Masturbation. Do you love it? Do you wonder why do people masturbate, even when they’re in sexual relationships? Have you never tried because you were shamed away from it?

Benefits of masurbation

If you’re wondering why people masturbate, we’ve got all the answers you expected – and some you didn’t expect! There are many benefits of masturbation, as you’ve probably suspected. Read on.


There are plenty of benefits to masturbating, some of which might be surprising. Here are just a few of the most common.


Above all, masturbating feels good. No wonder why people masturbate! You probably do plenty things that feel good, from choosing a comfortable bed to getting a massage. Masturbation is just another thing to add to your list to treat yourself. Although, the fact that it feels good might be why some people think it’s a bad thing. You’ll read more about that later.


Now, we don’t mean to be all New Age here, but it’s true. When you learn what you like, what you don’t like and what gets you off, you have an intimate knowledge that’s quite empowering. Masturbating is one of the few ways to know what you like so you can explain to a partner and have better sex. But at the end of the day, realizing how powerful your body is, can boost your confidence dramatically.

Furthermore, exploring your body via masturbation helps many women speak up about what they want in bed. There’s nothing worse than putting up with sex or having to fake orgasms because your man isn’t doing it right but you’re too afraid to speak up or wouldn’t know what to say, anyway.

Through masturbation, you may discover you have the ability to do some cool things, including squirting and having multiple orgasms. These are the type of skills that many women can learn, but they take practice. And what better practice is there than masturbation? So go ahead and try out these benefits of masturbation!


Got a little time and a lot on your plate at work, home or with the family? Then you might want to pay attention to this benefit of masturbation: it’s a stress reliever! Because orgasm involves a physical release of tension in your body and because sexual activity releases all sorts of feel-good hormones, you’re getting double the release of stress.

Now, sex or even a good massage can produce a similar effect, but you might not have the money or a partner to do those. All you need to masturbate is some time to yourself, privacy and maybe an awesome sex toy to help you along. Read more about those here.

An added benefit of being free of stress is that you’ll probably sleep better too.


Are you cramping because it’s that time of the month? Do you have a headache? Science shows that masturbation can help with those pains. At the very least, there’s no reason not to masturbate – or having sex – just because you’ve got your period. We’ve got tips to make it awesome.

Of course, if you’re suffering from arthritis or another condition that makes masturbation hard, a vibrator can take the stress of your hands and maybe help you get off quicker so you don’t exacerbate the issue. Looking for a vibrator? Read this.


This might be one of those surprising benefits of masturbation if you’ve never tried it before! Masturbation is great when you’re solo, but it can also be something to do because it turns on your man to watch – and you to perform! Voyeurism and exhibition are two of the most common fetishes. The two of you can also mutually masturbate before you get to the main act or because you’ve decided against penetration for some reason.


Long distance relationships are hard, there’s no doubt about it. You can’t come home to tell your man about a long day at work or school. There are no cuddles that help you feel connected. You can’t strip each other down whenever you want.

Of course, there are some activities that can make things easier. You can sext and share sexy selfies – tips on that in this post. You can video chat via Skype or Facetime and even masturbate on cam. Or you can have phone sex, during which one or both of you is getting off for the other to hear while miles and maybe even oceans separate you.

Many of these activities have to be scheduled, however. You need to respect his schedule and he yours. If there are time zones to consider, you’ll have a lot less time. Here are some tips about when you should call and how often to text. In the mean time, masturbation can help you get rid of some of the frustration you feel about being so far apart.


Wanna try anal play? Grab a butt plug and pop it in while you masturbate. Watch porn or read erotica. Enjoy the agony of nipple clamps or bind your wrists with cuffs while you masturbate. There’s no one telling you “No” as long as you do it safely. Just because you have different tastes in sex or even a higher sex drive than your man, which is totally normal, doesn’t mean some things are completely off the menu. Enter masturbation, your saving grace!

And can we just reiterate how good masturbation feels? It’s worth mentioning twice!


A lot of people, especially women, have been taught by strict and often religious parents that masturbation is a bad thing, even sinful, and that the only acceptable sexual activity is with a husband after marriage. There’s no doubt that having sex with someone you’re in love with can be more rewarding, but it’s not the only option when it comes to your sexuality. You can – and should feel free to – masturbate or have sex as often as you want. If someone – or even yourself – tries to make you feel bad about it, that’s because we live in a culture that often promotes slut shaming. More on that awful practice here.

Shaming people out of exploring their sexuality is an easy way to control them and to divide the population. But there’s nothing about masturbation – or having sex – or not masturbating that makes one person better than another. You probably know many people who do it, even though it’s not something that’s often talked about.

If you’ve ever attended a sex toy party with your girlfriends, then you’ve realized how many women masturbate and like to explore in the bedroom. This is because it’s completely natural. It often starts with teenagers, with about 50% of people masturbating during their adolescent years; although, some people explore at younger ages. One survey reported that over 90% of women had tried it during their lives, and that 2/3 of women do it as much as three times weekly. Awesome!

It can be difficult to escape from those mindsets, especially if they’ve been instilled in you for your entire life. That’s why this list of benefits of masturbation can help, especially when you consider that not masturbating may lead to a sad lack of knowledge of your own body’s needs. And if you don’t know what you want and need, how can you expect to have a fulfilling sex life with your partner(s)?

Plus, humans are hardly the only species to play a little pocket pool. At least a dozen other species partake in masturbation, which you might have noticed during your last visit to the zoo! Monkeys, which aren’t so far from humans in terms of evolution, engage in masturbation. Horses, walruses and even turtles all engage in masturbation, too!

As you can see there’s no one reason why people masturbate. If you’re willing to give it a shot, we highly recommend doing so. You might discover a new hobby and ways to please yourself that can improve your overall sex life. You may develop a better understanding why your man still masturbates even though you two have an active sex life (hint: it’s not because you’re not enough!). Perhaps you’ll become more open minded.

At the very least, you should understand that there’s nothing wrong with masturbation, even if it’s not for you!


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