You’ll be glad to know that learning how to make a guy hard is surprisingly easy. Often you’ll find that simply kissing him or holding him tightly is enough to give him a hard on. But if you’re still having trouble making your man hard, then just try some of these steps and you’ll be guaranteed to have a man with a raging boner on your hands!


When I say “Grab”, I really mean caress & rub, not like in this picture!

The easiest and simplest way to make a guy hard is to just slide your hand slowly down towards his crotch. You don’t need to race down there, in fact it’s a lot hotter for your man to very slowly make your way down outside of his clothes. When you do reach his crotch, then start softly rubbing around his cock and balls, without yet touching them. Doing this will tease your man without putting pressure on him to get hard…which in turn will actually make him very hard indeed! All you need to do when you’re down there is slowly run your fingers up and down the inside of his leg. You’re man will love it!


We all know that guys get turned on (and hard) based on what they see. So why not use this to your advantage? If possible, find out what kinds of things turn your man on…Tight pants? Low cut tops? Short skirts? Heels?Whatever it is, try to find it out so that you can use it to your advantage when trying to turn your guy on and make him hard. If you are having trouble discovering what things you can wear to make him hard, then just use your imagination. Try to use this formula as a guideline:Showing More Skin = Better Now I’m not saying that you should just dress up slutty for your man, but definitely think about it, if your goal is to turn him on. If you are a little more conservative, then there is no need to dress sexy during the day. Instead, why not try wearing some sexy lingerie or underwear so when you do start getting undressed, he’ll get a sexy surprise!


In the last section I was talking about how guys get turned on by what they see…and to a large extent it’s true, guys DO get turned on by what they see…but they also get turned on by other things too. One of these ‘other’things is what you say to him. If you can learn how to talk dirty to your man, then you are arming yourself with knowledge that most other girls will never posses when it comes to giving him a hard on. There is one massive misconception when it comes to talking though that prevents many from learning how to properly talk dirty to their man… Many believe that in order to talk dirty to your man you need to sound really nasty and trashy…Thankfully, this is just NOT true. If you want, you certainly can sound nasty and trashy when talking dirty, but you can talk dirty to your man and have it be just as effective by being subtle and even polite about it. Try these examples… I’ve got a naughty plan for you later![/quote]

I can’t wait to get you home…I bet you can’t guess what color panties I’m wearing…Notice how these examples aren’t really that wild? The great thing is that although they aren’t totally wild, they are still very effective at making your man hard and arousing him. If you want to learn more about how to make your guy hard using dirty talk, then you’ll everything you need to know in this video on talking dirty.



You’ll find that your man’s cock will literally turn into a ‘baton’ when you grab it!

The first few tips that I gave you on how to make your man hard are what you should initially try when you want to give your man a boner. Unfortunately these tips don’t always work and sometimes you need to be a bit more ‘direct’. If this is the case with you and your man then, the first step to being more direct with him is…holding it or giving him a handjob… It really is as simple as it sounds, physically holding his cock in your hands is a great way to make him hard. In fact, you should be able to feel him getting hard while you are holding it. But rather than surprising him with a handjob all of a sudden, it’s better to slowly transition to it when you are already rubbing his crotch. Start by massaging around his cock and ball OUTSIDE his trousers first, running your nails gently over his whole groin area and softly grabbing and squeezing both his cock and balls. After doing this for a few minutes, it’s time to reach inside his pants and gently hold his penis in your fingers. At this stage, he should start to get hard for you. But if not, then slowly massage it by wrapping your fingers around it and moving your hand up and down. From time to time you can take a break from giving him a handjob and pay some attention to his balls instead. And that’s the basics to giving your man a handjob. For more information and tips on handjobs, make sure to take a look at the detailed handjob article.


If you are still struggling to make your man hard, then your last course of action should be giving him a blow job. It’s easiest to transition to giving your man a blowjob from giving him a handjob. The first thing to do is to remove his pants so that you can easily give him a blowjob without them getting in the way. Once you can easily give him a blowjob, then it’s just a case of taking his penis in your mouth and using your tongue to massage it. In the ideal situation, you’ll be in bed with your man or he will be standing up, while you are on your knees. But, if he is sitting down, then you’re going to find it tough if he is not already semi-hard. By this stage, you’re man will almost definitely be hard. If you want to continue giving him a blowjob, then this instructional video will teach you some of my most powerful blow job techniques. Click here to watch it now.


There’s nothing wrong with a little chemical help if your man is having trouble getting and maintaining his erection.

If your man is still having trouble getting or maintaining an erection at this stage, then it’s almost definitely a problem with him, not you. At this stage, he should consider talking to his doctor and getting some chemical ‘help’ like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Avanafil. This can be frustrating for both you and your man, but it’s not really that much of a major problem in the grand scheme of things as millions of men throughout the world have trouble getting and maintaining their erections.

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