If you’re of a certain age, you might remember a scintillating, albeit not critically-acclaimed movie called Showgirls, which starred Elizabeth Berkley as an aspiring dancer. You probably remember the pool scene, if you’ve ever watched the movie. Let us refresh your memory.

In her race to become a starlet, Berkley’s character, Nomi, becomes entangled with a variety of characters, including an agent played by Kyle MacLachlan. In one interaction, the couple enjoy champagne, before Nomi slips off to the pool, all the while slipping off her own clothes.

MacLachlan’s character follows to pour champagne off her naked body, and then to lick it off her breasts. She proceeds to dive underwater to perform oral sex, and then the couple finishes off their time in the pool with standing pool sex and a lot of gyration! The movie didn’t do so well, but many people still remember “the pool scene.”

At first glance, the pool scene seems hot. Hollywood and skinny dipping especially contribute to the idea that there’s nothing sexier than getting it on in the shallow end. But is sex in the pool really all it’s cracked up to be, or it just a Hollywood production? And, if you can make it work, what do you need to know? We’ve got the low down.


Sex in the pool isn’t all sexy all the time. What do we mean? Just keep reading.


When you go to a pool, you usually shower before and after to reduce the amount of dirt you bring in with you and to wash dirt from all those bodies off of your own. Water and damp spaces are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and we normally don’t worry about that too much because you’re not actively penetrating your vagina. However, sex in the swimming pool does increase the chances of bacteria getting in. Even a well-maintained pool contains chlorine, which can irritate your natural pH balance and lead to a bacterial infection.


Assuming you even have a condom on you when the mood strikes, using a condom in the pool is nearly impossible because of the water. It’s the same when you have sex in the shower or tub. Be careful that the pool water doesn’t cause your condom to break or slip off once you finally get it on! If condoms are you only method of birth control and protection against STIs then you might want to keep your bathing suit on!


Although it might seem like water should help keep you lubricated and comfortable during sex, this isn’t the case. Water from a pool can actually make things feel more dry, which isn’t fun. If you want to be prepared, grab a bottle of silicone-based lube when you’re headed to the pool because the water won’t wash it away as easily.


For some people, having sex in a pool, outside or in another public place is thrilling because there’s always the risk of getting caught. It can make things more intense when you’re worried about getting caught, but there could be some very real consequences if other people catch you having sex in a pool. If you do it in a public pool or a pool owned by a hotel, you could get banned or potentially arrested on public indecency charges. So think twice before you say “Yes” to pool sex!


Would you want to swim in a pool where other people have had sex? Do you want to risk your kids seeing a couple going at it? Or do you want your summer to be ruined by hearing a couple’s throes of passions in a public place? Sometimes our sex drives seem impossible to ignore, but you might want to wait to have sex in a location where you’re not invading others’ lives. It can be pretty rude.


Having sex in a swimming pool can be difficult when you consider the logistics of it because plain old missionary style is out of the question. Water moves and resists your movement. It makes things slippery, and no one wants a trip to the Emergency Room because of pool sex gone wrong. In general, having as much of your body supported as possible will give you the greatest chance of success, and you don’t want to lean or grab onto any hardware that isn’t intended to support body weight.

Consider these positions tips for sex in a pool:

  • You sit on the edge and he stands in the pool for standing sex. Try it with your legs over his shoulders.
  • He sits on the edge, where you can perform oral on him from within the pool.
  • Lean your back, arms and shoulders against the edge of the pool to support your upper body and wrap your legs around his waist. Control the movement with your hips.
  • Use the stairs in the pool to your advantage. You can sit several stairs up so the bottom half of your body is in the water. Lean back on your elbows, and your man can penetrate you from above with his feet in the water and his hands supporting his body on the stairs behind you.
  • Kneel on the stairs, and he can take you from behind. If the pool has an extremely shallow end, you can also try doggy style
  • Have your man sit on the stairs. You straddle him or kneel over him and ride him in this modified version of cowgirl.
  • Use a raft to support your upper body with your legs extended behind you. Your man enters between them while standing.
  • Lean forward against the edge of the pool, supporting yourself with the ground/cement outside of the pool while your man takes you from behind. This position is best if you’re closer in height.


We’ve listed a lot of the risks that come with having sex in a swimming pool, but this might just be one of those ideas that’s too sexy not to try at least once. We get it. He’s wet. You’re wet. High temperatures can make you hornier, and you see half-naked bodies at the pool, anyway. You love the thrill of potentially getting caught, you feel hot in your new swimsuit or you just want to try something new. You’re going to do it. Just make sure you do it right.

Bring condoms and lube. Practice putting on condoms in the shower so you have an idea what you’re in for. Bring an extra condom in case it breaks.

Have a getaway plan if you need it. Scope out the pool area before you strip down. Consider a pool or part of the pool that’s more isolated – behind a bush, decoration or slide, for example. Borrow some time at someone’s private pool if you don’t care whether you have sex in a public place. Keep towels nearby to cover up.

Understand that any position in which he is supporting you can become dangerous if he slips and loses his balance, which is why many people skip sex in the pool and opt for smaller-scale sex in the tub. sYou can also get naughty in a private beach cabana or on a poolside lounge chair, instead!

Shower and pee after having sex in the pool to reduce the risk of vaginal and bladder infection. Pick a pool that’s maintained regularly, too!

A little forethought can help make your experience with pool sex more enjoyable, but you may find that it’s not for you no matter what position you try. That’s okay, too! We’ve got plenty of other suggestions for a fun sex life!

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