You might be so busy asking questions about what happens during and after pregnancy that you don’t give sex a second thought. That is, until those pregnancy hormones kick it into high gear and the blood flow to your pubic area drives you crazy with desire. Your partner might be just as excited about these changes – and your swelling breasts – but does pregnancy change the way you have sex? Is there one pregnant sex position that’s better than the rest?

The good news is that you’ll probably starting showing between weeks 12 and 16, so you won’t have to accommodate a baby belly for several months during pregnancy. Feel free to enjoy your favorite sex position during pregnancy, especially if you find yourself more aroused than ever, which can happen! In early pregnancy, your cervix will move up and soften, which may make sex positions that offer deeper penetration more comfortable than they were in the past, but you might also have to be careful of your cervix’s changing position as your pregnancy goes on.

If you’re worried about whether you should be having sex at all while pregnant, rest assured that it’s completely safe during most pregnancies, and your doctor might even recommend it as a way to stay relaxed! Read more about that in this article. Remember that sex can and should be enjoyable throughout every part of life – including pregnancy. Let’s move on to some of the recommend sex positions when pregnant!



This intimate sex position suddenly becomes more comfortable when you’re heavy with child. Lying on your side provides support for your growing stomach, and you can easily control the depth of penetration while your partner’s arms wrap around you. Either of you have access to your clit, and you can place your hand over his for a more connected experience. If you’re experienced breast tenderness, they will also be supported during spooning position, or sensitive breasts can be groped from the side and behind.

Get more out of spooning by adding a vibrator for clitoral stimulation or squeezing your legs close together, which will make your man’s penis feel even bigger!


The easier way to work around your pregnancy belly is to ensure it’s not between you and your lover. Not only can this make some of your positions awkward, but you might feel disconnected because kissing becomes more difficult due to the physical distance between you. Doggy style allows your partner to press his chest closely against your back, and your stomach remains out of the way.

Doggy style is also great for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation, if your cervix isn’t so low that it feels uncomfortable to do so. Plus, he can easily adjust the depth and pace of his thrusts, or you can back into him. If it becomes difficult to remain in place, you can reduce the strain on your arms by resting your chest and shoulders on a position pillow.


During the early months of pregnancy, when you’re not showing very much, you won’t need to adjust missionary style at all. However, your baby bump will require the two of you to modify this position a little bit. Rest assured that you can still gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes, however. If your man moves into kneeling position, so that his body is more upright, there will be plenty of room for your stomach between the two of you.

You can wrap your legs around his waist or butt for more leverage, and his hands will be free for him to rub your clit or engage in a little nipple stimulation.


As long as your man is kneeling, why not try “sitting” on his lap with your knees positioned outside his? You’ve got the support of his lap, and you’re in full control of the movement. If you sit down the head of the bed, you can lean against the headboard or wall for additional support, and you’re facing away from him, so your belly isn’t in the way.

You can still be plenty close because this position position allows you to lean back or him to lean forward, so your bodies will press together. He can kiss your back or shoulders, whisper into your ear or play with your hair. Like some of the best sex positions when pregnant, this allows you or him to bring you to clitoral orgasm.

You can also check out the regular lap dance position, where he sits on the edge of a couch or or piece of furniture.


In this pregnant sex position, your man will sit on the sofa or chair with his knees bent, legs spread and feet on the floor. You’ll sit on his lap like in the lap dance position, but your legs will remain closer together. Remember, the closer you squeeze them together, the tighter he’ll feel.

He can grab your waist, and you can lean forward or backward as is comfortable. If you lean back, either of you can stimulate your clitoris. You can also help to brace yourself with your hands on his thighs or the surface beneath him. This position is ideal for moving your hips in circles rather than just the up-and-down thrusting motion. Read more about the back seat driver in this post.


Why not take the reins from your man by straddling him, which puts you in complete control of your sexual activities. You can easily navigate around any discomfort, and you don’t need to worry about your stomach getting in the way either. Switch up the angle of penetration by turning to face away from your man, known asreverse cowgirl, and he can also place his hands at your waist to help you move your hips.

Here’s a tip you might not have considered: your man can place his hand flat on his pubic area so that his penis separated two pairs of fingers. As you’re riding him, you can grind against his knuckles for intense clitoral stimulation!

There are a number of other sex positions that work when you’re pregnant, and your personal preferences will come into play. You don’t have to pick a single pregnant sex position and stick with it, and you can feel free to modify any of these to increase your comfort. Of course, you don’t want to be engaging in any sex positions during pregnancy that require crazy acrobatics, so stay right-side up and make sure you’re supported to minimize risk of injury.


In any of these pregnant sex positions, you may still want to slow down and perhaps take more time to account for the stress on your body. This is the ideal time for some romantic cuddling or a sensual massage, which can also help relieve some of the tension and discomfort that being pregnant can cause. Don’t be alarmed if you seem to tire more easily, especially as your pregnancy moves further along.

It’s always smart to check with your doctor abut strenuous activity. Although sex is fun, it may not be advisable if you have a risky pregnancy, and you shouldn’t feel afraid to talk to your doctor about sex. After all, it’s how you wound up in this position to begin with!

An increased sex drive is also a great opportunity to take advantage of sex toys – more here. Whether you’re getting reacquainted with your favorite vibrator or are a sex toy newbie, your increased sensitivity means masturbation can feel better than ever, too. If you need to take a break from more strenuous sex, why not engage in some mutual masturbation? Feel free to be a little greedy and enjoy your man going down on you, too. After all, being pregnant is hard work, and you deserve a reward!

As always, communication is important. While you may be plenty ready to have sex, the positions you know and love may be uncomfortable or take more work, especially as you progress through your pregnancy. Because each stage of your pregnancy is different, communicating with your partner about sex is perhaps more important than ever. Check out this guide when it comes to talking about sex.

Your changing body might make you feel more powerful or feminine, and you might find yourself thoroughly impressed with your body’s ability to grow a life. Why not enjoy sex and some of these pregnant sex positions to see how else your body is changing during those nine months?

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