasize, which is part of the fun. But don’t wait too long, either. A couple of minutes is good, but 15 minutes can be awkward.

Don’t: If you want to take nude pictures to send to your partner, make sure you can’t be identified — unless you want your most private pictures of your nakedness appearing all over the Internet. Keep your face out of any sext pics you send. And remember, just because you are using SnapChat, it doesn’t mean that your man can’t take screenshots.

Do: Use sexts to keep things hot during your relationship. This builds sexual tension, making the sex even better when you do see him.

Don’t: Use FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangouts to get naked on. Save the FaceTime for regular conversations. This rule exists for the same reason you shouldn’t identify yourself in nude photos. People can screenshot you when you FaceTime each other. And who knows where you might appear then?

Stages of Sexting

i cant stop thinking about the last time we had sex

Now that you have some ground rules, you can begin your sextcapades. But here’s another sexting tip: Just as you probably don’t relish getting a random dick pic out of the blue with no lead-up to it, your guy needs to build up to receiving outright sext messages. Lead into sexting and sending dirty text messages like these ones with some suggestive texts like the following ones:

  • “I can’t stop thinking about the last time we had sex.”
  • “I’m lying in bed right now, thinking of you.”
  • “I’m getting into the bath now. I hope I don’t get my screen wet.” (Note how you got in the word “wet” here.)

Then go on to dirty messages like these:

  • “I’m getting horny thinking about you slipping your manhood into me.”
  • “I wish you were here right now. I would spread my legs and let you get in between them and have your way with me.”
  • “If you were here right now, I would [insert here whatever it is you would do to him].

The two of you will be in a full-fledged, outright sexting session in no time, probably ending with both of you touching yourselves. One important thing to keep in mind as you start out with sexting is…

Less is More

Tempting as it might be to engage in sexting all the time, one vital sexting tip that you must know is that…less really is more. Instead of doing it constantly, every time you talk, use sexting to spice things up when the relationship starts to become a little boring. If you sext all the time, the sexting itself can become a bore.

8 Tried-and-True Sexting Examples

im getting horning just thinking about your dick

Still need some more info and sexting tips? No problem. Here’s eight tried-and-true sexting examples you could send your man:

“Hey sexy. What are you doing right now?
This “pre-sext” sext message is purely to test the waters to determine if he’s into having a sexting session at the moment. Wait for his response before you text again. If he says he’s not doing anything, you know he’s ready. Understand that because you initiated the sexting, your role is to keep it going and to lead the action.

Running my hands over you just turns me on so much!

You can modify this sext to focus on what about your guy turns you on. It might be his sexy eyes, his handsome face or some other body part. Whatever it is, complimenting your guy is a sexting tip to remember because it always goes over well, especially when done so in a teasing manner like combining what you like about him with turning you on.

I loved the way you kissed me this morning (or yesterday, whenever it was), and I hope you can come over later to finish what you started.
This sext works to let him know how into him you are and that you are using this sexting session as a prelude to real-life sex.

I’m watching some porn right now 😉

This sext message works because it’s short, naughty and mysterious. A sexting tip to keep in mind is to try to make it easy for a conversation to begin. This sext leads to the natural question of your guy asking you to describe what you’re watching.

I had a sex dream about you last night. Want to know what you did to me?

Like the watching porn message, this one is a natural for your guy to just say “yes.” And this could be the beginning to quite a steamy conversation.

Imagine I’m there right now giving you a massage that will lead to a hand job.

This should excite your guy and create lust and desire from him. When he starts touching himself, he now visualizes you touching him instead.

If I were there right now, what would you do to me?” Or you could ask, “If I were there right now, what would you like you me to do to you with my mouth?

Either question is sure to get the conversation going. This sexting tip to keep in mind is that sometimes he might want to lead the conversation and this sext gives him the chance to do so.

I’m so wet I can barely keep my hands on the phone to text.

This lets him know how turned on you are. It should get his undivided attention because now he’s ready for both of you to start touching yourselves. Keep sexting until you both achieve the big O.

He Might Not Want to Sext

im lying in bed thinking of you

Here’s a sexting tip that can save you some heartache and embarrassment. Not all guys want to sext all the time, or even at all, for that matter. Because the topic of whether someone is into sexting or not doesn’t normally come up in everyday conversation, you might be wondering how you’d know whether your guy is into sexting.

The best way to tell whether your guy wants to sext with you is by sending the pre-sext, the testing-the-waters text. If you ask him what he’s doing right now and he says he’s busy, just getting ready to leave, or is exhausted and is ready to just sleep, then you know he’s not up for a sexting session.

Or if you sext something a little more suggestive, such as, “I want you now,” and his response is something along the lines of, “That’s really sweet,” he probably isn’t too interested.

You Might Not Want to Sext

Just because you get a sext from a guy doesn’t mean you have to engage, which is an important sexting tip to keep in mind. If you are not sure about the status of your relationship and are using sexting as a means to try to get a guy to be more into you, don’t.

It’s unlikely a guy will want to start a relationship with you if the two of you only have a sexting relationship. Sexting is not a way to get a guy to respect you or get to know you better. Sexting works best either when you are already in a loving relationship or when you casually meet someone you do not intend to actually get with.

Don’t Sext at Work

im going to think about you in the shower later

This sexting tip is more about keeping your job than it is offering sexting advice. And this is especially if you use a company phone. Just don’t do it. You can be suspended from your job or lose it altogether. Employers who might let you have time to surf the Web typically aren’t lenient with employees who use work time to sext.

The Good and the Bad

There’s no denying there are pros and cons of sexting. If you send nude pictures with your face in them or an identifying tattoo, you might find yourself plastered all over social media. You could be hurt if you sext for the sole reason of thinking it can lead to something else, and if you sext at work, you could lose your job.

But if you and your sext partner are both on the same page, sexting can be a lot of fun. It can keep you connected with your honey when he can’t be with you, and it provides a way to reveal your fantasies in a nonthreatening way. By keeping in mind these sexting tips, you can ensure you can have a fun and rewarding sexting life.

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