If you watch a lot of porn, you might think that sex positions need to be complicated or that you need to switch them often, but neither is actually true! Sex positions that are easy can be just as enjoyable and may even be preferable in certain situations such as when you’re injured or sick. These easy sex positions are ideal for everybody.


Sex positions that are easy aren’t just for people who are “lazy.” Sure, they’re good if you’ve had an exhausting week of work and taking care of the kids, but there are plenty of people who will benefit from trying out easy sex positions. The following are just a few types of people who might enjoy these positions

  • People with limited dexterity and agility
  • Couples with mismatched heights or body types
  • Persons with limited mobility
  • People with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy
  • Arthritis sufferers
  • People who are prone to injury such as women with osteoporosis
  • Persons healing from injuries, including those in braces or casts
  • Disabled people
  • Older couples
  • Nervous beginners

As you can see, a lot of people will find that the following easy sex positions work well for them. But even if you don’t have a issue mentioned on the list above, an easy sex position requires less effort (and sometimes time to get into), which can make it perfect for when it’s time for a quickie (learn more) or you’re exhausted.



What’s easier than lying on your stomach while your man penetrates you from behind? This is a relaxing and easy sex position that doesn’t require a lot of dexterity. It’s perfect for slow sex if that’s what you’re into. Or you can try anal sex in the rear entry position. Get tips.

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Make it easier by placing a pillow under your hips, which you can also grind against.


Doggy style is not only an easy sex position, it’s great for G-spot stimulation and deep penetration (read more)! It can be a little trickier if there’s a big height difference between you and your man. However, you can kneel on a piece of furniture while he stands behind you to make this position easier.

Another alternative is to use stairs if you’ve got access to them. You’ll perch a few stairs higher than your man. Discover more about this position.


For plenty of people, Missionary position is the default. Could it be that it’s easy?

All you really need to do is lie on your back and spread your legs. Although, we suggest doing more. Try rubbing your clitoris, stimulating your man’s testicles, scratching his back, biting his shoulders or purring into his ears to spice up this position a bit.

Missionary isn’t always easy, either. Bend one leg to allow easier access, wrap your legs around his waist (also known as Drill position) or hook your ankles around his thighs if it works better. Try placing a pillow under your butt for a better angle, too.

One option for easier access for your man is for him to hold your legs down/open like the Sandwich position or use bondage ties to help. Tips for bondage here.


What makes the Superwoman an easy sex position? Most of your weight is supported by the bed or another piece of furniture that’s at the right height for your man to penetrate you while he stands on the floor in front of you. He supports your legs. Switch things around by lying face up or even binding your ankles together behind his back for something a little more kinky.

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Here’s the popular position that takes place in a porn set kitchen. The hot couple can’t wait to get it on, so she ditches her pants and undies or simply lifts up her skirt and hops up on the counter. He stands between the legs and enters her, sometimes without even taking off his pants.

It’s perfect if you’ve got a fetish for having sex with clothes on or you don’t have much time, and you can easily get into this position anywhere with a counter (the bathroom or garage come to mind!). You can also use any table or piece of furniture or appliance that’s the right height. Dresser? Washing machine? You bet!

Another benefit is that either of your can play with your breasts – perfect if he’s a breast guy or if you like nipple play.

Read on if you wanna know other reasons why this easy sex position is awesome!


If you prefer to lean over your furniture and you’re tall enough, you might find this position easy and enticing. Instead of sitting on an appliance, you stand and lean over it. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a washer; although, you might enjoy the vibrations of the spin cycle. It could be a table or counter if that better fits your head. Another option is that back of a chair or sofa.

Note that this sex position won’t be easy if there’s a big height gap between you and your man or if you’re too short. But you may be able to modify it by kneeling in front of an ottoman or something similar.


Instead of just listing Reverse Cowgirl (learn more), we thought we’d introduce you to this variation that’s bound to be more enjoyable for you. In Thigh Tide, you straddle your man while facing away from him. Easy, right?

Then, he bends one knee and lifts his thigh between your legs, so you can rock and grind against it for direct clitoral stimulation. It might take a bit to get used to this sex position; although, that’s also true for Cowgirl, which many women find tricky.

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Spooning is another one of those easy sex positions that’s also relaxed. Lie on your side and your man cuddles up behind you while penetrating you. If you keep your legs squeezed together, your man will feel quite large. However, this position doesn’t work especially well with smaller penises.

Check out these tips for small penis sex.

Once you’ve mastered these sex positions that are easy, you can move on to some of the more exotic positions if you’d like. Click here to find our list.


Although we’ve tried to curate a list of easy sex positions that anyone can do, you might not find them all easy. Why? Every body differs.

You might be much shorter than your partner. Your clitoris might be further from your vaginal opening, so these positions don’t offer much stimulation. Perhaps the angle of your vagina or even the size of your partner’s penis makes it uncomfortable to try some of these positions. If you’re well endowed, you might find some of these positions cause your breasts to bounce uncomfortably.

That doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you, though! Simply move on to the next position on this list and give it a try.

Psst. We’ve got more than 100 sex positions in this post. Take a look to get inspired!


There’s a not-so-secret tool that will make almost any sex position easier: pillows! You might already incorporate pillows in the bedroom. Perhaps you put a few under your butt and hips to lift them for better G-spot access. You can also kneel on them to take pressure off your knees if that’s a concern.

Regular pillows are made from down or soft foam, which gives way when you place your weight on it. Stiffer pillows like throw pillows might work better for sex. However, your saving grace is really memory foam. Memory foam allows you to sink into it without losing its shape or support.

Love Bumper and Liberator are two companies that make sex position pillows, and you can get them with washable covers, slots for sex toys or bondage attachments. If you’re looking to save a little money, you’ll find very similar pillows without some of the frills, however.

Aside from pillows, you can also coopt furniture for help. That ottoman in your living room? Might be the perfect height to lean over. Get creative when you’re getting down.

Everyone should have a few sex positions that are easy in their arsenal, even if they don’t use them all the time. Knowing your prefences and abilities is important to determine which sex positions will actually be easy.

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