It’s common for many couples to take each other for granted. With work, school, kids and other commitments, there might not be enough hours in the day to enjoy emotional and physical intimacy with your partner. That’s why we recommend sex in the bathtub.


Not only does bathtub sex enable you to catch up after a long day or week in a relaxed environment – perhaps sharing a bottle of wine – but you get to try some new positions, which can help boost your sex life. Sex in the tub can be tricky, however.


If your tub is too narrow, sharing a bath will almost never work in a sexy manner. What do we mean? You might be able to achieve doggy style in your tiny tub, but will it be too uncomfortable or awkward to make it worth it? A wider tub is always better when it comes to having sex in the bathtub, so if you’re got a whirlpool-style tub in your home or in a hotel room for the weekend, your set!

Although bathtub sex always looks sexy in the movies, it often isn’t in real life. You might get feel awkward and cramped or not be able to find the right position to get off. And as that water cools down, you might want nothing more than to climb out and wrap yourself in a thick robe to raise your body temperature back to a comfortable level.

Beware that using condoms in the bathtub is quite difficult, so you may want to skip this activity if that’s your main form of birth control and protection against sexually-transmitted infections. Finally, any products that might be in the water may be able to enter your vagina during bathtub sex, which could potentially lead to an uncomfortable bacterial infection. Even if you regularly take a bath by yourself, you’re not necessarily ushering bathwater the way bathtub sex does.


Without preparation, sex in the bathtub might be nothing more than a big, wet mess. Avoid that by following this advice.


It’s not easy to feel sexy in a grimy tub full of soap scum – and worse! So take time to clean your bathtub until in shines in preparation for bathtub sex. This is also a good time to remove any kid’s toys or soaps, which can distract from your experience.


You don’t want your bath to be scalding hot or cold enough to make you shiver, so find the happy medium. You may have to add warm water to the bath as time goes on, so you’re both comfortable.


When you’re filling your tub for multiple people who might be moving around a bit, you should use less water than when you’re bathing alone. Also keep in mind that the water will move as your bodies move, so you may need to let a little water out once you’re in the tub if you’ve fill it too full.


While it might not make sense at first, water can actually dry you out, so it’s a good idea to keep lube on hand when you want to penetrate with fingers, a penis or even toys in the tub. Water-based lube will actually rinse away with the water in your tub, so look for a slick silicone lube, which you can readily find in pharmacies and sex toy retailers. Silicone lube can also double as a massage oil just in case!


Bubble bath makes cleansing go from a necessity to a fun time, and it’s true with your partner, too. Choose a bubble bath in a yummy scent that gets you in the mood for a little aromatherapy, too. If you want to add some bubbles but don’t have any bubble bath, a little body wash or shampoo can do the trick, too!


Here’s something extra you can do to make your sex in the bathtub experience even better: warm your towels in the dryer before setting them within reach of the tub. That way, they’ll feel cozy and luxurious when you towel each other off. And don’t be greedy, either! Help your partner dry off, too. This can be quite intimate, and you two may find your post-bath sex is even better than what you were able to achieve in the tub!


Sharing a bath can be awkward even if you’re not trying to have sex. You don’t have the space of an open mattress, so you’ll want to think about positions before hand. If you’ve ever seen a movie where two lovers slip beneath the bubbly water, then they probably sat in one of two positions.

  • They face each other with their knees bent and feet slipping to the side of the other’s legs and hips.
  • They face the same direction, with one person leaning back against the tub with their legs spread. If you sit between your partner’s legs – be careful of the goods! – he can reach around to rub your clit or breasts, and he can bend down to kiss your neck and shoulders.

It all comes down to personal preference and, perhaps, the positions you’ll want to be in when it comes right down to it. Try these positions for sex in the bathtub!

  • Cowgirl: He leans back while you ride him. Kneel so you’re securely supported by your knees, and your hands can rest on either side of the tub.
  • Reverse cowgirl: In a modified version of this crowd favorite, water flows around you as you rock your hips back and forth against your man.
  • Missionary: Your man will probably have to kneel to make missionary sex work in the tub, and you should scoot back to the edge to make it easier to access.
  • From behind: You lean over the side or end of the tub, and he penetrates you from behind. Your bodies will be closer together than with doggy style, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Don’t forget that you can use your tub as a prop to have sex around it, too. For example, you can lean against the edge while kneeling on the bathroom floor, or you can sit on the edge of the tub to perform oral on your man!

If you find leaning on the tub is uncomfortable for either of you, you can invest in a tub pillow, which can safely be used in the water, to add cushioning. However, a towel will do in a pinch as long as you don’t mind having to launder it when you’re done.


Safety is crucial to shower and bathtub sex. If you’re sitting in the tub, it’s generally a lot safer than standing for shower sex, but it’s not foolproof, especially if you’re bracing yourself with hands or knees, which can slip out from beneath you. Nonslip stickers or mats can add to safety, and you might also considering nixing bubble bath or shower gel, which can increase the slippery factor.

If you do slip, you’ll probably find yourself reaching out instinctively in an effort to catch yourself. It’s safest to reach for the side of the tub, which is sturdy. Fixtures such as faucets and knobs aren’t mean to hold your body weight. And can even break off! That’s why you don’t want to use your faucet as leverage when it comes to bathtub sex.

Railings and handles that are designed to hold your body weight are safer options when it comes to getting your grip. You can also consider third-party safety measures. Sportsheets makes an entire shower sex line, including handles and footholds, that you can securely connect to the wall of your tub and shower to increase safety and pleasure of your bathtime romps!

Finally, Hollywood likes to fill our minds with images of sexy and luxurious baths surrounded by candles, but this might not be realistic for every situation. For starters, you’re going to find it difficult to ring your actual tub with candles if you expect to be able to get in and out and spend time in it without lighting yourself on fire. Plus, those candles can fall and create even bigger damage.

Keep candles secure on counter and shelves where you can’t reach them, and shut any pets out of the bathroom during bathtub sex to keep them safe from the open flames, too!

If you follow the guidelines in this post, you might find that sharing a bath with your lover is erotic and intimate, but it’s okay if you’re among the people who find this activity to be more awkward than it’s worth.

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